Stay Connected to Your Donors with Our Mailchimp Integration

Do you love and use Donorbox and Mailchimp?

Great news!

Donorbox has partnered with Mailchimp! Now you can sync your donor form data with your Mailchimp account with our seamless integration. Use your donor data in Mailchimp to:

  • Effortlessly sync your donors with your mailing list!
  • Use donor data to create “personalized” Mailchimp campaigns for donor types!
  • Plan customized marketing lead pages fine-tuned to donor types.
  • Stay in touch with all your valued supporters!

How does Mailchimp complement Donorbox?

Maintain your donor relationships

As you know, your donors and supporters are vitally important to your cause. Consistent communication strengthens that relationship and builds trust. Mailchimp has got you covered with its seamless email marketing services, and Donorbox makes moving data from donation forms to Mailchimp campaigns effortless.

Save time & effort

With its automation, Mailchimp saves you time. Ditch the manual effort of data exporting, and use the Dropbox Mailchimp integration to sync all your new donors into your existing Mailchimp campaigns. Save your valuable time for furthering your cause!

How Mailchimp integrates with Donorbox

Each time you receive a donation, Donorbox automatically exports that donor’s information to the appropriate email campaign list in your Mailchimp account. We export your donor’s first name, last name, and email address.

The automatic sync depends on your campaign’s mailing list settings. If your Mailchimp campaign doesn’t require donor consent for joining your mailing list, your donors are automatically exported to Mailchimp. However, if your campaign does require the donor’s consent, your donor must opt into the mailing list.

Most importantly, you don’t have to do a thing! We offer an effortless integration for both your donors and you.

(Of course, if you’d like to, you can still easily manually export your donors from Donorbox into Mailchimp.)

Popular Mailchimp Newsletter Examples

Welcome new subscribers — “Hello and welcome! We’re so happy to meet you.”

12:05 PM

Share an update — “Here’s a progress update on our projects.”

11:05 AM

Reach a milestone — “You did it! Thank you; we couldn’t have reached our goal without you.”

10:05 PM

Tell a story — “We need your support now; will you help?”

09:55 PM

Receive survey feedback — “Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with us. Your response will help us create a better online experience for you.”

09:15 AM


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