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Donorbox and PayPal

Donorbox integrates with PayPal One-Touch

Every fundraising campaign needs a reliable payment gateway to keep donations safe. That's why Donorbox has partnered with PayPal, one of the world's leading payment gateways. PayPal is considered a household name in online payments. And we've put the power of PayPal into your Donorbox donation forms.

Why are PayPal and Donorbox a great combination?

Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

Our easy-to-use donation platform, combined with the power of PayPal, means a successful fundraising campaign for your nonprofit. Our PayPal partnership can help make your fundraisers more effective than ever.

Donation over PayPal

One-time PayPal donations are processed in a matter of minutes.

Recurring PayPal Donation

Recurring PayPal donations are set up with no extra registration screens.

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout accepts donations made with a credit or debit card. No donor PayPal account required.

Set Up Within Minutes

PayPal connects to Donorbox with a simple yet safe login screen. All that's required are your PayPal login details. There's no coding, developers or API connections required. The entire connection process takes only a minute or so. Any changes you make to your PayPal settings will automatically be updated on Donorbox.

Increase Conversion Rates

PayPal Express offers donors a fast uncomplicated checkout experience. These factors all contribute to converting interested website visitors into ardent donors. Making a donation with PayPal takes around 3 mouse-clicks. Giving donors a quicker donation experience will ensure your nonprofit is the recipient.

PayPal - A Trusted Gateway

Everyone knows PayPal. It is available in more than 200 countries and regions. All PayPal transactions are monitored 24/7. Transactions are heavily protected, both physically and electronically. Having PayPal as your Donorbox payment processor inspires confidence in potential donors that their payment info is safe.

Anyone Can Donate

Anyone in the world with a PayPal account can donate to your nonprofit. You can also accept card payments via PayPal by signing up for PayPal Payments Pro. It's a monthly add-on facility that lets donors without PayPal accounts also donate. It maximises the number of possible ways for donors to donate to you.

Easily connect your PayPal account with Donorbox

STEP 1 PayPal Email Form

Log into your Donorbox account and go to Payment Methods. Enter the email address of your PayPal account. Hit "Connect".

STEP 2 PayPal Get Started Form

Enter your PayPal email address and country. Hit "Next".

STEP 3 PayPal Login Form

Confirm your PayPal email address and enter your password. And, that's it! If your PayPal account needs to be upgraded, you'll be taken through those steps.

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