Top 7 Nonprofit Membership Software Options in 2024 and Beyond

Nonprofit membership software will help you easily and efficiently get started with your membership program to attain long-term supporters for your organization. Our list of seven software options, along with a dedicated section to help you make the right choice, will make it easy on your part. Read on!

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Top 7 Nonprofit Membership Software Options in 2024 and Beyond

Many nonprofits rely solely on membership fees to fund their efforts. Running a membership program is an in-depth process made easier with the right tools. Finding the right software can mean the difference between survival and failure for organizations like these.

Membership management software for nonprofits can help recruit new members, collect necessary contact information, and market to specific member groups. Quality membership software also allows members to interact with your nonprofit. In this article, we have listed 7 best nonprofit membership management software tools that stand out in what they have to offer.

Top 7 Nonprofit Membership Software

There are thousands of membership software for nonprofits. Below are a few that stand out because of their services, cost, and custom options for specific nonprofit types.

  1. Donorbox
  2. Member Planet
  3. Church Community Builder
  4. Omni Magnet
  5. Wild Apricot
  6. NeonCRM
  7. Salsa

1. Donorbox

Donorbox Memberships helps nonprofits create membership campaigns and collect monthly and annual membership fees through different membership levels or tiers. The membership form is easy to customize and embed on a website with simple copy-paste code. And if member management is on your mind, Donorbox makes that simple, too!

Nonprofits can either choose to use the membership form on their website or customize and use the Donorbox-hosted membership page. This page can be given a branded look by adding your logo, changing colors, adding campaign details, membership level descriptions, a background image, other images/videos, and more. Here’s an example  –

membership management software for nonprofits

Get Started With Donorbox Memberships

Features of Donorbox Memberships include –

  • Customizable membership form and page.
  • The membership form is embeddable on nonprofit websites.
  • Unlimited and fully-customizable membership tiers.
  • Monthly and annual membership intervals.
  • Ability to accept a custom amount and tie the member with the closest tier.
  • The easy checking of members’ membership tiers on their profiles.
  • Ability to segment member records based on membership campaigns and tiers, and manage payments data on the tool.
  • Members’ ability to manage their membership plans on Donorbox – upgrade or cancel anytime.

Want to get started? Know the 6 simple steps of creating a membership campaign on Donorbox in this guide. Here’s a live demo of the Memberships feature to help you create your first membership campaign easily.


You can sign up for free and get started with creating and running your membership campaign.

There’s a nominal 2.95% platform fee, plus payment processing fees of Stripe or PayPal (2.2% +30c). Learn more about our pricing here.

2. Member Planet

Member Planet is one of the affordable membership management software options for nonprofits. It offers nonprofits customizable forms that include unlimited custom fields to create different membership levels and collect needed member information. Donors can join online via email or with a link on the nonprofits’ website. Once they have become a member, individuals can update their own data, privacy settings, and membership information and make payments online.

Nonprofits can also raise funds with the company’s event registration tool, create customized event microsites to host information, collect event RSVPs, and sell tickets online.


The pricing for this membership software for nonprofits depends on the size of the organization and the options needed. Member Planet’s Basic Plan has no monthly fee but includes 4% platform and 3% + $0.30 processing fees with each donation.

There are pro plans as well, starting at $50 a month plus a 2% platform and 3% + $0.30 processing fee. As you choose higher plans, the monthly fee tends to increase but the platform fee gets reduced.

3. Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder software was created specifically for churches and their unique membership needs. With their membership management database, churches can store all the information they can gather on their church members and connections with other members.

Church Community nonprofit membership software

This online tool also allows churches to collect online offerings and tithes through text giving and online donation forms with PushPay. Churches can also use Church Community Builder to live-stream church services, which has become a popular option during the pandemic.


Church Community Builder packages are broken down into 3 sections – core, advanced, and complete. The number of available options goes up as you move from core to complete. But this membership management software website does not include prices for these plans but include a link to receive a quote.

4. OmniMagnet

OmniMagnet focuses its membership software on educational facilities. This membership management software for nonprofits allows them to create and manage unlimited gift campaigns and alumni membership tracking. Members receive automatic renewal notices and can update their own profiles after receiving sign-up and password information.

Nonprofits can create multi-level, multi-year memberships that offer multi-pricing options. This is a unique and helpful tool when recruiting alumni. Educational organizations that use OmniMagnet’s database service include up-to-date tracking and automatic scans to delete any duplicates. This tool also seamlessly integrates with event registration software to collect donor information when necessary.


Pricing for this software is not listed on the website, but you can contact them for a quote.

5. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is not targeted to a specific type of nonprofit, but its services and prices were clearly created for larger organizations. Their nonprofit membership management software allows you to import your entire database. This is a big perk for organizations with database numbers in the thousands.

Wild Apricot membership management software for nonprofits

Other options for nonprofits are not unique but still benefit organizations of all sizes. These services include:

  • Members-only pages
  • Email management
  • Event management, including online ticket sales, waitlists, and guest registrations

This membership software for nonprofits lets its users seamlessly integrate with any WordPress website and accept online donations or purchases to an online store. Nonprofits can also use membership and admin apps of Wild Apricot to encourage more member activity and donations.


This nonprofit membership management software has different pricing for regular organizations and multi-chapter nonprofits. Their starting plan is free and allows nonprofits to collect and store information on up to 50 contacts. Plans and prices increase until nonprofits reach the Global Plan at $720 a month which allows them to collect information on up to 50,000 contacts. You also have the option to pre-pay for a year or two and save 10/15% of the cost.

Multi-chapter nonprofits are asked to contact the sales department for a quote based on their membership needs.

6. NeonCRM

NeonCRM is another membership management software targeting larger nonprofits. Their membership database includes a dashboard to track all members in one place, customizable fields added to nonprofits’ website forms, and the ability to segment members. The forms seamlessly connect with your website and database to ensure smooth data collection.

Once a member joins your organization, they can control their log-in portal and gain access to their membership information status, a custom member directory, and exclusive content. Nonprofits can set reminders and add notes to member accounts to track the organization’s moves management efforts.


This nonprofit membership management software segments its price plans according to workflows, benefiting larger organizations with an already segmented donor or membership database. The lowest-cost plan starts at $99 while going up to $299 for the highest one.

With NeonCRM, nonprofits can purchase the option to convert all member and donor database information to their company for an additional $600. They also offer an extra four hours of training and consulting for $600.

7. Salsa

Salsa is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows nonprofits to track member gifts and actions. Their unlimited custom form fields, activity timelines, and automated “next suggested gift” calculations help nonprofits monitor and encourage more gifts from members.

Salsa nonprofit recurring membership management software

Salsa’s peer-to-peer campaign team pages, email marketing, and social media tools allow nonprofits to solicit more members and increase engagement.

Salsa stands out from others on this list because of its advocacy tools. This membership management software allows nonprofits to create online petitions and link updated federal, state, and local legislative contacts to their online campaigns with little extra effort.


Nonprofits must contact Salsa for customized pricing based on their needs.

Choosing the Right Membership Software

Membership dues are the primary funding source for many nonprofits. This reliance on membership means nonprofits must have the best online tools to manage, recruit, and fundraise. Here are a few essential features for choosing the right nonprofit membership software.

1. Customizable forms

The best membership management software for nonprofits should let them create customized, mobile-friendly membership forms and add fields to ask required questions. Also, you should be able to add membership levels to the form. That is to tie each member with a level, let them know the associated impact, and offer benefits accordingly.

Donorbox enables you to fully customize your membership forms and tiers. You can add unlimited tiers and associate membership level names with them. The membership page hosted on Donorbox gives you ample space to explain these levels and their benefits for your potential members. You also get to ask for custom membership payments which will make your membership campaign flexible enough for all. These custom payment amounts will be tied with the one just below the next higher tier. For example, in the case of the below membership form, if someone pays $200, this member will be tied with $100 tier.

Customizable forms at Donorbox software

Get Started With Donorbox

Donorbox also lets nonprofits embed these customized forms into their websites. If you have a membership page on your website, just copy and paste the membership form code from Donorbox into your website editor – and that’s it! Alternatively, you also have the option to use the Donorbox-hosted membership page.

2. Automatic gift receipt

Your member management software should send an automatic gift receipt with each membership payment. The receipt should be as informative as possible, meeting their tax needs. This way, you get to retain them for a long time.

3. Member records and membership payment management

You must manage all your members effectively in one place while also giving them a dedicated portal to manage their own memberships. The right nonprofit membership management software should offer you these options.

Donorbox lets your members have an account to manage their memberships. They will be able to upgrade or cancel their membership plan anytime from their accounts. And on the backend, you can easily check their membership data and payment information.

It’s simple to segment members’ data on Donorbox with filters such as membership campaigns, membership tiers, and more. You can export this data for reporting purpose and other significant use.

Start a Membership Campaign

4. Fundraising and integrations

In addition to membership fees, nonprofits should be able to create online donation forms and crowdfunding campaigns, have event management and peer-to-peer fundraising. These options allow nonprofits to limit their reliance on membership fees and help encourage members to take on a larger role in fundraising.

Donorbox offers all these fundraising options (and more!) as well as an effective donor management feature. As mentioned before, you can sign up for free and start using all these powerful features at the lowest fee available in the market. And of course, our seamless integrations with Mailchimp, Zapier, Double the Donation, website builders, Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud RE NXT, HubSpot, etc. will only elevate your fundraising efforts.

Find out more about our integrations here.


Assata’s Daughters is a black women-led nonprofit organization that educates young black people in Chicago through various programs and activities. They have created this membership program page on their own website with 3 customized membership level buttons and a Donorbox popup form for each to facilitate the process.

It’s an innovative way of using the simple donation forms of Donorbox and leverage their strength in creating an efficient membership program.

The below screenshots show how it looks on the website page. Your visitors click on each option and see a popup form to sign up for the membership level. It’s a user-friendly form with a monthly recurring option. After completing the payment, members receive login details to log in to the donor portal. There they can manage their membership plans and make more donations if they want to. Also, they receive a receipt every time a payment is made – it’s automatic!

Sustainer levels at donorbox nonprofit management software

Custom amount option at Donorbox membership software

Sign Up For Free

This example proves that when you choose software that offers numerous effective tools in addition to what you’re specifically looking for, you let doors open for growth and success.

Final Thoughts

A membership campaign enables you to rely on a steady stream of income from your ardent supporters in exchange for perks and benefits. And hence, nonprofit membership software or member management software is an essential tool regardless of your organization’s size. Find different ways to attract more members to your organization. Try to learn what they’d want from you in return. Make strategic levels that target all types of potential members and be sure to welcome them with gratitude and appreciation. We have articles and guides for running an efficient nonprofit membership program.

To find other insightful blogs and resources, check out our Nonprofit Blog and sign-up for our newsletter.

Donorbox has a plethora of robust and simple-to-use tools including Recurring Donations, Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer, Text-to-Give, Donor Management, Events, QuickDonate, and more. Visit our website to learn more about these features. You can also opt for a customized success package that comprises expert coaching, premium tools, an account ambassador, and priority support. Check out Donorbox Premium for more.

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