How to Enable A Public Donor Wall For Your Donation Campaigns

Including a donor wall on your fundraising page is a great way to generate social proof and bring in more donations. Plus, it serves as an automatic acknowledgment for donors. Donorbox makes it super easy to add one to any donation or crowdfunding page and embed it in your website. Read on to learn how!

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How to Enable A Public Donor Wall For Your Donation Campaigns

Donorbox offers an exciting way to showcase your donor support – the donor wall. This easy-to-add feature can help you get more donations for your campaign while showing appreciation for those who have already given. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through enabling this handy feature on your Donorbox campaigns. We’ll also show you how easy it is to embed your donor wall in your website. 

What is a Donor Wall?

A donor wall is a list of your donor contributions and comments. It also works excellently as social proof. When your campaign visitors read donor comments and see their donations, they’ll be inspired and more confident about coming forward to support your organization.

Check out this example from the National Autism Association’s Donorbox crowdfunding campaign.  Here, donors can choose to share their name, donation amount, and a brief message describing why they’re supporting this campaign. 

Add a Donor Wall to Your Campaign

You can also add a donor wall to the bottom of your Donorbox donation page the way Kids for Peace did here – 

You can even embed the donor wall right in your website so donors don’t have to navigate away to see who has supported your latest campaign. 

Let’s take a look at how it’s done!

1. How to Enable a Donor Wall on Donorbox

Here are the steps to add a donor wall to your fundraising page hosted on Donorbox.

Step 1 – Log in to your Donorbox account

Log in to your organization’s Donorbox account to access your campaigns.

login to donorbox

If you’re new to Donorbox and have yet to create a fundraising campaign, we have a guide to help you get started right away. Here’s a YouTube visual guide to walk you through the four simple steps of fundraising with Donorbox. Start with signing up here.

Step 2 – Select a campaign

Now, on the Donorbox dashboard, select the campaign for which you want to enable a donor wall.

Click the “Edit Campaign” button to customize the campaign.

This action will take you to the campaign dashboard. From there, click “Edit Page” on the “Donation Page” box.

Step 3 – Enable the donor wall

Once editing the donation page, scroll down in the menu on the left side of your screen to the Donor Wall box. Check the box to enable your donor wall and click “Update.”

You’re done! This process is the same for crowdfunding/fundraising pages, too. 

Your donation page will now include the option for donors to display their donations and comment on your public donor wall. 

Here’s how it looks on Man Down Cornwall’s Donorbox donation page –

Enable a Public Donor Wall

2. How to Embed the Donor Wall in Your Website

Your organization might want to showcase the donor wall on various parts of your website. That’s why we made the donor wall embeddable.

Step 1 – Copy the embed code from Donorbox

To do this, go to your Donorbox dashboard and select the campaign for which you’ve just enabled the donor wall. Click “Go to Launchpad.”

Once on the Campaign Launchpad screen, click “Donor Wall.” Here you’ll find the code you need to embed your donor wall in your website. You can also embed your goal meter, donation form, pop-up donation form, donation button, and fundraising/crowdfunding page! 

Step 2 – Paste the code into your website

Now go to your website editor and paste this embed code. This will add the Donorbox donor wall to your website, wherever you want!

Over to You

Modern online fundraising requires you to take some smart steps to build donor trust and get more donations. A donor wall is one such step that helps easily acknowledge your supporters. 

Donorbox is here to help make a digital donor wall even simpler for your nonprofit! All it takes is checking a checkbox on Donorbox, copying the embed code, and then pasting it into your website.

We also have a guide to building a physical donor wall at your location to inspire in-person visitors to give. We walk through everything you need to know, including why it is crucial for your fundraising, what steps to take, donor wall ideas, and more.

Find out more about Donorbox’s powerful fundraising and donor management features. If you’re looking to amp up your fundraising efforts, explore Donorbox Premium.

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