Integrate your Donorbox Fundraising Form with Salesforce

NPSP - A complete donor management solution, powered by Salesforce

We know that donors are your most valuable asset. That’s why we’ve partnered with Salesforce to be everything you need to manage your donor relationships. Salesforce is rated the world’s #1 CRM platform. So, Donorbox and Salesforce are a perfect match. Our Salesforce integration will help you show genuine interest in who your donors are. And enjoy the benefits of their loyal support.

Why are Donorbox and Salesforce so good together?

Salesforce is the ultimate CRM solution for your nonprofit. It has every tool you could possible need to manage your relationships with your donors. From call logs to analytics, Salesforce has it all
Our partnership with Salesforce is completely hassle-free. Connecting is a simple login. Your Donorbox donor data is passed directly to your Salesforce account seamlessly, with no human interference.
Donor management is an absolute pleasure with Salesforce. You’ll never accidently lose track of a donor, or even forget a birthday ever again. With Salesforce, your precious donors always come first.
Donorbox supports Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a collection of tools aimed specifically at nonprofits. It meets the unique challenges of a nonprofit with a solution that’s tailored for your success.

Donorbox’s integration with Salesforce will boost the way your nonprofit works

Thanks to our partnership with Salesforce, your nonprofit can enjoy a powerful donation platform, coupled with a premium CRM solution. Here’s how our Salesforce integration can help your nonprofit be more productive than ever before:

Maintain Complete Donor History

Managing donors can be time-consuming. And important details can get overlooked. Our Salesforce integration helps you manage each relationship with a personal touch. Every donation, interaction and previous activity is logged under each donor. You get a comprehensive history of each donor right at your fingertips.

Build Genuine Donor Relationships

Each donor is unique. And our Salesforce integration lets you get to know them all. You can connect with their social media feeds and see what’s important to them. Any calls, conversations or even ideas can be easily added to their Salesforce profile from any computer or mobile device.

Insightful Analytics on Donors and Donations

Analytics are more than just dashboards. They tell a story about your donor. And they can help you make more effective decisions in your nonprofit. You can build different strategies for donors of different giving levels. Or manage recurring and once-off donors separately. The tools are all there. You can use them in whatever way suits you.

Reach More Donors in Less Time

Your time is precious. And so are your donors. Our Salesforce integration allows you to contact donors directly from your Salesforce dashboard, where all communication is logged automatically. This saves you invaluable time. Which you can use to reach even more donors than before.

No Coding or Developers Required

Donorbox and Salesforce has made it super-easy to enjoy our uncomplicated donation platform. You don’t need any coding experience or special developers to use our Salesforce integration. It’s a simple login process. And those handy Salesforce dashboards don’t require coding either.

Plan for the Future

Our Salesforce integration lets you plan strategies to build your donor relationships. These “engagement plans” can be scheduled and assigned to team members directly from your Salesforce dashboard. You can also log volunteers and their skills, so you can plan your fundraising with them in mind.

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