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Donation pages that are easy to set up, customizable, and hosted by Donorbox.

  • Start fundraising with your donation page in just 15 mins.
  • No website? No problem! Donation pages are hosted by Donorbox, so anyone can use them.
  • Create unlimited pages for all your causes and campaigns.
  • Protect your donations with secure SSL/TLS technology and PCI compliance.
  • Customize your donation page and add your own message or story.

Donorbox Supercharges Your Fundraising

Whatever your cause, our Donorbox-hosted donation pages have got you covered. Share your mission with the world, accept recurring donations, collect custom donor information, and provide a smooth, secure online experience for your donors.

Cloud Hosting

Donation pages live in Donorbox, which means you never need to download, install, or upgrade anything. Donorbox-hosted donations pages are hassle-free!

Unlimited Donation Pages

There is no limit to the number of donation pages you can create with Donorbox—the possibilities are endless! No matter how many different causes you support or campaigns you create, we’ve got you covered.


Easily customize your donation page to share your message and match your branding. Upload your logo, add a background image, and include text, videos, or images in your description. If you’d like, make advanced edits to your form design with custom CSS.


Use our Goal Meter to share your fundraising goal and progress with the world. Display your thermometer proudly on your donation page to update your supporters.

Donation Form Features

On your Donorbox donation page form, utilize helpful features such as asking donors to cover processing fee, providing different recurring donation intervals, collecting custom donor data, and many more!


Donorbox donation forms are protected by SSL/TLS encryption technology and are PCI compliant. We never store card or bank information. The entire checkout process is secure.

Who Benefits From Donorbox-Hosted Donation Pages?

Nonprofit Charities

Faith-Based Organizations

Political Campaigns

Nature & Conservation Groups

Animal Rescues

Schools & Education Organizations

Donation Pages Give Your Supporters a Great Online Experience

We have one of the lowest platform fees in the industry! Donorbox charges a low 1.5% platform fee on your donations.

A secure and easy-to-follow process lets your donors make contributions of any size.
While Apple Pay is disabled on embedded donation forms for security reasons, our server security measures are approved by Apple. This means you can accept Apple Pay on your Donorbox-hosted donation page!
Share and display supportive comments from your supporters with our Donor Comment Wall and Counter.

Over 35,000 organizations from 40 countries use our
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