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Bring the Jewish community together and raise money to fund vital projects in Israel and around the world. Fundraise online to support people in need, respond to crisis, and shape the Jewish future.

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Whether your Jewish nonprofit helps alleviate hunger and hardship, rescues those in danger, or creates lasting connections to Jewish life, our online fundraising software's got you covered. Collect donor information, set suggested donation amounts, accept recurring donations, and provide a smooth experience for your donors.

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Tzedakah and Ma'aser Kesafim

Donors can give once or sign up to give monthly to fulfill their mitzvah by making tzedakah and ma'aser kesafim donations online.

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In Memory Of

A straight forward and safe online donation process lets your donors commemorate a loved one's life by giving a gift in their honor.

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Ma'ot Chitim

Embed a donation form on your website, set up a pop-up form, or use one of our plugins to collect ma'ot chitim donations and receive funds needed to feed the hungry.

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Holiday Fundraising and Events

An affordable and convenient way to launch Yom Kippur and Purim holiday fundraising campaigns or to fund events and special occasions.

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Youth Groups

Raise money for your Jewish youth group's various activities and events by launching a fundraising campaign and asking for donations.

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A secure and easy-to-follow process lets your donors make philanthropic contributions of any size, helping synagogues and Jewish communities for years to come.

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