Navigating the Donorbox Donor Profile

Ready to learn how to get the most out of Donorbox's robust donor profiles feature? Add detailed information about your donors, look at their giving history, record incoming and outgoing communication, and more. In this article, we'll show you how to navigate these features to build stronger – and lasting – relationships with your donors.

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Navigating the Donorbox Donor Profile

Are you a Donorbox user? Whether you are a nonprofit using Donorbox to fundraise for your mission, or a donor supporting a nonprofit using Donorbox, this article is for you!

From viewing giving history to editing contact information, and so much more, there is a lot you can accomplish within Donorbox’s donor profiles.

What is a Donor Profile?

Donor profiles compile all of the information about a supporter into one place, including contact information, giving history, and beyond.

With Donorbox, organizations can use donor profiles to see the communications and donation history of each of their supporters, plus view or change donor details. This is a great way to build stronger relationships with your donors through targeted outreach and data management.

How to Use The Donorbox Donor Profile – for Organizations

1. Access your account

To log in to your Donorbox dashboard as an organization, go here and type in your username and password.

2. Supporter overview

Once you log in, head to the left-hand sidebar and select ‘Supporters.’ Here, you’ll see a full list of your donors, as well as helpful data points.

You can see quick overall stats as well as additional details for each gift. You can also search for a specific supporter, export information, and filter the data as needed.

Donorbox donor profile supporter section

3. Individual donor profile

To open an individual donor profile, click on either the first or last name of the supporter you wish to view.

Within the profile, you can see and edit information and notes for each donor. You can also view their giving and ticket-buying history, as well as recurring donation plans.

You also have the ability to merge records of duplicate donors in the ‘Merged Records’ tab, as well as view any changes you or the supporter have made to their profile in the ‘Change Logs’ tab. And you can block a donor in the ‘Security’ tab.

Donorbox donor profile

4. Updating basic information and notes

To change the information listed in the donor’s ‘Basic Info’, click the ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Basic Info’ section. Some of this information, including nickname, education, and religion, can also be found in the ‘Personal’ tab below. You can click ‘Edit’ and add details or update anything you like.

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

Immediately below the ‘Basic Info’ section is ‘Supporter Notes’ – this is where you can keep track of any additional donor information, such as family members and interests.

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

Pro tip: Keeping track of supporter notes and referencing them before having a conversation with your donor can show how much you care about their support and help you form a better long-term connection.

5. Viewing and adding donations

In the ‘Donations’ tab, find all of the details of each gift the supporter has ever made to your organization. This includes the date and time, the campaign, the donation type, the payment method, and the amount.

In this tab, you can also add an offline donation to this donor’s profile. Click the orange ‘+ Add donation’ button and follow the steps!

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

6. Viewing recurring plans

Click on the ‘Recurring Plans’ tab and you can see additional details for each of the selected donor’s recurring donations for your organization, including when each recurring plan started, if the plan is active, the type of recurring gift (weekly, monthly, etc.), the amount, and more.

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

7. Using communications

The ‘Communications’ tab enables you to track all contact with your donors across your organization.

To add a new communication, simply click on the ‘Communications’ tab and fill out the information fields provided. You can select the direction of the communication – whether it was inbound, outbound, or a general note – as well as the channel (Facebook, email, phone call, text, letter, etc.).

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

8. Donor moments

Speaking of communication – another tool Donorbox offers our organizations is Moments. To use it, go to the left-hand sidebar and select ‘Moments’.

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

Here, you can track the times when donor engagement is critical. You’ll not only find the date and donor name associated with the moment but also a countdown before the moment passes. You can contact the donor to act on this moment, record the communication on the ‘Communications’ tab, or remove the moment from this page.

There are four types of moments available – filter them in the drop-down menu labeled ‘All Types.’ They include: Recurring Canceled, First Year Anniversary, First One-Time Donation, and Plan Amount Increased.

Donorbox donor profile for organizations

Pro tip: New to Donorbox or just need a refresher? Watch one of our on-demand demos to learn more about navigating donor profiles and Moments, as well as our other innovative tools and add-ons.

Over to You

Now you know how to navigate Donorbox donor profiles to boost your relationships and streamline your team’s workflow!

New to Donorbox? It’s free to join! That’s right – we don’t charge any contract or set-up fees. The platform fee starts at 1.75% and there’s an additional payment processing fee per donation. However, you can easily reduce this fee to a flat rate of 1.5% when you upgrade to our Pro and Premium plans.

Register your organization today to get started!

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