International Anti Poaching Foundation - USA

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      Your gift keeps IAPF rangers on patrol!

      Endangered wildlife is being poached in Africa. Would you like to help stop it? Great! Your partnership with the brave IAPF men and women on the frontlines ensures protection for these animals and their habitat.

      African wildlife will be safer because of you!

      Your contribution to IAPF will help to train, equip, and support the rangers who risk their lives every day to protect ecosystems in Africa.
      Thank you!

      International Anti Poaching Foundation Inc. (EIN 32-0408734) is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization focused on wildlife conservation. Your donation is tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes to the maximum extent allowed by law.

      Donor Wall (551)

      Drew Bassler | $103.83

      Thank you. Thank you for all you do. I’m seeing such horrible images of beautiful rhinos being murdered and I feel so helpless all the way over here in California. Keep up the good work and protect those beautiful creatures.

      kyle spaulding

      Keep up the fight. This is an example of the good left in humanity and a truly honorable conservation effort. I wholeheartedly believe that what you all are doing is of utmost importance. I will most definitely spread the word on what this organization accomplishes.

      Lee | $36.54

      Anonymous | $259.11

      I am sending this money over to Africa. You should do the same or I will be mad at ya. We must do all we can to save the animals. When there are no more left we will all become cannibals.

      Joani Trevino | $52.07

      Thank you for all your work to keep the animals safe and free.



      Maggie Kazel

      Thank you for your work!

      Anonymous | $259.11

      Akashinga forever! Protect Dumbo and Simba

      Johnny Brewer | $26.19

      Julie Sontag | $103.83

      I LOVE that Akashinga is made up of women & is vegan. Thank you for all you're doing!

      Margaret | $21.01/M

      Thank you for all you do. The Akashinga are amazing and have all my admiration.

      Lorri | $103.83

      Your BRAVERY gives me courage and hope! Thank you!

      Sylvia Fredricks | $103.83

      Alex M | $310.87

      BANDITS Bandanas | $192

      Anonymous | $21.01/M


      Amy King | $36.54

      Thank you for giving everything to save the wildlife.

      Trevor | $52.07

      Tejas Patel | $103.83

      Anonymous | $26.19

      Trevina | $155.59

      As we fight the Covid-19 virus, we need to remember that protecting the wildlife in Africa along with the community building work by IAPF are also important. Thank you for fighting for those who are voiceless.

      Anonymous | $26.19

      David Brunetti | $52.07

      Keep up the great work! Your bravery and commitment are amazing!

      Gavin | $103.83

      Nichelle | $310.87

      Thank you! This is for the Akashinga!

      kristian tuinzing | $36.54

      Thank you for your work

      Clyde | $52.07