Linktree for Charities | How Does it Work for Nonprofits?

Linktree for Charities | How Does it Work for Nonprofits?

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linktree for charities

Social media has become an essential tool for nonprofits to spread the word about their organization and share their mission with a larger audience. While the benefits of using social media are well-known, there are some issues that limit their appeal. The founders of Linktree noticed the trouble with social media accounts like Instagram and decided to create their own tool to fix the problem.

Many social media accounts only offer one link in your bio, and that places limits on the story your organization can tell and how much of an impact you may really have. With tools like Linktree, nonprofits can add several links to the same place and share exactly what they want with this new group of people. Nonprofits can benefit from Linktree in a few ways. This article will give readers a better idea of what Linktree provides, how nonprofits can benefit, and other tools that may offer the same advantages.

  1. What is Linktree?
  2. How Can Nonprofits Benefit?
  3. What Are The Alternates?

What is Linktree?

linktree for charities

Linktree was created by two brothers in 2016 to decrease the time it takes to enter the same information again and again. These brothers were tired of adding the same links to each post they added to their social media page. Thanks to their frustration, Linktree now allows companies, nonprofits, and individuals to share numerous links on their social media accounts with one click.

In exchange for a monthly fee, companies create a landing page on Linktree with a link that can be added to all social media accounts. Members of Linktree can update their landing page to match their company’s branding, highlight the links they want to draw attention to, and schedule new links.

Free membership with Linktree gives companies and nonprofits the ability to add unlimited links and embed videos into their landing page and collect payments online. Businesses can also customize their landing page with built-in themes and track the number of views and clicks they receive. Linktree also provides a PRO plan for six dollars a month. This membership gives companies and nonprofits”

  • Customizable landing pages,
  • The option to schedule when links go live and off,
  • The ability to collect emails and phone numbers from donors.

Linktree for Charities: How can You Benefit?

linktree for non-profits

Since many nonprofits have become reliant on social media, it is vital that organizations use social media to its greatest benefit. Many social media accounts allow only one link, and most nonprofits will link to their home page or donation page.

Unfortunately, that link does not always tell the story of the organization. The people who click on your link do not see what they want right away and may never return. Instead of sending people to one page, Linktree gives them multiple link options to decide where they’ll go.

Let us have a look at the benefits of using Linktree for nonprofits –

1. Multiple links

Linktree allows nonprofits to share all the links they want on one page. These links can include a donation page, a home page, a program page, important social media posts, and even outside articles written about the organization. These links give visitors a better idea of the nonprofit’s story, activities, and goals.

2. Free membership for 501c3 nonprofits

In addition to allowing nonprofits to link more to their social media accounts, Linktree offers their PRO membership for free to all 501c3 nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits must first create a Linktree account and then apply for the nonprofit grant. Organizations will need proof of nonprofit status with their application.

The free option gives nonprofits few reasons not to try out Linktree. The reality is this tool is excellent for social media accounts where you can only share one link, like Instagram. These social media sites only allow nonprofits to add one link to their bio, but it may be difficult to determine which one is best for that market.

Sure, you want to link people to your website, but which landing page? With Linktree, you can share links that will help draw attention to what you want people to notice.

This is especially true when a nonprofit has several accounts where people can donate online. Many nonprofits have started crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. These campaigns are a way to encourage donors to participate in the nonprofit’s fundraising goals.

These pages also have the added benefit of reaching a large number of people who would not have heard about the organization otherwise.

Nonprofits may also need to sign up for additional online donation processors to run these campaigns. If an organization collects funds for different programs or populations using their other online collection tools, Linktree letsv them share all links to these fundraisers on their social media accounts.

Example: The Jamettes celebrates female musicians through ages. They keep running various programs and events to raise funds for local nonprofits like WeHelp NOLA and more. Have a look at their Linktree page comprising numerous donation page links to help their followers reach the one they want to. It’s simple, includes their logo, and all the links to their donation pages.

linktree for non-profits

3. Collect online donations

Speaking of online donations, Linktree also allows nonprofits to collect donations with their Support Me link. Once the organization has an account, it must choose either PayPal or Square as a payment provider. Then they can add the link.

Linktree gives nonprofits the chance to customize their amounts and include an option for donors to choose their own amount. Nonprofits can also add text for each amount to include descriptions of where the funds will go.

What Are the Alternates?

linktree alternative

Linktree is a great idea, but since visitors are sent to Linktree’s website instead of your own, it could encourage donors to visit other online sources instead of your website if you are not careful. Plus the traffic is after all going to Linktree, not your website or landing pages directly. Some of your followers may even lose interest right on the Linktree page and not consider visiting your links. In case you’re trying out the free plan, you have limited access to analytics. Plus, your nonprofit branding will be affected to a great extent. Instead, a website link of your own would go a long way.

Linktree allows nonprofits to add numerous links to social media without any extra effort. That’s true but if your organization is willing to take the time, you can do the same on your own website.

1. Create your own landing page

Nonprofits can create a landing page, just like Linktree, on their own website that shares the links they want to highlight, then link the page to Instagram and other social media accounts. It may take time, but there are several benefits to doing this on your own. First, the landing page on your own website will automatically match your organization’s branding, so there is no extra design work.

2. Collect donations on your website

Linktree has added the option to collect donations online using their website. But your website should have its own online donation processor. Online donations have become the desired way to give for many donors. Nonprofits that do not include online donation forms on their websites miss out on a lot!

Donorbox is a no-contract, affordable option for nonprofits. With our online donation processor, nonprofits can create their own donation pages hosted on Donorbox or add popup forms/embedded forms to their website. Here’s a great example of a nonprofit donation page on Donorbox –

linktree alternative

Nonprofits that use Donorbox can have Stripe or Paypal as their payment processor. The fees are similar, and with Donorbox, nonprofits can ask donors to cover the 2.2% + $0.30 processing fee and 1.5% platform fee from Donorbox.

The benefit of having an online donation button on your website does not stop with the first donation. With Donorbox, donors can schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual donations with little extra effort. Donorbox also doubles up as a donor management tool that lets nonprofits segment and manage donor data while letting donors have a profile of their own to manage their donation plans.

Final Thoughts

linktree alternative

Thanks to social media, nonprofits have gained more attention and raised money through their supporters’ connections. While social media is a necessary tool, there are still limitations to how it can be used and benefit organizations. Many social media accounts only allow one link in the bio section, limiting the options to tell a nonprofit’s story. Linktree and other similar businesses have stepped in and given companies and nonprofits better control over where visitors go. While these tools can be helpful, nonprofits may be better off creating a landing page on their own website to do the same.

Nonprofits can learn a lot from the businesses creating these social media tools. To read more about online fundraising tools and campaigns, visit our blog. Donorbox remains one of the most affordable options for nonprofits. Visit our website for a list of features.

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Kristine Ensor is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience working with local and international nonprofits. As a nonprofit professional she has specialized in fundraising, marketing, event planning, volunteer management, and board development.

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