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Having faith in a higher power is what gives hope to billions of people. Donorbox understands the difference your faith-based organization makes in the world. But, your work relies on donations. That’s why our donation forms are the best fundraising solution for you. Donorbox has made the entire donation process safe, secure and uncomplicated for you and your donors.

Why do faith-based organizations love Donorbox?

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Donorbox’s Features Will Raise More Money

We’ve developed Donorbox with faith-based organizations like yours in mind. Organising and running fundraisers can be hard work. Here’s how Donorbox can help you collect the donations you need:

Outreach Programmes

Outreach programmes are the most effective and rewarding way to help those in need. Taking your message of faith out into the world can become expensive but Donorbox can help. Our donation forms support corporate sponsorships. This is a great way to get businesses on board and quickly raise funds.

Buildings and Renovations

Maybe you need a new wing to your training centre. Perhap your auditorium is in dire need of renovations. Use Donorbox’s Goal Meter to show a visual indication of your efforts so far. It will keep everyone focussed and motivated to meet the target. Seeing the actual fundraising progress fosters a sense of partnership with donors.

Educational Classes

If your organization runs any kind of training programme or classes, this will undoubtedly incur running costs that need to be covered. We can help with that. Donorbox forms make recurring donations easy to set up. It just take a single click to enable and there’s no extra steps to complete. The donations are processed automatically, with no action needed from you or your donors.

Recruit Volunteers

An organization can always use a volunteer’s help. Use our social media connections to raise awareness and attract volunteers to your organization. Share your Donorbox campaign across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also add custom questions to ask if the donor would like to volunteer. A donor already cares about your organization and will be more likely to donate their time too.

Public Events and Activities

When your organization plans a social event, we all want it to be a success. This can be quite stressful but Donorbox will help take care of the fundraising side of it. Our payment gateways, Stripe and PayPal, are widely supported across several countries. More donors from more places will find it easier to contribute.

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