6 Reasons Why Donorbox is a Better Donation System than Paypal

Many of you may have been wondering what differences there are between the Donorbox and PayPal donation forms. In fact, while PayPal’s donation function may seem similar to Donorbox in some ways, we want to show you how Donorbox better caters to your non-profit’s needs.

1. Recurring Donations

In late 2016, PayPal changed the design of its donation. Along with the design change, they also removed the recurring donation option that used to be available on their standard form. As such, you can no longer receive monthly donations through PayPal’s donation form. This option is available with Donorbox, as shown in the images below.

2. Best of both worlds: Pay by Card or PayPal

We understand that donors who already have PayPal accounts may want to use PayPal for convenience. As such, Donorbox allows you to still use PayPal while still benefitting from Donorbox’s checkout process. You will collect all your donor data up front on the Donorbox form, and donors will be transferred to PayPal afterwards to make the payment. Both options are made clear to your donors as the go to pay, as you can see below.

3. Custom Questions

Donorbox aims to make the donation process as complete and straightforward as possible. Starting with the donation form itself, Donorbox’s wide variety of settings allows you to customize your form. PayPal forms, on the other hand, cannot be personalized. The image below showcase additional options you can choose to add to your Donorbox form:

4. Suggested Donation Amounts

Donorbox’s checkout process is also very straightforward, designed to save your donors as much time as possible. In fact, DonorBox (left) provides suggested donation amounts, guiding your donors along the donation process, while PayPal (right) requires donors to type in the amount they wish to donate.

5. Ease of Fund Transfer

In addition, when receiving donations through PayPal, the money first goes to your PayPal account and you then have to transfer it to your bank account. This adds another 2 to 3 days before the transfer is complete and you can access the money. Stripe, Donorbox’s payment processor, directly deposits your donations into your bank account, giving you immediate access to your funds.

6. Customize your Email Receipts

While PayPal only provides a donation platform, Donorbox also helps you once your donations have been made. For example, though both platforms offer automatic donation receipts, Donorbox allows you to customize them to more personally thank each of your donors. We have also recently added a goal meter, allowing you to follow the progress you are making throughout your campaign.

      goal meter

One thought on “6 Reasons Why Donorbox is a Better Donation System than Paypal”

  1. That’s not quite right: The 2-3 delay of receiveing funds is common to both Stripe and PayPal.
    If you wanted to highlight an interesting difference, it is that Stripe can be set to automatically move funds to your bank account, where as PayPal you literally have to login everyday and manually transfer.

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