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Online Fundraising Solution for Islamic Charities

The Most Effective Fundraising Solution for Islamic Charities

One of the main themes of the Quran is charity for the poor, the needy, and the weak. And in today’s society, poverty runs rampant throughout the world. Donorbox can help you reach these people and give assistance to those who need it most. We have everything you need to help raise donations fast so you can focus on helping those in need.

Why do Muslim charities love Donorbox?

Helping Awesome Organizations Like You

Donorbox’s Features Will Raise More Money For Islamic Charities (Muslim Charities)

We’ve developed Donorbox with Islamic organizations like yours in mind. We understand that it takes hard work to do this. Here’s how Donorbox can help you collect the donations you need:

Education Programmes

Acquiring knowledge is binding on all Muslims, male and female. Donorbox supports the spread of education with Corporate Donation Matching. Donation matching works by offering employers an opportunity to match donations each time one of their employees makes a donation. Many businesses are eager to help in whatever way they can. You can raise funds much faster by getting businesses on board.

Pay the Zakat

Giving out the Zakat (charity) is an essential part of Islam, an obligatory charity action for every capable Muslim. Donorbox forms make paying Zakat simple and hassle-free. Our Islamic donation forms take just a few minutes to complete and only asks for important information. Donors can donate to your organization, no matter where they are in the world.

Feeding Schemes and Food Distribution Programmes

Donorbox can help promote your feeding schemes and food distribution programs. Our social media connections can share the work you’re doing with the whole world. Use our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter connections to spread the word and even recruit some volunteers. Donorbox forms allow for custom questions, so you can get more feedback from more people.

Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Aid

Sadly, it is the innocent who suffer when disaster strikes. There are millions of people int he world who need help. Donorbox can help you reach them by supporting regular donations. Collect weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual donations automatically with our recurring donation feature. Donors won’t have to remember to donate each month. They will receive donation receipts for every donation. Donors get their own login details to manage their accounts.

Development Projects

Improving lives has its own rewards and the world needs all kinds of help. Whether it’s helping a family build a home or showing communities how to grow food, Donorbox can help. You can embed Donorbox donation forms in your websites, no matter what website builder you use. Also, you can include Donate buttons in your emails.

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