How to Create a Nonprofit Event on Donorbox | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create a Nonprofit Event on Donorbox | A Step-by-Step Guide

events ticketing for nonprofit

Introducing Events (Beta).

Fundraising galas, auctions, or concerts — fundraising events are undoubtedly an essential part of your fundraising strategy. It gives you the opportunity to engage your audiences, bring attention to your cause and be able to collect donations from attendees.

Fundraising events are incredibly effective in helping raise awareness about your nonprofit’s cause and they require meticulous planning and execution. At Donorbox, we understand the efforts that go into running a successful fundraising event. Our new feature – Events – is designed specifically to help share that load, and make your life easy!

Events is a robust event ticketing solution for all types of nonprofit fundraising events – you can set it up in a few minutes quickly, create an unlimited number of ticket tiers, and add tax-deductible values on your ticket prices. You create a user-friendly event page within minutes and start selling tickets online! The feature allows you to create different event pages and customize them to detail.

To get started, you must sign up on Donorbox as an organization. If you already have an account, head straight to the Events section to get started! The Donorbox platform fee for event ticket sales is 2.95%.

Some of the salient features of Events are :

  • A quick-to-setup events dashboard,
  • Ability to create unlimited tax-deductible ticket tiers,
  • Option to collect useful information from purchasers.
  • Option to collect additional donations for your campaign.

Let’s see how you can create an event page on Donorbox in just a few simple steps.

  1. How Donorbox Events works
  2. 3 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Event page
  3. Managing Your “Events” Page on Donorbox
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Donorbox Events works.

events ticketing for nonprofit

Events (Beta) is free to start – no contracts or sign-up costs. There is a platform fee of 2.95%.

Note that you need to connect to the Stripe payment processor to start allowing ticket purchases on Donorbox.

Starting an event on Donorbox is very simple.

  • Sign up as an organization
  • Set up your event page with the event title, description, and ticket info.

Your event page can be used to sell tickets online, collect information from attendees such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Plus, offer the option to donate to your cause. Send out an automatic ticket receipt with the tax-deductible amount mentioned.

You can create an unlimited number of tickets as per your ticket pricing strategy. And can also determine its total price, and manually add the fair-market price, and tax-deductible values for each ticket type.

Ticket management has never been easier. Your organization can oversee your ticket revenue and manage registrations – allowing you to collect useful attendee information and analyze data based on the ticket types, amount, donations, and the number of tickets.

Check this short demo video for a glimpse at Donorbox Events.

3 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Event Page

nonprofit event registration

It takes just 3 simple steps for you to set up an event page and create tickets with Donorbox Events. Here you go –

  1. Add a new event page
  2. Set up your ticketing form
  3. Create the event

Step 1 – Add a new event page

If you haven’t already, sign up on Donorbox as an organization – this will only take a few minutes.

On your Donorbox dashboard, you will find the Events tab. Click on it and the Events section will open with the option to create a new event.

Clicking on the ‘+ New Event’  to set up your ticketing form.

nonprofit event registration

Step 2 – Set up your ticketing form

Now you can set up your event ticketing form. Add your event name, description of the ticket, and your preferred currency.

nonprofit event registration

Next, you can check the option to add the tax amounts to your ticket prices. You can manually enter the tax rate and the tax-deductible values will automatically reflect on your ticket prices.

Also, check the option to include sales tax in the price of the ticket.

Add the ticket name and its full price, and check the box to make this ticket price tax-deductible.

Click on the button “Add a ticket type” to create more ticket tiers.

fundraising event software

Add the option for purchasers to make a donation for your cause. This is an opportunity for them to give an additional donation to your cause while buying the tickets.

Next, you will see the option to collect additional information. This will be a text input from purchasers and you can ask for specific information from them or any preferences.

Step 3 – Collect additional information & Create the event

Once you’ve added all the details, click on ‘Create Event’ and your page is all set up!

fundraising event software

Your newly created event will appear on the events page on your dashboard.

nonprofit event software

This page will have a link (‘Event URL’) to your public event page that you can share with your supporters.

nonprofit event software

Here’s how your Event Page will look.

nonprofit event software

Managing Your Events on Donorbox

The “Events” section on your Donorbox dashboard will allow you to see a list of all your events, with the option to edit (click on the top-right icon to edit, as highlighted in the image below) and preview them individually.

The ‘Preview Event Page’ link takes you to the preview of your event page.

event ticketing nonprofits

You can also click on the event title, which leads you to the dedicated page for managing your event.

Get an overview of all the tickets sold. You can view it based on the transaction, the number of tickets sold, and if the purchasers also made an additional contribution to your cause while purchasing tickets.

event ticketing nonprofits

You can click on the purchaser ID to see all their information. This includes their event and ticket details, time of purchase, name, contact information, and any separate donation amount.

You will also have access to their receipt.

event ticketing nonprofits

Bonus Resource – A Donorbox Webinar to Walk You Through The Steps (+ More)

Watch Jimmy Wang, the Product Manager at Donorbox, and Jena Lynch, the Nonprofit Advocate, talk about Donorbox Events, give you a demo of the steps, and help you take your upcoming fundraising events to the next level.

In Conclusion

nonprofit event registration

Fundraising events are an effective way to get your donors more engaged with your nonprofit and its mission. With Donorbox Events, you can set up an easy-to-use events page that offers you the convenience of a simple ticket management system with options to determine the price, fair-market, and tax-deductible values for each level of ticket. All of this, in just a couple of minutes. Sign in to your Donorbox account, and if you already have an active account, click here to head straight to the Events section to get started.

Donorbox is also a powerful fundraising tool that helps nonprofits with advanced features such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, text-to-give, recurring donation forms, campaign pages, and more. Learn more about us on our website.

You can also find useful tips and insights on fundraising and nonprofit management on our nonprofit blog and subscribe to our newsletter to fuel your fundraising efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Donorbox Events

fundraising event software

Here we’ll answer some questions nonprofits and users have asked and may have on Donorbox Events.

1. What do Donorbox Events cost?

Donorbox Events (Beta) is free to use. We charge no cost for signing up on Donorbox and to set up your event page. The platform fee for ticket transactions is 2.95%, plus the processing fees of Stripe or PayPal (2.2% +30c).

2. How many ticket tiers can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of ticket levels based on your pricing structure. Each ticket level can be customized with a unique title, ticket description, and price. You can assign the fair market value, the tax-deductible amount to the ticket prices.

3. Will the ticket be emailed instantly?

Purchasers will receive the tickets immediately after the purchase. After a buyer has purchased the tickets, they’ll be emailed a receipt which will include a line stating the tax-deductible amount (if any), as well as PDFs and links to individual tickets that they can print or download.

4. What kind of events can I use it for?

For all kinds of nonprofit events and fundraisers! For example:

  • Exhibitions
  • School activities
  • Charity sporting events
  • Auctions
  • Concerts
  • Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • Parties
  • Workshops and Seminars

5. Are the donation and supporter information integrated into the rest of the Donorbox?

Yes—the donations collected from ticket sales and information of the buyers, are also stored in the Donations and Supporters section of your Donorbox app. So you can manage all of the data from the same place

6. Can I create free events (zero cost tickets)?



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