11 Best Donation Page Examples for Better Fundraising

Nonprofit donation pages are customized online pages with one main conversion goal – encouraging visitors to donate. Your online donation page is one of the most important tools you have in your fundraising toolkit. That’s because it’s always working – even when you aren’t. We’ve provided 11 donation page examples to show how you can increase the impact of your donation page.

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11 Best Donation Page Examples for Better Fundraising

Your online donation page is one of the most important tools you have in your fundraising toolkit. That’s because it’s always working – even when you aren’t.

But how do you ensure that your nonprofit donation page is as effective and impactful as possible? In this article, we’ll help you answer that question as we review the best donation page examples. Take inspiration from what other organizations are doing and build your donation page today!

What is a Donation Page?

Nonprofit donation pages are customized online pages with one main conversion goal – encouraging visitors to donate. They should include a secure donation form, a call to action to give, and impact details that show donors how their gifts will be used.

While it may be tempting to simply sign up for PayPal and embed a PayPal donation button on your website, we recommend putting a designated fundraising page to boost giving instead.

These pages allow for further customization, additional giving and payment options, better donor management, and more.

With Donorbox, you can easily create and customize unlimited donation pages. You can add your branding, set up recurring donation intervals, showcase a donor wall and goal meter, and include images, videos, and other content. Each donation page is hosted on Donorbox and is easy to share through your website, social media, email, and more.

Alternatively, you can also embed Donorbox’s customizable donation form on your website to enhance the look and feel and the fundraising performance of your donation page.

Create a Customized Donation Page on Donorbox

11 Best Donation Page Examples

Let’s look at 11 examples of Donorbox donation pages. For each, we’ll consider what works and what could use improvement.

1. Make a Wish Ireland

The mission of Make a Wish Ireland is to grant the wishes of seriously ill children throughout the country. Their donation page collects gifts to make these dreams come true.

donation page example - make a wish

What works

We love the storytelling on this donation page example, shared through written content and an impactful video. Their call to action is also superb. ‘A monthly gift helps us to respond to time-critical wishes and to plan ahead for children on their wish journeys’. It speaks directly to the impact of recurring donations.

Possible improvements

While the call to action is great, the simple headline, ‘Make a Donation,’ could be stronger.

We also recommend adjusting the suggested gifts to smaller amounts for recurring donations, as donors are more likely to repeat smaller gifts.

2. National Environmental Education Foundation

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) strives to connect Americans with the environment and encourage lifelong environmental learning.  They accept donations using this Donorbox-hosted online donation page.

Screenshot of an organization using a Donorbox-hosted donation page.

What works

We love how NEEF chose donation form colors to seamlessly match their brand logo. This is a great way to boost donor trust and raise more – a brand-aligned donation form brings in up to 38% larger donations. They restate their mission and link to the Impact page on their website.

Possible improvements

While the two photos they share are compelling, a short fundraising video might be even more so. Donors love to see a mission in action, and a less concrete mission like NEEF’s might benefit from a more dynamic piece of media.

Build Your Branded Donation Page

3. Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code aims to improve diversity and inclusion in the technology space. Donations go towards introducing young Black girls to technology and computer programming.

Screenshot of the Donorbox-hosted donation page for Black Girls Code.

What works

This page is impactful because it tells a story through written content as well as a powerful video. The organization also uses peer-to-peer to expand its reach. They allow anyone to sign up to fundraise on their behalf right from their donation page.

The organization builds social proof with a donor wall and social sharing buttons. Other positive features include recurring donation options and employer gift matching.

Possible improvements

We’d encourage employing varied ask amounts for one-time and recurring gifts.

And we would take the call to action and make it more specific to the organization’s mission. Perhaps something like, ‘Make a recurring gift to help more black girls follow their dreams in tech’.

4. i9 Sports Association

i9 Sports Association strives to make participation in extracurricular activities accessible to all children.

Screenshot of an organization's Donorbox donation page.

What works

The dark blue on their donation form works well with the image they included. We love that they include their “why” right on the page. Each reason provides a compelling reason to support their mission of getting more children involved in team sports.

Possible improvements

More images showing children benefitting from their program would be even more compelling. Also, while the information included is important, perhaps a story of one child they’ve helped would better illustrate the impact of their programming – instead of just the reason behind it.

They could also add donation designations to allow donors to give to specific programs or chapters.

5. Code for America

Code for America strives to help American citizens who have been overlooked by governmental services, raising funds to provide food and cash assistance to those in need.

Screenshot of Code for America's donation page, where they embedded their Donorbox donation form.

What works

This donation page example does an excellent job of showing measurable impact through the number of people Code for America has recently served.

They’ve embedded a donation matching widget on their page, which will intrigue donors to find out how it works. This can substantially increase donations to the nonprofit.

Possible improvements

We’d recommend making a more direct appeal to give. The page mentions that generosity helps the beneficiaries of the organizations, but doesn’t specifically ask for a donation.

And we’d recommend varying the suggested gift amounts between one-time and recurring gifts. People tend to repeat small donations, so making such changes might help better their fundraising.

6. Giving Tree Books

Giving Tree Books strives to promote childhood literacy by publishing high-quality children’s books and distributing them to those in need.


Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

We love the images they include here. Their short blurb restating their mission is effective, too.

Their donation form stands out with a different color for the main button. Multiple color options are just one of Donorbox’s many form customization options.

Possible improvements

While restating the mission is somewhat effective, there is ample opportunity for this organization to include a story about how their books have made an impact. Knowing how many books they have published and distributed would be useful, too.

Their form looks great with two colors, but it could be more aligned with their brand.

7. Abide

Abide works to strengthen others’ relationship with Jesus through a wide range of programs and services, using this donation page to raise funds.

Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

This page has a beautiful design, as well as a quick call to action that covers all of their programs. Their giving form is also visually appealing and only asks for the necessary information from donors.

Possible improvements

While the page looks great, it could be more functional. The donation form should be moved up so that donors don’t have to scroll to give. and The headline could be more catchy.

We’d also recommend limiting links to other pages, instead showcasing a few key programs with stories or impact data.

8. Community Environmental Council

This organization – CEC – strives to raise funds they can use to protect the environment in their region and reverse the threat of the climate crisis.

Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

Offering tribute gifts in memory or honor of someone is a great way to encourage more donations. We also like how they list all accepted payment types under their donation forms so donors know exactly how easy it is to pay.

Possible improvements

There’s nothing on this page that demonstrates the impact of giving to this organization. While this information exists elsewhere on their website, it’s always a good idea to reinforce the value of giving right on your donation page.

9. Valor Education

Valor Education offers tuition-free classical schools to educate holistically so their students can have a full life.

Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

For each donation amount, they list the impact of giving at that level. This encourages donors to give – and give at a higher level than they might have otherwise. They also share exactly what they do with any donations, which reassures donors that they are trustworthy stewards of contributions.

Possible improvements

Images could make this donation page more dynamic while also illustrating the value of their mission. Getting to see students and student life could encourage some donors to give more.

10. Dordt University

Through its annual fund, Dordt University strives to help students through scholarships, educational enrichment, community engagement, and more.

Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

This is an example of a visually appealing donation page that gets to the point quickly. Their giving form is easy to find, with a simple call to action. When someone clicks their “Give Now” button, their streamlined donation form pops up.

Possible improvements

Our first suggestion would be to limit the number of links on this page. There is a lot of information on this page as you scroll, so it may be better to have a shorter donation page with fewer options and less information.

We also recommend adding stories to show how real students have benefited from these funds.

11. Lonely Whale

Lonely Whale works towards a future with clean seas by developing alternatives to problematic plastics, changing recycling systems, and more.


Screenshot of an organization's donation page.

What works

The Lonely Whale donation page offers the perfect example of a fantastic headline that doubles as a call to action – ‘Support A Future With Clean Seas.’

It is short and to the point, yet it still inspires the reader. The design of the page is bold and bright, with an additional call to action in the header of the website.

Possible improvements

We would like to see a few more specific details about the impact a donor’s gift may make. There should also be some storytelling and images or videos of the mission at work.

Best Practices for Designing the Best Donation Page

There are many best practices to follow when creating donation pages that bring in critical funds. We’ve listed down a few here to help you get started:

  1. Create a clear call to action that spells out exactly what you want your audience to do – give! This should also be the only call to action on your giving page to avoid distractions.
  2. Write an impactful headline that quickly draws the attention of the reader, telling them what the page is about while also encouraging them to keep reading.
  3. Use storytelling to share the impact of your organization. Tell the story of a real beneficiary to create an emotional connection between them and your mission.
  4. Put powerful imagery to work to further tell this story. Also consider putting together a short, engaging video to showcase your mission.
  5. Offer donors a simple, easy-to-use giving form that offers multiple payment options, varied giving options, and makes it possible for donors to make one-time and recurring gifts.

For more best practices on building a donation page, check out this detailed article. We also have a donation page best practices series on our YouTube channel that you can leverage to build the best donation page.

Get Started With Donorbox

If you need help creating and customizing your donation page on Donorbox, check out this step-by-step guide to get started!

Final Thoughts

With a clear call to action and the use of dynamic storytelling and imagery, plus a simple yet effective giving form, you can build your own top-tier donation page.

Just be sure to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do, and showcase the impact their donations will have on your mission and beneficiaries.

It’s easy to do all of this – and more – with Donorbox. Our giving forms enable you to offer multiple giving options, recurring donations, tribute gifts, and designated funds.

You can also quickly embed Donorbox forms into your own website or create a beautifully designed, Donorbox-hosted landing page.

Click here to sign up and start fundraising with Donorbox!

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