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Recurring Fundraising

Perfect for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Recurring Donations

If you want to radically increase your overall donations, you must utilize recurring giving. Donorbox makes accepting recurring donations easier than ever. With a few clicks in your dashboard, you can adjust the recurring plan to be anywhere from weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual, catering to your donors’ needs.

Configure Your Recurring Giving With Our Advanced Controls To Meet Your Needs

Donorbox’s recurring donation forms will raise more funds for your Organization

Once-off donations are great. But recurring donations are better. Donorbox forms fully support recurring donations for your organization.

Weekly Donations

Religious groups that collect donations at weekly meetings will benefit from our new recurring donation pages. Donors won’t need to carry physical cash to the venue. They can simply set up a weekly donation and forget about it. Weekly donations work well for donors who fund organizations for once-a-week activities. Or donors would rather donate smaller amounts more regularly.

Monthly Donations

Donorbox’s monthly donation forms will set up a recurring plan that repeats a donation once a month. This is perfect for donors who view their donations as a monthly expense and make it part of their budget. A monthly recurring donation goes a long way in covering an organization’s ongoing operational costs. Budgeting is easier when you already have an idea of how much funds to expect per month.

Annual Donations

Projects like Christmas toy drives for underprivileged kids or Thanksgiving feeding programs need funding every year. Donorbox’s annual recurring donation forms will turn a one-time donor into a yearly donor. So you only need to reach out to donors once. Their yearly donations mean regular donations so your organization can do what it does best.

Instant Donor Account

A Donor account is created automatically once the donor selects their recurring option and processes payment. There are no extra forms to fill out and no additional registration steps. An email is sent to the new donor with all the login info they need. Recurring donors can manage their donation plan, change the donation date or amount, and cancel their donation if needed. It’s that easy.

Donor and Donation Reporting

Organizations have full access to a dashboard of all recurring donors and their donations. You can view all donation plans,along with an estimate of donations to be collected that month. You also have access to all donor histories. Email notifications are sent in the event of a failed recurring donation. Or you can view them on your Dashboard. So you can follow up with donors and restore the ongoing donation.

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