Encourage Repeat Donations to Your Church | Donorbox QuickDonate™

Ready to get more donations to your church by letting your donors give again in just one click? Donorbox QuickDonate™ makes it easy for your top supporters to repeat their donations anytime. Read on to learn how it works!

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Encourage Repeat Donations to Your Church | Donorbox QuickDonate™

The average amount given by adults to churches in the U.S. is $17/week. This can be a significant source of a steady revenue stream for a church; but only when you make it easy for your congregation to repeat their donations weekly – online and without any hassle!

A crucial need of your online donors is convenience – they want to give quickly every time they’re asked to give. So forget passing the offering plate every week; and instead offer them a way to quickly repeat a previous donation to your church, right on the go!

This article will discuss how repeat donations help churches and how Donorbox QuickDonate ™ can make these donations quicker and simpler for you and your congregation.

How Do Repeat Donations Help Churches?

The inclusion of online giving has helped churches address attendance shortages and offer parishioners a more convenient way to give.

Your members and visitors also feel at peace knowing there’s an easier way to support their church when they’re no longer carrying cash or checks.

But with online giving comes the need for filling out a donation form every time. A donation form requires your supporters to complete a few crucial steps before they can make the payment. This can make some of them not want to give every week or every time they visit your church. Plus, not everyone would be comfortable signing up for recurring donations either.

What’s the solution? Simple – make it easy for one-time donors to repeat donations to your church online!

Your one-time donors should be able to quickly repeat their previous donations to your church. Without having to fill out a form again. But at the same time, they should have to power to make changes to their donation amounts or payment methods.

Donorbox QuickDonate ™ makes this a breeze for you – and your donors. Your one-time donors will be given the option to save their information while making a donation. Next, they will receive details to log in to their Donor Portal and repeat the donation just by clicking “QuickDonate”.

Donorbox QuickDonate - repeat donations for church

Get Repeat Donations to Your Church

Donorbox QuickDonate ™ – Giving Donors the Power to Repeat Donations

Repeat donations can be a powerful tool for churches to encourage and empower their one-time donors to quickly repeat their donations to the church.

Donorbox QuickDonate ™ facilitates this process by helping your church build a branded donor login page to let donors repeat donations quickly to your church campaigns.

When you enable this feature on your campaign, your one-time donors will see an option on the donation form to save their information. Next, they’ll receive details to set up their donor accounts. They can then login and simply click a button to repeat donations on the go.

Sign Up to Enable QuickDonate ™ Now!

QuickDonate ™ offers features that are built with your donors and their convenience in mind. To help you empower your church congregation and boost donations. Let’s have a look –

  • It lets you create a branded donor login page for your church.
  • Donors can click a checkbox on the donation form while making a one-time donation to save their information to be able to use QuickDonate ™.
  • Donors receive details from Donorbox to set up their accounts.
  • Donors can log in at any time, from their mobile phones or other devices.
  • Offers donors a view of past donations, receipts, account settings, and personal settings.
  • Donors can check their previous donations.
  • Recurring donors can check their recurring donation plans and make any changes.
  • One-time donors can QuickDonate to repeat a previous donation.
  • While using QuickDonate ™, donors can change the donation amount and the payment method. They will also be able to add a comment.
  • Donors don’t have to fill out the donation form again in order to use QuickDonate ™.
  • Donors can download donation receipts for their past donations.

How Donorbox QuickDonate ™ Works for Churches and Donors

For churches

Churches can easily set up QuickDonate ™ on their Donorbox campaigns. They need to follow just 3 simple steps as shown below.

1. Sign up with Donorbox

If you haven’t already, sign up with Donorbox to create an account for your church.

sign up for Donorbox QuickDonate

It takes only a few minutes to sign up – there’s no setup fee or need for documentation.

Once you’ve signed up, take some time to connect your Donorbox account with Stripe or PayPal. This will help process donations.

2. Create a campaign

Create a new campaign for your weekly tithing or other fundraising needs. You can create a donation form or a fundraising/crowdfunding page easily on Donorbox.

Just Click “+ New Campaign” on the campaign dashboard.

new campaign on Donorbox

You’ll be guided on the tool to complete the rest of the steps to create a new campaign form/page. However, we suggest following the steps in this guide to easily get started.

3. Enable QuickDonate ™

Once you’ve created the campaign, from the campaign’s dashboard, click “Essential” under “Your Donation Form”.

enabling QuickDonate on Donorbox

Scroll down on the page that opens and check the “QuickDonate” checkbox to enable this feature.

QuickDonate checkbox on Donorbox

Now, click “Update” at the bottom of the page and you’re done – your campaign donation form is enabled with this powerful repeat donations tool.

For donors

Next, we’ll show you how your church donors will use QuickDonate ™ to repeat donations to your church – in 4 quick steps!

1. Donor makes a one-time donation

Your donor uses your campaign donation form to make a one-time donation.

On the payment page on the Donorbox donation form, they see a checkbox to save their information for future payments.

They will check this checkbox and complete the donation.

donor makes a donation on Donorbox

2. Donor receives an email to set up their account

Donorbox sends an email to your donor to help set up their donor account on Donorbox.

The email address they used on the donation form will be the same one they’ll use to login. So, they’ll only have to set up the password by clicking the given link on this email.

Donorbox email to set up donor account

Instantly, they will be logged in to their donor account on Donorbox.

3. Donor receives another email for QuickDonate ™

As soon as your donor is logged in, they will receive another email from Donorbox telling them about the QuickDonate ™ option. Here’s how it looks –

Donorbox email to QuickDonate

4. Donor repeats their donation

The donor can use QuickDonate™ to repeat their donation to your church in just a few simple steps.

To begin with, they’ll go to their donor portal and click “QuickDonate” on the left navigation bar.

donor repeats donation using QuickDonate

It will open a page comprising your church campaigns where they made one-time donations previously.

Donorbox QuickDonate button

The donor will click the “QuickDonate” button to repeat the donation. The next page that opens will ask them to confirm the donation. Here, they can change the donation amount and the payment method. They can also add a comment.

repeating donations on Donorbox

When done, the donor will click the “Complete Donation” button.

And that’s all – their repeat donation to your church is complete! They’ll receive an email from Donorbox including their donation receipt.

successful repeat donations

Let Donors QuickDonate - Sign Up Now!

In Conclusion

Repeat donations are a crucial step your church should take to empower your one-time donors to quickly give again to your church, especially to help them tithe regularly!

And while you do that, Donorbox QuickDonate ™ is there to make things easy! All its features are built with your donors’ convenience in mind – and to help you get more donations.

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