8 Donation Apps for a Great Mobile Giving Experience

Mobile giving is key to attracting the younger demographics to your nonprofit and making it easy and quick to give to one and all. This article will help you with a list of the best donation apps that facilitate mobile giving.

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8 Donation Apps for a Great Mobile Giving Experience

Mobile giving is vital for nonprofits, churches, and fundraising teams of every size. So it is for donors who love the convenience of giving on mobile. Luckily, several online donation apps exist to make mobile giving more manageable and accessible.

In this article, we’ll share 8 amazing donation apps that offer nonprofits excellent mobile giving options. We’ll also provide a few tips to help determine the best tool for your needs.

8 Donation Apps for a Swift Mobile Giving Experience

The list below includes a combination of donation apps and donation platforms that your donors can use to give on mobile. All of them offer high availability and compatibility with mobile devices. We’ve ranked them based on their range of features, mobile-giving functionalities, affordability, compatibility, and more to help you find the right one for your organization.

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is an affordable, all-in-one fundraising platform with powerful tools that are simple to use for all – nonprofits and donors! The donation forms and fundraising pages are not only quick to set up but also highly optimized for mobile devices. This makes it a popular choice for 80,000+ organizations in 96 countries.

Screenshot showing Donorbox's UltraSwift Pay feature.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-optimized recurring donation forms that are customizable to fit your brand and can be easily embedded on your website, enhancing the mobile experience.
  • Unlimited fundraising campaign pages that load perfectly on mobile devices.
  • Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaign pages that are customizable and optimized for great mobile performance.
  • Donor accounts that let donors log in to manage their donation plans and receipts and give easily to your organization.
  • QuickDonate allows donors to save payment information and repeat donations to your organization quickly from their accounts – whenever and wherever!
  • UltraSwift ™ Pay lets donors give with digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Checkout, and Venmo. This enhances their mobile-giving experience.
  • Donorbox Text-to-Give enables you to accept donations via smartphones. Just give donors a unique campaign ID and a texting number – and they can make donations just by sending text messages. Ideal for churches and all nonprofit organizations.
  • Donorbox Live™ Kiosk lets nonprofits accept donations with taps, dips, credit cards, smartphones, and smartwatches
  • Social media sharing buttons on all fundraising pages to help donors easily share your campaigns with their networks.


No starting prices or contracts. You can sign up for free and create unlimited fundraising campaigns and use a number of other important features like Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer, Events, Memberships, Donor Management, and more.

There’s a nominal platform fee starting at 1.75% in addition to the payment processing fees of Stripe or PayPal. This still remains one of the lowest in the market.

Nonprofits can also opt for a customized success package called Donorbox Premium, the pricing of which is personalized for each organization.

Availability and compatibility

All kinds and sizes of nonprofits can fundraise with Donorbox. It’s compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices (iOS and Android). Getting started takes just 4 quick steps, and in just about 15 minutes, your donors will be able to give to your organization on mobile!

Get Started With Donorbox

Best for

All nonprofits, churches, universities, animal rescue organizations, journalism, arts, political, and medical research organizations looking to elevate their fundraising as well as giving experience through simple and affordable features.

2. RoundUp App

More businesses have started offering customers the chance to round up their purchases and donate their change. RoundUp App capitalizes on this trend and lets donors discover and give to their favorite charities and nonprofits.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Donors can download it on iOS and Android devices.
  • Donors can connect their credit cards and bank accounts and find their favorite charities to support.
  • Donors can set up monthly minimums and maximums and manage their donations.
  • Nonprofits receive real-time updates on donations and track campaign performances.


Packages start at $15 a month for nonprofits with 1-74 donors or less than $1,500 a month in donations. Nonprofits with more than 75 donors or $1,500 must pay 1% a month plus Stripe fees at 2.2-2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Nonprofits can also sign up for a custom account and receive access to RoundUp’s marketing library, advanced analytics, and more.

Availability and compatibility

All 501c3 nonprofits can sign up and start receiving donations right away. The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles.

Best for

Any size nonprofit looking for a new way to be discovered and raise funds.

3. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is one of the top free health and fitness apps. Anyone can download the app and start a peer-to-peer campaign to raise funds for their favorite charity. Nonprofits can raise money via donor campaigns and corporate sponsorships.

donation app - Charity Miles

Key mobile-giving features

  • Anyone can scan a QR code on the website, download the app to their phone, start logging their activity, and raise funds for a charity.
  • The app uses the phone’s internal pedometer and GPS.
  • Supporters can log in to all types of movements.
  • Companies can sponsor employees through Charity Miles’ Employee Empowerment Program.
  • Nonprofits can highlight their own corporate sponsors on the app without Charity Miles taking a percentage of that sponsorship.


It’s free for nonprofits and donors to use.

Availability and compatibility

There is limited space and a waiting list for nonprofits to join Charity Miles. This can be a major roadblock to using this donation app. The app is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Best for

Nonprofits that are creating a big impact on health, the environment, animals, children, education, and veterans can apply to raise funds with this app. However, it’s important to get sponsors and people to walk, run, or bike for their charity to be able to benefit from this donation app.

4. Fundly

Fundly is a well-known donation platform for crowdfunding. Nonprofits can manage Fundly campaigns from anywhere, send emails, and post updates on social media. Its deep integration with Facebook makes it an ideal choice for a modern mobile giving experience.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Donation pages customized to mobile phones.
  • Ability to embed Fundly donation forms directly on Facebook.
  • donors can like and comment on your activity feed from their mobiles.
  • Free app for nonprofits to thank donors and send blog-like updates and emails.


There are no signup fees. Fundly has a 0% platform fee and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% +$0.30 from each donation.

Availability and compatibility

Any nonprofit or individual can sign up to raise funds with Fundly. The mobile app is compatible with iOS devices.

Best for

Nonprofits interested in getting started with crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising while also using an app for easy updates at affordable rates.

5. Snowball

Snowball is an all-in-one fundraising platform that gives nonprofits mobile options for text giving, event ticketing, and auctions. It offers a mobile bidding app for your supporters to bid on your silent auctions easily.

giving apps - Snowball

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-friendly fundraising campaigns.
  • Text-to-give functionalities for campaigns, events, and auctions.
  • Supporters get email or text notifications if they get outbid during auctions.
  • Donors can make donations or payments immediately from their phones.
  • Mobile-friendly online donation forms.
  • Mobile-bidding app to engage and compel supporters to bid more.


Snowball has no signup or monthly fees. Snowball deducts 2.9% +$0.30 processing fees for basic event registration and fundraising features.

Organizations can sign up for the paid packages for advanced tools starting at $249 a year.

Availability and compatibility

All nonprofits can sign up to fundraise through auctions, campaigns, and text-to-give. Donation forms and campaign pages are compatible with all mobile devices.

Best for

Smaller nonprofits looking for basic fundraising features at affordable pricing.

6. Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up uses its AI-powered tool to help nonprofits find the right appeal amounts for each donor. One of its best mobile giving features remain the over-the-call donations; it is unique as well as convenient for nonprofits and their supporters.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-friendly checkout form.
  • AI-powered optimizations to ask for the right amounts for each donor.
  • Donors can manage recurring donations, peer-to-peer campaigns, and donation receipts from their smartphones.
  • Over-the-call donations to easily process gifts over the phone.
  • Digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, and Google Pay to make donations.


Fundraise Up has no contracts, setup, or monthly fees. Nonprofits pay a 4% platform fee per transaction. They have custom plans as well for advanced fundraising needs.

Availability and compatibility

Highly optimized for the mobile experience and compatible with all mobile devices.

Best for

Nonprofits that are interested in strengthening donor relationships via easy mobile giving.

7. Pledge

Pledge helps individuals, companies, and nonprofits step into the future and use tools like live streaming, virtual camera apps, and more to raise funds. Its text-to-give functionality and Livestream fundraising make Pledge ideal for mobile giving.

charity app - pledge

Key mobile-giving features

  • Text-to-Donate and QR Code.
  • Mobile-optimized donation forms.
  • Accepts crypto.
  • Livestream fundraisers.
  • Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Pledge charges a $5 per payout fee. However, Pledge promises no credit card fees for donations under $1,000.

Availability and compatibility

Available for all nonprofits as well as businesses and compatible with all mobile devices.

Best for

Nonprofits, companies wanting to add donation options to their retail experience, and individuals looking for fundraising campaign options at no credit card processing fees.

8. Double Good Fundraising

Anyone can sign up with Double Good Fundraising and fundraise with a team, sell premium popcorn, and earn 50% profit from their sales. Their virtual pop-up stores that can be set up by downloading their phone app are great for the mobile experience.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Team members create their own pop-up store to personalize and upload videos and images on the Double Good app.
  • Hassle-free 4-day virtual fundraising with your team increases funds at minimum effort.


There are no fundraising minimums or fees to fundraise. Nonprofits and their teams get to keep 50% of their sales.

Availability and compatibility

The Double Good App is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles.

Best for

Sports teams looking for a quick and stress-free fundraising method.

How to Choose the Ideal Donation App or Platform

Many online fundraising tools are now mobile-optimized and work on all smartphones. But there are a few must-have features you’ll need to ensure more donations via mobile.

1. Easy to use for all

The reality is people’s time is limited, and if it takes too long for one to figure out an app, you’ll lose the donation. Donors who use mobile giving are likelier to have short attention spans, so whatever tools you use must be quick to download and easy to understand.

For example, Donorbox’s Text-to-Give offers you a shortcode plan to accept quick and easy mobile donations. This plan gives you a shorter texting number that is easy for your supporters to remember and type in. If you keep in mind these little details while making a choice, you’ll be able to increase mobile donations.

donation apps

Try Donorbox for Mobile Giving

2. Features that engage donors & increase donations

So, you have chosen a donation app or platform that lets you accept donations on mobile devices. Now, what – how do you get more donations or engage donors better?

You need a donation app or platform that offers multiple fundraising and donor management options to boost your outreach, donor engagement, and donations. For starters, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising. Crowdfunding is great for your emergency appeal or capital campaigns to raise more money within a limited time period. And peer-to-peer helps you leverage the strength of your supporters to increase outreach and donations.

In addition to offering these two trending fundraising tools, Donorbox lets you create event pages and sell tickets online, run membership campaigns, manage donors and donation data, get recurring donations, and more.

Simply put, go for an option that looks like a one-stop shop offering many ways to improve the giving as well as fundraising experience.

3. Digital wallet options for donations

Donors like mobile giving because it’s fast and offers several payment options besides a credit card. Nonprofits that collect funds through digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo appeal more to younger donors who are comfortable using these products.

Fundraising campaigns on Donorbox come enabled with UltraSwift ™ Pay which lets your donors give via digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. This no doubt increases their giving experience.

UltraSwift ™ Pay also lets your donors skip the step to input their personal information. Both of these ensure a fast and better mobile giving experience, thus reducing donor drop-off rates. Here’s an example of a nonprofit using this Donorbox feature.

digital wallets - donorbox - donation apps

4. Lets you manage donation data

After you accept donations via mobile, you need a secure place to store and manage the data. Your donation, donor, and campaign data are essential for segmenting your audience, personalizing appeals, and data-driven fundraising.

Donorbox lets you store this data securely on its tool. You can access the supporters, donations, and recurring plans data anytime on the Donorbox dashboard. It is easy to apply basic and advanced filters to segment the data, as shown below. You can also integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Blackbaud RE NXT, and 2000+ other apps through Zapier.

donor management - Donorbox

5. Integrates with social media

Younger donors may have shorter attention spans, but they can also be some of your nonprofit’s greatest advocates. Gen Z and millennial donors are more likely to share your campaigns on social media and even add a post each time they give.

Testimonials like this have a greater chance of bringing new donors to your nonprofit than many paid advertisements. Mobile fundraising tools that let donors share to their social media accounts, make it more likely for donors to get those crucial testimonials.

All Donorbox campaign pages come with social media sharing buttons that can be used to share your campaigns on social media. Here’s an example

donation app - social media buttons

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Last Thoughts

Nonprofits can’t ignore the importance of mobile giving to their donors or their organization’s future. Thankfully, the tools listed in this article and many more make adding mobile giving to your organization’s strategic plans easier and more convenient.

Donorbox is a one-stop shop offering a great mobile giving experience to your supporters. All its features are highly optimized to work on desktop as well as mobile devices. Learn more about Donorbox and its features on the website. Sign up for free to get started right away!

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