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Donorbox has partnered with the online platforms most often leveraged by nonprofits!

  • Use integrations to free up your time!
  • Harness the power of integrations to save yourself tons of work!
  • Discover integrations that will help you increase donations!
  • Tailor your communications and marketing to your donors!

Seamlessly sync and utilize your donor data between your Donorbox account and the applications critical to your organization’s success.

Ready to Accomplish More? Integrations are the Key!

Operate and work more

Donorbox has developed an entire ecosystem of integrations that help you and your staff raise more funds and accomplish more in a single day. Increase your productivity effortlessly.

Maximize donor involvement and contributions

Integrations make it easy to stay in touch. From marketing platforms like Mailchimp to CRMs like Salesforce, Donorbox integrations help connect you with your donors.

Eliminate slow manual

Bring all your favorite apps together by syncing them with Donorbox. By using integrations, you can optimize the relationship between your systems and data for greatest efficiency.

Fee: $50 / mo

- Harness the Power of Salesforce for Nonprofits

Whether you're already using Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or you're new to all the pro features that Salesforce provides to nonprofits, you'll love the simplicity of our native Salesforce integration.

Manage donors, utilize analytics, and create custom reports, all from your Salesforce dashboard.

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Fee: $17 / mo

- Synchronize Your Donorbox Data with Anything!

Zapier is the go-to service when it comes to creating custom, automated workflow integrations. Zapier allows Donorbox users a nearly limitless number of ways they can utilize their donor data in connection with other applications and platforms.

Are you thinking, “It would be great if I could sync my donor information with ______ and use it to ______.” That’s what Zapier does!

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Fee: $8 / mo

- Let's Sync Your Donor Data and Communications!

Are you still manually moving donor data from Donorbox to Mailchimp? Sure, we’ll always have that option available for you, but there’s a better way!

By using the Mailchimp integration, your donor information automatically syncs to the right donor lists and email campaigns within your Mailchimp account. What could be more simple?

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Fee: $40 / mo

Double the Donation
- Want to Increase Donations Effortlessly?

Double the Donation is an integration that helps your nonprofit take advantage of employee donation matching, offered by companies around the globe. If your donor works for one of these companies, you could effectively double the donations from that individual automatically!

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Other Integrations

Web platforms


Need an attractive WordPress plugin that will help capture donor’s attention, data, and contributions? Accept PayPal and credit cards directly on your WordPress site!
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Ready to make donations simple for your website visitors? Our Weebly embedded donation forms are simple for you and your contributors to use.
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No need for coding! Use our online fundraising pages with your branding inside of Squarespace to maximize your donor acquisitions and contributions.
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The only thing your Wix site is missing is a way for your site visitors to become active donors! Our Wix integration gives you donation forms that look beautiful and work seamlessly with your existing Wix site.
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Add our premade button that is linked to your secure Donorbox donation page or make giving easy for your donors by embedding Donorbox‘s customizable donation form on your Shopify site.
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  • Anna Sutton


    Since implementing Donorbox as part of our toolkit, the number of monthly, recurring donors to Truthout has more than doubled currently, sustaining donations like these account for more than 20 percent of our annual budget.

    Anna Sutton


  • Dr. Abraham George

    Shanti Bhavan

    Donorbox has allowed for greater visibility and opportunities to connect with new supporters, ultimately taking us one step closer towards reaching our annual fundraising goals.

    Dr. Abraham George

    Shanti Bhavan

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