Best in Class Pricing

Donorbox is free if you get less than $1,000 in donations for a month. Stripe and Paypal's payment processing fees still apply.

If you reach $1,000 for a month, we charge a small platform fee of 1.5% for the month's donations. Other donation softwares charge 2-5% or more. Donorbox invoices & charges your billing card at the beginning of the next month if any fees are incurred during the month.

We proudly partner with Stripe and PayPal for all payment processing.

  • For credit card processing, they charge about 2.9% + $0.30
  • For ACH (direct bank donation), Stripe charges 0.8%, with a cap of $5

Stripe & PayPal loves Nonprofits. They offer discounted credit card processing fees for registered nonprofits. Please email and apply at PayPal's Nonprofit Center. PayPal's nonprofit rate is 2.2% + 30c.

Compared to other Donation Platforms

Donation PlatformPlatform Fee
Network for Good$200 - $400 / month
Funraise2.9% + $349 / month

Pricing of Optional Features

MailChimp Integration: $8 / month
Employer Gift Matching: $40 / month
Salesforce NPSP 3 Integration: $50 / month

Stripe Card Processing Fee

CountryStandard Rate
US2.9% + $0.30
per successful card charge
UK1.4% + 20p
for European cards
2.9% + 20p
for non European cards
Europe1.4% + €0.25
for European cards
2.9% + €0.25
for non European cards
Australia1.75% + 30¢
for domestic cards
2.9% + 30¢
for International cards
Mexico3.6% + $3.00
per successful card charge per successful card charge, excluding IVA
Brazil3.99% + R$0.50
per successful card charge
Singapore3.4% + $0.50
per successful card charge
Canada2.9% + CA$0.30
per successful card charge
per successful card charge
* For registered nonprofits, contact for more info..