Donorbox Premium | Unleash Your Donation Potential

Donorbox Premium | Unleash Your Donation Potential

Introducing Donorbox Premium.

The all-in-one fundraising solution that brings you a team of fundraising superstars and tech wizards to help maximize your donations, build successful fundraising campaigns, and double-down on what matters most – your mission!

Donorbox Premium offers high-performance fundraising software paired with a dedicated fundraising coach, account manager, and priority technical support to help you navigate your growth-path and truly give your fundraising a boost.

With powerful features under your belt, your fundraising worries will disappear! Leave all the technical know-how to Donorbox’s team of experts, leverage fundraising expertise, and cut-short the time investment on trial & error.

How Does Donorbox Premium Work?

fundraising help for nonprofits

Donorbox Premium offers curated premium fundraising features by our team of product leaders and fundraising experts to help nonprofits level up their fundraising and apply successful, multilevel fundraising strategies.

You can benefit from consulting fundraising guidance and expertise accessible to you, plus, priority technical support to help you push through any technical hiccups faster. Donorbox Premium offers everything your nonprofit needs for fundraising success at the most affordable pricing. You can opt for quarterly or annual premium plans and get full access to a multitude of fundraising features and add-ons.

Before we take a closer look, let this video quickly walk you through Donorbox Premium, its services, and offerings in under a minute!

Professional Services

1. Consult a dedicated fundraising coach

A fundraising expert assigned to your nonprofit will be on call to provide you with personalized coaching, accountability check-ins, goal-setting, and general fundraising expertise to help scale your revenue and growth.

2. Benefit from priority tech support

Our tech wizards will take care of all things digital, making your setup easy and for the most part hands-off! We will help you:

  • Expertly set up your campaigns.
  • Integrate your analytics & tracking.
  • Connect payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.
  • Enable Text-to-Give
  • Customize your donations forms.
  • Work on any issues on a priority basis.

And all this with industry-leading turnaround times under 1 hour!

3. Get a dedicated account manager

Win the fight for sustainability with coaching strategy, accountability check-ins, goal-setting, and fundraising expertise that’s game-changing. With a dedicated account manager assigned to you, you get a single point of contact with Donorbox who will work with you to get through any issues and assist you in case of any hiccups and required support.

Product Offerings

4. Use Text-to-Give with shortcode plan

fundraising coaching

You can let your donors text to give to your nonprofit during your fundraising events, conferences, for a specific campaign, or any time from the comfort of their homes. Donorbox Premium comes equipped with this feature along with the shortcode plan. You will get a shorter texting number that will be easier for your donors to remember and type in and a custom keyword specific to your campaign. All this ensures a personalized experience for your donors and more inspiration to want to help.

5. Use the power of Zapier integration and our API.

It’s time you automated the mundane manual work you and your team put in on a daily basis to keep track of data, improve communication within the team, and maintain a better relationship with your donors. Use the power of Zapier integration and API support. Don’t worry – again, the technical setup and know-how are on us!

6. Access powerful analytics and tracking

Let us help you understand which channels and campaigns are doing the best for your nonprofit. So that you can scale up your fundraising and marketing efforts for the ones which are not and supercharge those which are getting you a decent amount of donations – all with the help of our fundraising and tech team of experts.

7. Integrate MailChimp

advanced fundraising tools

Email marketing gives you a chance to reach out to old and new donors and easily promote your nonprofit with personalized communication techniques. Let Donorbox Premium help you power up your email campaigns by integrating your donor base with MailChimp, the best place to automate email communication.

8. Make advanced form customizations with custom CSS editor

Customize your fundraising page and donation form to match the branding and theme of your website with Donorbox’s custom CSS editor. It will take your donors’ donation experience to the next level while ensuring utmost ease of use.

Donorbox Premium Pricing

advanced fundraising tools

Affordability remains our top priority for all new and existing features. Hence, to keep the cost of Donorbox Premium low and affordable for all types and sizes of nonprofits, we have come up with the following pricing –

  • $375/month – Paid annually at $4500
  • $399/month – Paid quarterly at $1197

However, if you are looking to customize your Donorbox Premium package, you can get add-ons : Company Matching ($40/month) and Salesforce integration ($50/month). Our support/tech team is there to guide you through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Check the below section for more questions and information on Donorbox Premium.

1. Do you offer a trial period for Donorbox Premium?

We do not offer a free trial. However, Donorbox Premium comes with a 14-day full refund policy. If you cancel the Premium plan within the first 14 days, we will issue a full refund. If your Premium plan is canceled after those 14 days, the full payment for your current billing cycle is still in effect.

While on our Premium plan, you can transition back to our Standard plan at any time if you find that it’s a better fit for your organization’s needs.

2. Can we opt for these premium fundraising tools individually?

Yes! You can stick with your Standard plan, and add on select product features as needed. Available at different fees, these consist of the following: customizable donation forms, Text-to-Give, Zapier & API integration, and MailChimp integration.

3. Are we assigned our own account manager as part of Donorbox Premium?

Yes! Your dedicated account manager is a fundraising expert who will help you increase donations through strategy calls, guide you toward growth, and help walk you through support issues. Basically your new BFF (Best Fundraising Friend)!

4. What is the billing cycle for Donorbox Premium?

We offer two payment options for our Premium plan: quarterly payments or annual payments. The billing cycle begins on your effective date (when the agreement is signed and the first payment is completed) and will run on either a quarterly basis or an annual basis, depending on your selected payment option.

5. Is phone support available for Donorbox Premium?

Typically, we offer 24/5 online support via email. With Premium, you will receive priority support with an industry-leading response time between 15 minutes and 1 hour. In scenarios where phone support is necessary, your dedicated account manager will attend to help address your specific questions.

6. What comes with the free version of Donorbox?

Everything in the Standard Plan is free to get started and also comes with Donorbox Premium. These features include unlimited donation forms, unlimited crowdfunding pages, unlimited peer-to-peer pages, unlimited fundraising pages, donor portal, QuickDonate, event-ticketing forms, membership campaigns, and standard customer support. There will be a nominal platform fee and the processing fee of Stripe and PayPal. Know about our pricing here.

7. Are there add-ons to help customize Donorbox Premium?

In order to keep the cost of Donorbox Premium low for all customers, there are several add-ons that can be purchased at an additional cost. These features include Salesforce Integration (+$50 per month); Company Matching (+$40 per month).

Over To You

fundraising help for nonprofits

Donorbox Premium is your all-in-one fundraising solution—extending your team through expert guidance and high-end fundraising tools. Your nonprofit, whatever size or type it is, has endless potential to discover more donors and raise more donations than you are now.

With multitude of fundraising features and quick technical-support, Donorbox Premium empowers you to boost donations and multiply your nonprofits’ impact.

Learn more about Donorbox Premium here or contact us to get started now.

If you want to learn about all Donorbox fundraising and donor management features, check this out. We publish weekly posts on tips and resources for fundraising and nonprofit management. Find them on our nonprofit blog.

Charles Z is the Founder and CEO of Donorbox. He has been starting companies and numerous web applications since college. Nowadays he is immersed and wildly excited about the the future of the social impact sector.

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