Wix Donation App - Donation Forms for Wix Users

  • Add Donorbox to your Wix website to safely and securely raise money online.
  • With Donorbox you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover directly on your website.
Nonprofit fundraising - donations forms for nonprofits

Donorbox Supercharges Wix Websites

Donorbox is an easy-to-use fundraising software, which can be easily integrated with your Wix website.
No special coding or developers required. Integrating Donorbox into a Wix website is a simple process.
Designed to give donors the fastest donation process possible. It just takes a few minutes.
Robust yet simple, responsive and smart, designed to fit into your Wix site

Wix Donation Page for Everyone

All-in-one donation pages keep the process simple so donors don’t navigate away from your page
Recurring donation forms for Nonprofits
Nonprofit fundraising - donations forms for nonprofits
Donation processing - Fundraising software for nonprofits
Donation forms for nonprofits

Over 30,000 organizations from 25 countries use our Donorbox fundraising software

Online Fundraising for NonProfits

Keep your Branding

  • Customize each donation page to feed into specific campaigns
  • You don’t need to be a payments or coding expert to support the newest features that improve donor experience and conversions.
  • With one, unified platform, you’ll be ready to immediately support thousands of donors.

Awesome Donor management

  • Easily receive one time donation or recurring donations.
  • One-click “recurring donation” option on every donation form makes it easy for donors to give more regularly
  • Donors have full control over recurring donations
  • Seamless Employer Donation Matching
  • Export donor data as csv. Auto-export donor data to Mailchimp and Salesforce NPSP.

Step by step Tutorial

Integrate a perfectly customized donation form into your Wix website. Let donors set up recurring donations with just a single mouse-click. Donors can decide between weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual donations.
Deploy a donation form from your Wix website with the click of a button. Create pop-up forms or connect to your very own Donorbox-hosted donation page. Use a Donorbox button or any custom image you like.

Integration Partners

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How to install Wix Donation App - Donation Forms on Wix