20 “Thank You for Donation” Quotes to Convey Your Gratitude

We all get writer's block – that's where "thank you for donation" quotes come in to save the day! These quotes are designed to inspire you and get you started in the important process of thanking your donors. Donation messages can be hard to write, so we're here to help with 20 quotes you can use in your next thank-you letter.

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20 “Thank You for Donation” Quotes to Convey Your Gratitude

Thanking your donors is one of the most important steps to building stronger donor relationships. But it’s normal to be at a loss for words when it comes time to actually thank them.

The best way to tackle your donation message writer’s block is to utilize some really creative and heartwarming thank-you quotes to add to your letters, messages, and emails to donors.

In this article, we’ll give you 20 thank-you letter quotes to keep handy each time you need to thank donors for their kindness.

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20 Donation Thank You Quotes to Convey Gratitude to Donors

Use these “thank you for your donation” quotes to spend less time thinking up what to say in your thank you letters and more time working on your mission!

All these quotes can easily be tweaked to be more specific to your organization and for all kinds of donation messages. We have also segregated them into categories that best define their purpose.

Generic donation thank you quotes

1. “Thank you so much for your donation. Your generosity means everything to us and to the community we serve.”

2. “We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to donating, and we are so grateful that you chose to donate to our cause. We promise to be responsible stewards of both your donation and your trust.”

3. “We have a lot of work to do, and your generous donation helps us get that important work done.”

4. “None of our success would be possible without generous donors like you. Thank you again for your commitment and kindness.”

5. “Thank you for your support and for your belief in doing good. We simply couldn’t do what we do without amazing people like you.”

6. “Many people say they want to help; fewer actually step up to do it. Thank you so much for being one of the few today and stepping up with your important donation.”

Personalized thank you quotes

7. “Thanks to your generous donation, we were able to provide ____ to the community. Your donation has already made a huge impact.”

8. “(Donor Name), your donation of ___ (donation amount) helps keep the lights on, a roof overhead, and food on the table for a family in need. This makes all the difference for these struggling lives.”

9. “Your donation has helped us meet our goal for this fundraising campaign. With this donation, we’ll be able to continue our project in ___.”

10. “Each year, with the help of gracious donors like you, we are able to significantly expand our reach in the communities we serve. This year is no different, as we plan to start our new ___ initiative, which wouldn’t be possible without your support.”

Urgent donation thank-you quotes

11. “Today, dear friend, you helped solve a crisis with grace and compassion. Where others might have ignored the issue in front of them, you instead chose to get involved and help us. Thank you.”

12. “We believe that the time for change is now. Our urgent mission for _____ (mention a location or community affected) is only possible thanks to donors like you who choose to help us on this path toward empathy and change.”

Campaign-specific donation thank-you quotes

13. “Thank you for being a hero and donating to ____’s crowdfunding campaign! Your donation provides so much value to the communities we serve. We hope you will learn more about our organization and reach out with any questions you have. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media.”

14. “On behalf of everyone at our organization and the communities we serve, thank you for your kind donation to our capital campaign ______ (name of the campaign). This will ensure that we get to complete the work for our new facility which is required to reach and help more lives in need.”

15. “Your Giving Tuesday gift helps us prepare for the year ahead. Times are tough everywhere right now, but your generous donation provides so much security for families in need. Thank you.”

16. “We are so appreciative of your gift and for enabling us to receive a matching donation from your employer. By choosing to donate and helping double the donation, you are also doubling the impact on the lives we support. We are doubly grateful!”

Event donation thank-you quotes

17. “We wanted to extend a special thank you for adding a donation to your ticket purchase and making a difference. We are thrilled you’ll be attending our event, and we are so grateful for your additional support. See you there!”

18. “Your gift at the ____ (event name) ensures that we can continue helping people in need for days to come. Every time we share good news, we want you to remember that you’re an integral part of this good created.”

Repeat or recurring donation thank-you quotes

19. “You went a step beyond today and became a recurring monthly donor. This multiplies your gift twelve times throughout the year, which means your impact also multiplies by twelve. People like you make a real difference in our work. We are so grateful for your support.”

20. “Thank you for your third donation to our organization. We are so grateful for our relationships with donors like you, who make our work possible and rewarding. Please reach out if you have any questions about our current programming or would like to get involved in other ways.”

3 Tips to Best Utilize Our “Thank You for Donation” Quotes

These donation thank-you quotes are handy tools for your organization to perfect your thank-you game. But what’s the best way to use them?

Here are some tips to help you get started crafting the perfect donation messages!

1. Customize your quotes for each donor

It’s essential to use these quotes as a starting-off point that you can personalize to fit your needs. The personalization could be as simple as including the donor name – but the more personalized, the better!

You should include specific information about your efforts where applicable to show the full impact of a donation. For example, if your organization is an animal shelter, you’ll might show off the real-world impact in your donation messages with something like this: “Your $50 donation feeds one dog for two months.”

The first step to making this happen is to be able to manage your donor data in a donor database. Donorbox Donor Management helps you access all donor profiles, add offline donors and donations, and segment the donor and donation data according to several filters.

segment donors with donorbox donor management

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This ensures that you can easily find out details about a particular donor and their donations. Use this knowledge to personalize your thank-you quotes.

2. Send them at the right time

It’s so key to send donation messages at the right time. Getting the timing right is easy with the right online donation tool!

Donorbox sends automated donation receipt emails that you can customize to add the donation thank you quote of your choice. You can customize this email for each campaign you create on Donorbox. Simply add variables to further personalize the message and add in your favorite quote. Here’s what it looks like –

send automatic thank-yous with donorbox

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Donorbox donor management also allows you to set up reminders so you and your team never miss a moment – like a donation anniversary – to connect with your donors.

You can then record all communication with donors in their donor record so you don’t reach out too often and become a nuisance.

adding communication note to donorbox donor profile

3. Send them through multiple channels

Don’t underestimate the value of sending thank-you quotes out through multiple channels.

If you have the budget for direct mail, sending out hard-copy thank-you letters with the donation thank you quotes can make a big impact.

Whether you send direct-mail donation messages or not, the best practice is to still send an email. This also helps your donors keep digital records of their donations.

Donorbox integrates with popular email software like Mailchimp. You can also connect Donorbox with other popular email marketing apps like ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, Constant Contact, and more via Zapier to easily send thank-you emails to your donors.

Final Thoughts

Sending a donor thank you is no problem when you have the right donation quotes to properly convey how grateful you are.

Use these quotes to make sure you build a strong relationship with your donor. Make them feel special! After all, they supported your organization.

But sending thank-you donation messages isn’t everything you need to maintain your donor relationships.

Donorbox can help you retain existing donors and bring in new donors with sharp donor management features that keep you and your team organized.

Our features are also highly donor-friendly and ensure that the giving process is quick and easy! Explore these powerful tools on our website and sign up for free to get started today!

We have several useful blogs and free resources on donor management at the Donorbox Nonprofit Blog. You’ll also find hundreds of insightful articles on fundraising and nonprofit management over there. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a handpicked collection of our best resources in your inbox every month!

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