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Why choose Donorbox over PayPal?

Donorbox is designed for nonprofit fundraising.

While PayPal is a widely used payment gateway for all purposes, Donorbox is built for nonprofits to increase donations and offer a seamless donation experience.

Why choose Donorbox over PayPal?


Recurring donation form built for nonprofits



Generic payment gateway

Donorbox Vs PayPal: include multiple payment options

Donorbox does not restrict donors to a single payment option. You can accept donations via cards, Apple Pay,
low-fee ACH & SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal. With Stripe integration, donors can easily
authorise their card transactions in the donation form, unlike PayPal where donors are redirected to a different page.

With Donorbox, ACH transactions have a very low processing fee at just 0.8%. However, in the case of PayPal
there is a 2.2% processing fee.

Payment options donorbox paypal
Apple pay donorbox paypal
Google pay donorbox paypal
ACH (lowest Fee) donorbox paypal
iDEAL donorbox paypal
Cards donorbox paypal (Redirects)
Paypal donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: boost recurring donations

Recurring donations are on rise! Donorbox offers multiple recurring donation intervals: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, while PayPal only allows monthly donations.

Recurring donation donorbox paypal
Weekly donorbox paypal
Monthly donorbox paypal
Quarterly donorbox paypal
Annually donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: customizable donation forms

Customize your donation form to match your branding. Donorbox donation form blends with your web page and creates a seal of trust with donors.

Customizations available donorbox paypal
Colour donorbox paypal
Branding donorbox paypal
Social media buttons donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: crowdfunding for nonprofits

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to raise funds! Create beautiful crowdfunding pages using Donorbox, drive donor engagement and share your fundraising progress with updates and goal meter. You can provide campaign updates on your dedicated crowdfunding page and acknowledge your donors by enabling a donor wall.

Crowdfunding features donorbox paypal
Landing page donorbox paypal
Goal meter donorbox paypal
Donor wall donorbox paypal
Updates donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: efficient donor management

To build a long lasting relationship with your donors, you need a robust donor management system. Donorbox has built-in features like:

Donor management donorbox paypal
Donor login donorbox paypal
Tax receipts donorbox paypal
Conversion tracking donorbox paypal
Donor info collection donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: seamless donation journey

Donorbox donation forms make the process of giving frictionless! You can use a pop up donation form to allow the entire donation to take place on your web page, without being redirected.

Donorbox text to give lets your donors give easily via text messaging.

Features donorbox paypal
Popup forms donorbox paypal
Text-to-give donorbox paypal
Suggested donation amounts donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: double up with company matching

You can effectively double your funds by enabling company matching. Donorbox integrates easily
with Double the Donation.

The Gift Aid benefit in the UK allows you to receive upto 25% more than the actual amount donated.
Donorbox also has an option to allow companies to contribute to your cause.

Donorbox lets you ask your donors to cover the payment processing fee and help you get the entire funds
raised credited to your bank account.

Features donorbox paypal
Double the donation donorbox paypal
Gift aid donorbox paypal
Ask donors to cover processing fee donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: personalized donation form

With Donorbox you have multiple options using which you can give your donation campaigns a more
personal touch. You can ask questions to your donors such as “Would you like to volunteer?” or let donors
donate in memory of/in honor of. You can also personalize email notifications and tax receipts sent to donors.

Personalization features donorbox paypal
Custom email notifications donorbox paypal
Ask additional questions donorbox paypal
Ask donation designation donorbox paypal
Anonymous donation donorbox paypal

Donorbox Vs PayPal: quick customer support

Donorbox’s customer support team is quick to respond, available all 7 days of the week! You will receive
guidance and resolution of queries with fast turnaround times. We also have a comprehensive FAQ section for quick assistance.

At Donorbox, we believe in helping our users in every way possible. Find all the latest nonprofit resources
and helpful guides on our nonprofit blog.

Support features donorbox paypal
Customer service Capterra Rating
Capterra Rating
FAQ donorbox paypal
Nonprofit blog donorbox paypal

Customer reviews and testimonials

Peter Walle

In just under a year, we’ve added over 100 recurring donors to our network— a 20% increase. And in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was our most successful year of fundraising yet. Donorbox’s simple, easy to use integrations have played an undeniable role in driving this growth. Under the hood, Donorbox’s control panels give our team quick day to day insights on donor retention and campaign performance. The control panel also makes it easy for us to get our entire team involved with donor relationships.

Anna Sutton

Since implementing Donorbox, the number of monthly, recurring donors to Truthout has more than doubled currently, sustaining donations like these account for more than 20 percent of our annual budget.

Dr. Abraham George

Donorbox has allowed for greater visibility and opportunities to connect with new supporters, ultimately taking us one step closer towards reaching our annual fundraising goals.

Clint Smith

Donorbox has been instrumental in facilitating our online donations. With seamless integration into our website and easy to use features and functionality, we have been extremely pleased as an organization and would recommend Donorbox to any non profit organization looking to streamline campaign efforts.

Austin Meadows

Donorbox hit everything we were required in our fundraising software, plus your platform incorporated features we asked for in our early discussions. Now we are seeing everything we wanted and these modifications are more ice cream on the pie.


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