New Feature Updates | Improved Communication Records, Moments Filters, New Donor Filters, New Donor Profile and Portal

New Feature Updates | Improved Communication Records, Moments Filters, New Donor Filters, New Donor Profile and Portal


This year, we worked on the feedback we gathered from our users in 2020 and executed some of our most requested features. We are dedicated to improving your fundraising experience with Donorbox and bringing an easy donation process for your donors.

We added some new functionalities to our existing features announced in our last product feature release. With this release, we have improved some of our donor management features like donor filters, communication records, moments and added new functionalities to the donor portal – to help you manage your donors better and offer your donors an easier donation experience on Donorbox.

So let’s get started!

    1. Improved Communication Records.
    2. Moments Filters and Auto timeouts.
    3. New Donor Profile
    4. New Filter Capabilities.
    5. New Donor Portal.

1. Improved Communication Records

We appreciate the fact that recording your communications with donors efficiently is important.

The communication records feature enables you to record and save important interactions with your donors within donor profiles.

This is designed to help you manage your donors better, highlighting key information for specific donors for your internal purposes. The feature helps you track your donor interactions, maintain strong and lasting relationships with your donors and improve fundraising opportunities.

We have redesigned the entire user experience to serve your needs better.

Every communication channel and direction now has an icon that helps you in understanding the type of communication – inbound, outbound, or internal note and the medium of communication – email, SMS, Facebook, Meeting, etc, at a quick glance.

Your old communication records have been ported into the redesigned version for you already.

The navigation and placement of communication records have not changed so you can still access them through the donor profile in Donorbox.

Take a look at our feature release guide for communication records. Not only can you record a communication now but can also sort it by direction, channel and notes, and date.

2. Moments Filters and Auto timeouts

Moments are triggered notifications created upon the below-mentioned donor activities/events:

  • First Year Anniversary
  • Cancel Recurring Donation
  • First Time Donation
  • Changed recurring donation to a higher amount than before

Moments allows you to be informed about key donor events so you can amp up donor engagement, send personalized updates, and communicate more effectively with your donors.

With the new update, we’ve made sure that you are only shown the most recent and hence relevant moments.

If a moment has not been actioned upon then it is automatically retired 7 days after it was created because it becomes redundant. This also ensures that your moments list does not grow overwhelmingly large and stays manageable. The number of days left till the expiry of a moment is also shown on the moments page next to each moment.

You can now also filter moments based on the number of days remaining and the type of moments. This gives you the capability to act on the oldest moments first which you might have missed initially and gives you a drilled-down view of tasks that you need to complete and keeps your work tray manageable.

In addition to this you can also sort out moments based on the following columns:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Moments to Contact

3. New Donor Profile

We’ve added new information fields to donor profiles. These include a salutation, education, birth date, religion, occupation & employer.

These fields are available to add to donors’ information right now, by selecting the “Personal” section of the profile.

When building donor relationships, it’s important to truly know “who” your donor is, their interests, their background – so you can provide them with personalized service and increase your chances of securing the next donation.

When entering the birthdate of the donor, you will be able to see the current age of your donor in the donor profile page, too.

You can also add alternative email addresses to your donors, for those who have more than one address.

4. Enhanced Filters For APIs

We have added additional filter capabilities to the Donorbox APIs which would allow you to retrieve data from our different APIs which include the Donor, Donation, Campaign, and Plans API in a manner that suits your needs.

In our last feature updates, we introduced new donor filters, you can sort donor lists by location, donation amounts, frequency, donation plan, and the number of donations. Now we have added newer filters that would be helpful in creating custom integrations that require a polling-based system to fetch data that arrived in a certain time period.

The new API filters include the following:

Now you can filter donations by:

  • Donor email
  • Donorbox donation Id
  • Donorbox donor Id
  • Donor first name
  • Donor last name
  • Campaign name
  • Start date
  • End date

Donors can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • Donor first name
  • Donor last name
  • Donor FullName
  • Donor email
  • Donor id

Campaigns can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • Campaign id
  • Campaign name

Plans can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • Campaign name
  • Donor email
  • Donorbox donor Id
  • Donor first name
  • Donor last name
  • Donor FullName

The usage details of the filters can be found over here

All these new filters can be used in conjunction with each other too so that gives you a lot of flexibility to slice your data into different dimensions. It is important to note here that these new filters won’t affect your present API integrations in any way.

5. New Donor Portal

The new Donor Portal is an effort to improve the experience of our donors, specifically those who support organizations through recurring donations.

We took time to understand the uses of the donor portal and enhance the existing functionality, as well as adding new features that provide more support to our donors. The main focus was to ensure that recurring donors have easy access to all of their plans and donations, whether at home or on the go.

The features include:

  • Ability to view one-time donations in addition to recurring donations
  • Filter campaigns based on which organization the donor has donated to if they have donated to more than one organization
  • Improvements to mobile responsiveness and experience
  • Easier and more fluid navigation so that it’s even easier to view and adjust recurring plans

Additionally, the new donor portal will provide a basis for upcoming features that will allow donors to engage with their favorite causes to an even greater extent.


We hope our new features add value to fundraising and donor management efforts. Stay tuned for more feature updates and visit our nonprofit blog to find our latest nonprofit tips and resources.

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