How to Add a Donate Button on Weebly to Accept Recurring Donations

Adding a donate button or embedding a donation form on your Weebly website is an extremely easy and seamless process. Donorbox’s responsive and smart donation form gives your supporters a fast online donation experience. It’s also easy to integrate and optimize for donor conversions. Check out just how easy it is to get started with Donorbox in minutes!

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How to Add a Donate Button on Weebly to Accept Recurring Donations

weebly donate button

Accepting monthly donations on your Weebly site has never been easier with Donorbox. Using Donorbox’s auto-generated code, you can embed a form or install a donate button on your web page.

If your website does not support SSL, our donate button is a great solution. The Donorbox donate button will take donors to an SSL-secured donation page that’s hosted for free on our secure servers.

Here’s how to install an attractive donate button.

weebly donation button

Weebly Donate Button Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video tutorial or are having a hard time embedding the Weebly donate button, here you go.

Installing a Donorbox Donate Button on your Weebly website

Step 1

Go to your Campaigns page and find the campaign you wish to embed on your site. Click the “<> Embed Codes” button.

Note: If you don’t have a Donorbox account, please create a Donorbox account for free. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a donation form.

donate button

Step 2

Select the “Donate Button” tab where you can see two types of buttons: a CSS button and a PNG button.

Next, customize the size and color of the Donorbox donate button until it suits your website. Then, copy the button code you wish to add to your Weebly website.

donate button

Step 3

Now, head over to your Weebly site. On the left side of the screen, there is a bar that says “Basic.” Scroll down until you find the “Embed Code” icon.
how to install donation button on weebly

Click and drag the embed code icon to the location of your choice on the page.donation button on weebly

Step 4

Now click on the embed code icon and you will see a pop-up that says “Custom HTML.” Click on “Edit Custom HTML.” Paste the code that you copied earlier. Once your code is pasted, the Donorbox donate button should appear.

donate button on weebly

Step 5

Publish your page by hitting the blue “Publish” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Now you’re ready for donations!
Accept donations on weebly

When a donor clicks on the donate button, they will be taken to your Donorbox-hosted donation page, like the one shown below. Another benefit of Donorbox is that you can track donations and donors can easily and securely make one-time or recurring donations. All you have to do is get ready to receive donations!

donations on weebly

Installing a custom donate button on your Weebly website

You don’t have to use the Donorbox button to use our awesome donation forms. You are free to use any button image you want. Follow the below steps to add a custom donate button.

Step 1

First, save the desired image of the button. Or you can copy the URL of the image you wish to use. Then, locate the “image” icon of the left side of the page. Click and drag the image icon to your desired location on the page.
donate button on weebly

Step 2

Click on the image icon, and upload the image of your custom donate button or paste the link of the image. Once you’ve done this, click on the new image and you’ll see a pop-up that looks like this:
donations on weebly

Step 3

Click on “Link”, then click on “Website URL”.

Copy and paste the link to your Donorbox-hosted campaign, which can be found in the Donorbox campaigns page as shown below.

And now you have a custom donate button that takes donors to your very own secure donation page!

Hit “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner to finish and publish these changes.donations on weebly

Installing Donation Form Directly on Website

You have the option of embedding the full Donorbox donation form directly on your website, instead of a Donate button. In this case, your website visitors will see the form directly. Some nonprofits opt for both the options, depending on their website design- adding the donate button wherever needed, while also keeping the embedded donation form on their homepage or donation page. It can be customized to fit into any web page. Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

And, Visit our Nonprofit Blog for nonprofit tips and resources.

Happy Fundraising!

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