Improve Your Donation Page Conversion Rates With These Easy Tips

To successfully drive online donations, your online donation page is essential. Without a good donation page, your chances of raising funds online are slim. There are many reasons why visitors don’t end up donating. Luckily, there are ways to increase your donation page’s conversion rates. Below, we detail ways to turn your supporters and website visitors into donors.

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Improve Your Donation Page Conversion Rates With These Easy Tips

Your donation page is getting traffic from those interested in your mission. This is fantastic news! Only…you aren’t seeing an increase in donations.

If you’re in this boat, you’re not alone! Perfecting your donation page to bring in more donations will help you convert more of those visitors into donors. Your donation page conversion rate refers to how many people who visit your donation page actually make a gift. Boosting this rate is crucial for increasing your fundraising!

In this article, we’ll look at five ways to increase your conversion rate and enjoy more donations for your cause. Let’s dive in!

5 Ways to Increase Your Donation Page Conversion Rate

1. Make It Easy to Donate

This may seem obvious, but you’ll never increase your conversion rate if your donation page doesn’t make it easy to give. What this comes down to is how your page is laid out – and how smooth your donation checkout process is.

Your donation form should also be designed to drive conversions. Donorbox’s muti-step donation form boasts an average conversion rate of 22.6%! This is several points higher than the industry standard of 17%.

Donorbox makes the donation process smooth and painless for your donors, resulting in more donations. The multi-step approach keeps donors from feeling bogged down with choices and information. Plus, UltraSwift™ Pay makes checkout 4x faster than competing donation forms by allowing donors to use their preferred digital wallet (like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal). This allows them to skip the step of typing in their personal and payment information.

Check out how easy it is on this donation page. All donors have to do is select their donation amount and interval on the first screen, and then on the next screen they’ll see the available payment options.

Screenshot of an organization's Donorbox donation page with UltraSwift™ Pay enabled to boost their conversion rates.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

2. Keep Your Content Brief

If you have a novel on your donation page, your donors may get bogged down in the details and skip out on completing their donation.

Refrain from adding any unnecessary information to your donation page. You should explain your purpose and anything urgent about this campaign in particular. Use compelling images and videos to get your point across without too much text! Avoid restating things that someone visiting your donation page may already know, like your mission.

Instead, demonstrate the impact donations have on your mission. Donorbox makes this easy by allowing you to add impact descriptions for each donation amount on your donation form. Plus, Pro and Premium users can add additional images to each donation amount, along with a header image and trust badge image, to further illustrate this impact.

Screenshot showing a donation form with images for each ask amount.

Conveying the crucial info quickly will keep donors from navigating away from your page before completing their gift.

3. Let Them Know It’s Tax Deductible

If you’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donors are eligible to deduct their donations from their taxes. This is a big perk – and one that you should remind your donors of on your donation page!

You can do this by simply sharing your tax-deductible status under your donation form, the way Pretty Horses Rescue did on their donation page.

Screenshot showing how this organization included their tax-deductible status below their donation form to improve their conversion rates.

Adding your EIN is another great way to build donor trust, resulting in more donations. Donorbox makes it easy to edit this text so you can reassure your donors that their gifts do have tax benefits – along with all the other great reasons to give to your cause!

4. Brand Your Donation Page

Increasing your donation page conversion rate can be as simple as making your donation page – and form – match your branding. A brand-aligned donation form inspires confidence in donors since they can clearly see that your form is connected to your organization. This can result in 38% larger donations!

Donorbox offers tons of customization options so your donation form speaks to the look and feel of your organization. This includes the following options:

  • Choosing a primary and secondary color for your form
  • Customizing the roundness of your buttons
  • Uploading images to reflect your donation amounts, along with a header image and trust badge image (Pro and Premium only)
  • Adding a content panel to your pop-up donation form (Pro and Premium only)
  • Using a custom domain for your Donorbox-hosted donation pages

And more! Check out all of your customization options in this blog.

NEEF made their donation form colors match their branding on their giving season campaign. We love how the images they include make their donation page pop – which is sure to boost their conversion rates!

Screenshot showing a donation page with a branded donation form to drive conversion rates.

Customize Your Donation Page

5. Optimize For Mobile

On average, people spend four hours a day on their smartphones. That means it’s likely that a large portion of your donation page traffic is coming from a smartphone – and to get more donations and increase your conversion rate, you need to ensure your donation page and form are optimized for mobile use.

This means no awkward screen sizing, easy reading for all mobile users, and most importantly, and easy way to checkout on mobile.

Donorbox’s pages and forms are mobile responsive, adjusting to perfectly fit the screens of any device. Plus, UltraSwift™ Pay makes mobile checkout a breeze by saving your donors from typing in their credit card numbers if they have a preferred digital wallet to use instead.

Additional Tips to Drive Donation Page Traffic

You can’t increase your donation page conversion rates if you aren’t getting traffic! Here are some tips to drive more people to your page.

1. Don’t Hide It

Your donation page should be easy to find from anywhere on your website. Whether your supporter is reading a moving blog post on your website or watching a compelling video – make it easy for them to get to your donation page.

2. Make Your Donation Button Prominent

Your donation button should be easy to see and find on every page of your website. Try turning it into a Sticky Donate Button that anchors to the side of the page as someone scrolls through your website so they are always just one click away! Plus, Donorbox’s Sticky Donate Button employs a subtle animation to draw attention.

Screenshot of the Chispa Project's website showcasing their Sticky Donate Button.

Build A Sticky Donate Button

3. Share Your Page

It may seem obvious, but if you’re only linking to your website homepage on your social media posts, you’re missing out on an opportunity to drive more traffic to your donation page!

Share links to your donation page far and wide – through email, social media posts and bios, and even in person with QR codes.

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A Final Note

Ultimately, what’s more important than your donation page conversion rate is getting your organization the funding it needs to continue its important work. These tips will help you drive up those conversion rates, therefore bringing more funding and awareness to your mission.

Donorbox has helped more than 80,000 organizations raise over $2 billion with effective, donor-friendly fundraising tools. Our donation forms convert over one out of every five visitors into donors. Learn more about all of our fundraising features and sign up today!

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