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Every act of kindness is a step towards changing the world. Charity organizations have made this motto into their life mission. And Donorbox fully supports you every step of the way. That’s why we’ve made our donation process quick to set up and easy to understand. Donorbox is committed to helping you raise the donations you need to assist the people that need it.

Why do charity organizations love Donorbox?

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Donorbox’s Features Will Raise More Money From Your Donors

We’ve developed Donorbox with charity organizations like yours in mind. We understand that it takes hard work to do this. Here’s how Donorbox can help you collect the donations you need:

Legal Requirements and Disclaimers

Even charities need to be legally compliant with local law. Donorbox forms are designed to collect any legally required info, including custom info that isn’t commonly asked for . You can list all required legal disclaimers alongside all Donorbox forms. Every donor receives a receipt for their own tax purposes.

New Facilities and Renovations

The Donorbox Goal Meter lets you track your progress towards any donation target. Like a new creche building so you can care for more children. Or much-needed renovations to make your center more wheelchair-friendly. Our Goal Meter inspires potential donors to be part of your campaign and keeps everyone focussed. You can have different Goal Meters for each campaigns.

Feeding Schemes and Charity Events

Sadly, the only meal some people get is the one you provide for them. Donorbox can help promote your feeding schemes and and other charity events so you can get more support. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share your campaign donation form. You could also recruit volunteers and share details about upcoming events on these platforms.

Corporate Donation Matching

Donorbox offers Corporate Donation Matching. Many companies sign up for this. When an employee makes a donation to your charity, their employer will receive a notification to match whatever amount they’ve donated. Your charity ends up getting double the donations and everybody wins.

Continuous Care

Your charity is dedicated to serving those who need your help. And Donorbox helps sustain your work for as long as possible. Our donation forms allow for donors to make their donations more regular. Recurring donations will ensure steadier income for your charity. This will help your charity reach out to more people and build a bigger organization.

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