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Manage and engage your donors.
All in one place.

Welcome to Donorbox CRM, a powerful all-in-one AI-driven donor management system that maximizes fundraising efficiency and boosts donor engagement. Think of it as your command center, giving you more control and faster results – so you can do more good.

Get more done faster with Donorbox CRMManage and engage your donors. All in one place.
Manage and engage your donors. All in one place.

Maximized Output.
Minimal Effort.

Enter Donorbox CRM, the powerful AI-driven ecosystem built to streamline and evolve your donor management and fundraising efforts.

Maximized Output. Minimal Effort.

Donorbox CRM is a centralized donor management system designed to empower nonprofits with data and insights to elevate fundraising. With integrated email management, AI Assistance, robust segmentation, action tracking, and comprehensive donation management, this all-in-one AI powered platform ensures streamlined communication, personalized outreach, and efficient donor engagement.

Donorbox CRM is a robust toolkit for nonprofits looking to maximize, well, everything.

Build donor relationships that help you thrive.

Connect with donors on a deeper level seamlessly with AI-powered insights and communication assistance.

Donorbox CRM combines data driven donor insights with cutting edge AI functionality to bring you a seamless way to connect with and retain more donors than ever before - all within the same platform. With our integrated Mailing Center and AI Assistant, you can connect with the right donor, at the right time, with the right message.

Start building deeper donor relationshipsBuild donor relationships that help you thrive.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Donorbox CRM

When we say Donorbox CRM is purpose-built, we mean it. Every part fixes a problem. Every part makes your life easier. This isn’t some bloatware that will slow you down. This is a powerful, streamlined system that will accelerate how you do business every day. Let’s take a tour!

Mail Center

Donorbox's Integrated Mail Center centralizes your donor emails, ensuring you never miss important communications.  It allows you to send personal emails directly to individual donors. Now you can seamlessly read, write, and send emails directly from Donorbox, without switching to your email provider.

Connect multiple Gmail or Outlook accounts into one unified inbox, assign tasks easily, and automatically track communications. Enjoy informed interactions with donor details at your fingertips. Trust that your data is secure with Donorbox's industry-leading security features. Simplify your donor engagements with Mail Center today!

AI Assistant

Revolutionize your fundraising with AI-powered CRM on Donorbox. Streamline your operations to enable you to stay mission-focused. This sophisticated tool removes the uncertainty from writing fundraising letters and planning content, delivering tailored messages and strategic plans.

With data-driven insights into donor behavior and fundraising strategies, informed decisions become easier. Integrated seamlessly into your CRM, this AI Assistant supports all aspects of your fundraising efforts, revolutionizing your approach and helping you achieve more with less effort, thanks to Donorbox's cutting-edge technology.


What’s the key to more targeted communications, more effective campaigns, more strategic resource allocation, and stronger donor relationships? Segmentation. And Donorbox CRM Groups is your one-stop segmenting shop, enabling Robust segmentation – from simple to detailed – for targeted and personalized outreach.

Imagine crafting tailored outreach for every supporter without writing each message individually! This not only saves you significant time but also enhances engagement, boosts contributions, and amplifies your impact.

Supporter Timeline

They say context is everything. We agree. That’s why contextual action tracking is central to our Donorbox CRM Supporter Timeline. What’s the big idea? To truly comprehend donor behavior and tailor effective interactions, you need to understand the history of your previous communications.

 Enter Supporter Timeline. Now you can quickly and easily see the chronology of your relationship with donors, so you can be more effective in outreach, troubleshooting, retention, and engagement. Make changes to Supporter Profiles, view all Supporter Transactions, and easily track new or updated Recurring Payments. You can also Email supporters directly through the Mail Center as you work!

Offline Transactions

What happens offline shouldn’t stay offline. Thanks to Donorbox CRM, cash, checks, in-kind donations, pledges, and soft credit can easily be added to the platform, so your records are 100% accurate.

And that’s key for financial reporting, accountability, transparency, and better decision making. As an added bonus, with all transactions accounted for, you’ll never forget to send thank you notes, which is often cited by donors as a key reason to give again!

Recurring Payments

Recurring donations are the cornerstone of increased donor retention and sustainable growth. Though typically smaller than one-time gifts, recurring donors give up to 42% more over time.

Carefully cultivating recurring donors delivers steady, predictable income, valuable donor insights for better strategic planning, and consistent engagement to guide donors into regular contributions.  With Donorbox CRM, managing these dedicated donors is a breeze! You can handle recurrence intervals, track giving behavior, and access detailed invoice history—all seamlessly within the Donorbox CRM ecosystem.

The Power of One

Our all-in-one system… lets you go all out.

Time is valuable. Resources are limited. The last thing you want to do is waste either. Donorbox CRM addresses these challenges by providing an all-in-one AI powered, purpose-built donor management system that simplifies and enhances every aspect of fundraising. The best part? You can do it all on the same platform. No more switching to different apps, navigating to other systems, juggling endless open windows on your desktop.

With Donorbox CRM, just log in – and get to work.
But HOW does it work? Great question!

The Power of One

More Coming Soon...


Stay on top of all your team’s workflow and personal to-do lists. Tasks allow you to create and manage tasks for you and your team members, ensuring a streamlined approach to your daily operations, keeping your nonprofit organized and focussed.


New Reporting Templates

Gain comprehensive donor insights for deeper donor relationships. You’ll be able to access even more detailed communication history and other key insights with these upcoming additional reporting templates.

New Reporting Templates

Segmentation “on the fly”

Fast-track gathering deeper donor insights. Generate near-instant lists of supporter segments from your dashboards and reports for quick insights and decision making.

Segmentation “on the fly”


It highlights those crucial touchpoints in your donor’s journey with your nonprofit. From birthdays to donation anniversaries and changes in donation amounts, it brings vital insights to build deeper, authentic connections with your supporters at the right moment.


Automated Moments

Stay super prepared with our Automated Moments feature! Each week, you'll get a digest highlighting donors and critical moments needing immediate attention, helping your team prioritize communication effectively.

Automated Moments

CSV Imports

Donorbox CRM will allow for  CSV files to be imported, making it easier to migrate databases and back up vital donor information. Thanks to their simplicity, CSV files simplify data management, ensuring your information is easily accessible.

CSV Imports
Donorbox CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my nonprofit need a CRM?

A CRM - constituent relationship management - platform can change the way your nonprofit operates - for the better. It is a database that stores all of your supporters’ data, including contact information as well as donations, donation dates, communication details, and more.

Having all of this information at your fingertips helps you better understand and engage with your donors. Use your CRM to uncover donor trends, segment donors, evaluate the success of your fundraising efforts, and more.

In short, a CRM will streamline your process while empowering you to strengthen your relationships with your donors, which can be the key to unlocking sustainable growth for your nonprofit.

What are the key features of the Donorbox CRM?

Like most nonprofit CRMs, Donorbox CRM captures all of your supporter information in one place, enabling to sort, view, and download this data for segmentation, outreach, reporting, and more.

Some key features of Donorbox CRM that make it stand out from the crowd include:

Mail Center - Connect your Gmail or Outlook email account in order to view, send, and manage your supporter emails, all without leaving your database.

Groups - Easily use Groups to segment your donors based on traits, interests, affiliations, relationships, and more.

Supporter Timeline - View each step in each supporter’s history with your organization at a glance, including communications, donations, and recurring gifts.

Offline Transactions - Capture cash and check gifts, in-kind donations, donation pledges, and soft credits - along with donations and ticket purchases made online - for a more holistic view of your transactions and supporters.

How can I use Donorbox CRM to segment my donors?

Use Donorbox CRM to easily segment your donors by using the Groups feature. Two types of groups are available - basic groups for simple segmentation and advanced groups for Education, Household, Organization, Religious, and Social categories.

Place donors in these groups based on their traits, demographics, interests, affiliations, relationships, and more, enabling you to better customize your messaging and target your donors accordingly.

Plus, in Donorbox CRM, a group can encompass many supporters and a supporter can be included in multiple groups, giving you endless options and opportunities!

Can I track communication with donors using Donorbox CRM?

Yes! Donorbox CRM makes tracking donor communication seamless with two features - Mail Center and Supporter Timeline.

With Mail Center, you can connect your Gmail or Outlook email account in order to view, manage, and send emails directly from Donorbox CRM. In this platform, you can also assign emails to team members and consolidate multiple inboxes to better coordinate communications.

Supporter Timeline enables you to see all of the communications you’ve had with each donor in one place. View a supporter’s timeline to see how and when they were contacted, when they made a donation, when changes were made to their account details, and more.

Can I record offline transactions using Donorbox CRM?

Recording offline transactions can be done in just a few clicks using Donorbox CRM. This way, you can add in-person gifts made with check or cash as well as assign in-kind donations and pledges to supporters, giving you a more holistic view of their relationship with your organization (remember to check the supporter timeline!).

You can also add soft credits in Donorbox CRM, showing how a supporter may have helped secure a gift to give you a broader look at just how much of an impact they have had on your mission.

Does your CRM integrate with our existing systems such as our website, email marketing tool, and financial management platform?

Donorbox integrates with thousands of apps, including websites, email marketing tools, financial management platforms, virtual event software, and so much more. Discover more about Donorbox integrations here.

At this time, Donorbox CRM does not fully integrate with other apps. However, there are plans to add integrations in the future.

How secure is the donor data stored in Donorbox CRM, and what measures are in place to protect sensitive information?

We take data security seriously across all of our products and services here at Donorbox, including Donorbox CRM. We offer advanced fraud detection and monitoring and never store your donors’ credit card information on our servers. We also provide two-step authorization and ReCaptcha options, among several other security measures.

In regards to your emails, Mail Center is also highly secure. When you connect Mail Center to your email account, no data is being imported or used by Donorbox - it functions without accessing unnecessary emails or data.

Learn more about our security measures here.

Is there any additional cost associated with using Donorbox CRM?

Donorbox CRM Beta is currently free to trial through September 30, 2024. To join the trial, fill out this interest form.

Following this trial period, Donorbox CRM will be priced monthly according to number of contacts, with discounts available for annual contracts and smaller nonprofits. Find more details about our transparent pricing here.


Donorbox CRM (Beta)

Limited Period Free Usage Offer!

$0/ Fixed - 3 month period

Free with 5 Users for Mail Center (Max)

  • Mail Center Donorbox’s Mail Center centralizes your donor emails so you never miss important communications. Send personal emails directly to donors, read, write, and send emails within Donorbox.
  • Groups Groups enable robust segmentation for personalized outreach. Craft tailored messages for every supporter without individual writing. Helping you save time, enhance engagement, boost contributions, and amplify your impact.
  • Supporter Timeline  The Supporter Timeline lets you see your relationship with donors at a glance, enhancing outreach, troubleshooting, retention, and engagement.
  • Offline Transactions Add cash, checks, in-kind donations, pledges, and soft credit to the CRM, ensuring 100% accurate records. This accuracy is crucial for financial reporting, accountability, transparency, and better decision-making.
  • Recurring Payments Now managing your recurring donors is simpler. Handle recurrence intervals, track giving behavior, and access detailed invoice history—all within the Donorbox CRM ecosystem.
  • Everything in Org Admin
Get Started

Donorbox CRM

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Everything in CRM Beta version plus:
  • AI Assistant Take the guesswork out of writing fundraising letters, planning content, and more. Whether you need assistance with your emails, appeals, retention ideas, or more, AI Assistant will be there to help!
  • Moments Highlights crucial touchpoints in your donor’s journey with your nonprofit. From birthdays to donation anniversaries and changes in donation amounts, it brings vital information to the forefront.
  • Tasks Tasks allow you to create and manage tasks for you and your team members, ensuring a streamlined approach to your daily operations.
  • New Reports Gain comprehensive donor insights for deeper donor relationships with a detailed communication history and other key insights from these new reporting templates.
Available from October 2024

You Have Big Goals.

You Face Big Challenges.

Donorbox CRM is Your All-In-One AI Powered Solution.

What do all nonprofits have in common? Big, audacious goals. Goals that will change the world! Unfortunately, those big goals come with big challenges. Limited resources. Stretched budgets. Time constraints. Outdated technology. At Donorbox, everything we do is focused on empowering you to do more good. And really, that’s the heart of the Donorbox CRM. Every part of it – Mail Center, AI Assistant, Groups, Supporter Timeline, Offline Transactions – is there to help you fulfill your mission – faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Because when you do more good, we all win.

Can a CRM really do all that? See for yourself!

Try Donorbox CRM now!