30 Most Effective & Unique Raffle Basket Ideas for Nonprofits

Raffling off exciting baskets of goods is an excellent way to fundraise for your nonprofit, school, or church. We have curated 30 unique, fun, and creative raffle basket ideas for you to take inspiration from for the success of your upcoming raffle event. You'll also find some additional tips to help sell more tickets with a raffle basket. Keep reading!

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30 Most Effective & Unique Raffle Basket Ideas for Nonprofits

raffle basket ideas

Raffle baskets are fun and exciting ways to fundraise for your nonprofit. They’re also great for boosting revenue at your fundraising event. But it can be tricky to come up with solid raffle basket ideas that will excite your crowd – and get them to buy more raffle tickets!

In this article, we have thirty fantastic raffle basket ideas for your next fundraiser. We’ve broken them up into different helpful categories so you can find exactly what you need.

What are Raffle Baskets, and Why Do You Need Them?

Raffle baskets contain interesting and exciting items that entice people into buying tickets for a chance to win those items. The more enticing the basket, the more tickets you’ll sell!

Typically, items that make up raffle baskets should come at little or no cost to you so you can fully benefit from ticket sales. Raffles can take place in person or you can host a virtual raffle. You can also use other types of raffles, like a 50/50 raffle, to generate ticket sales.

Irrespective of the type of raffle you’re hosting, be sure to promote the raffle basket in advance via social media or email campaigns to entice more people to participate. Tickets are usually inexpensive so people are encouraged to buy multiple – and multiply their chance to win a raffle basket.

Selling Raffle Basket Tickets

Before you delve into innovative ideas for raffle baskets, you must know how to effectively sell tickets for your raffle basket. It’s a crucial step in generating revenue with your raffle event.

To start with, create an online event page for your upcoming raffle and add details of the event including a sneak peek into the raffle basket items.

Donorbox Events will help you set up a customized online event page and an embeddable ticketing form in a few minutes. You can add unlimited ticket tiers to the ticketing form. You can also highlight the tax-deductibility of each tier. In addition, there are options to add a ticket quantity limit and set a deadline. You can select the currency in which you want to sell tickets. And there’s more – check out our guide.

Check out this raffle basket dinner event created on Donorbox. They have mentioned some of the large items included in their baskets to grab attention and sell more tickets. Please note that ticket sales have ended for this event, hence the ticketing form is not available on the page anymore.

raffle basket event example on Donorbox

Sell Tickets with Donorbox Events

Some organizations also use Donorbox Donation Page to sell tickets (by accepting donations via the donation form) for their raffle baskets. Here’s an example for your reference. However, we suggest using Donorbox Events for proven effectiveness with event ticketing.

30 Best Raffle Basket Ideas for Nonprofits

Finally, you’re all set for some of the best raffle basket ideas for your upcoming raffle event. We have broken these thirty ideas into five categories that will help you navigate according to your preference, budget, or needs.

Themed Basket Ideas for Raffles

1. Spa day

Your spa day basket can include any of the following:

  • Luxury soaps and lotions
  • Face and hair masks
  • Manicure supplies
  • Robe
  • Slippers

Consider including a gift certificate to a real spa to make this basket even more attractive.

2. A basket for wine lovers

Wine is great for raffle baskets because it has a wide appeal and it’s easy to put together an attractive basket.

In addition to a nice selection of special wines, consider adding other items like glasses, cocktail napkins, bottle openers, and more that fit the theme.

Tickets to a wine tasting would be a great addition to this basket, too.

3. Movie night basket

Include some of the most popular movie theater snacks, including popcorn, of course!

You can also include a gift card to a local movie theater and/or a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming service.

4. Tea time

For the avid tea drinker, include the following:

  • A selection of teas
  • A teapot
  • An infuser
  • Biscotti and other tea-time snacks
  • Cloth napkins
  • Tea-scented candles

This can easily be altered for coffee lovers, too.

5. A night on the Seine

This themed raffle basket idea can be adapted to any locale. For a night of the Seine in France, add French-themed items like wine, cheese, and bread.

A gift certificate to a local French restaurant is another great addition, along with other fun French-themed items!

6. Outdoor adventure basket

This themed basket should appeal to the outdoorsy folks in your crowd. Consider including items like:

  • A water bottle
  • A fanny pack
  • State/National Park guidebooks and passes
  • A compass
  • Rock climbing lessons
  • Paddleboarding lessons

The possibilities are endless!

Inexpensive Raffle Basket Ideas

7. Local coupons or certificates basket

A great inexpensive idea is to load a basket with coupons and gift certificates donated from local businesses. This comes at no cost at all to you – and those companies get some great exposure.

Check out how Steel Ribbons priced their tickets to include basket sponsorship. For $175, attendees had both admission to the event and their name on a sign next to a basket they sponsored.

raffle basket sponsorship example

With Donorbox Events, you can create unlimited ticket tiers to fully customize your event and include sponsorship levels. You can also include a tax-deductible amount for each ticket to incentivize people to purchase tickets at a higher level. The above event page is created with Donorbox Events.

Create a Customized Raffle Event Page!

8. Cheese sampler

This inexpensive idea is great for cheese lovers! Simply select a variety of cheeses and include a cheese knife and/or cheese board. Even better if you can get a local grocer or deli to sponsor this fun idea.

9. Baked goods basket

If you have any bakers on your planning committee, ask them to bake some delicious treats for this basket! Variety is key, so have multiple people make their specialty items to make this basket as attractive as possible.

10. Backyard barbeque basket

Here’s one for the grill masters! Think about including the following in this fun basket:

  • Barbeque sauces and spices
  • Tongs and other grill tools
  • Cookbooks
  • Oven mitts
  • Aprons

A gift certificate to a local barbeque restaurant would fit great in this basket, too!

11. Family game night

For this easy basket, get a few popular board games, a deck of cards, and some fun snacks. Bonus points for games that get people up on their feet, like Twister!

12. Lottery tickets basket

This raffle basket idea is more about possibilities. You’ll buy a handful of lottery tickets – which are pretty inexpensive – and your guests will purchase raffle tickets for the chance to see if they’re winners!

Raffle Basket Ideas for Families

13. Pool fun basket

Great for summer fundraisers, this pool fun basket can include any of the following:

  • Pool noodles
  • Floats
  • Water guns
  • Diving toys
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen

You can upgrade this with tickets to your local waterpark, too!

14. Local attractions

This basket will be great for families looking to learn more about what your location has to offer. This should include tickets to museums, theaters, theme parks, festivals, concerts, and more.

15. Babysitting coupons

This one is for the parents! A raffle basket with babysitting service certificates and/or coupons is a big draw for families. This basket can also include fun babysitting activities so the kids want to bid for it, too!

16. Mystery toys

A little mystery goes a long way. Get some popular kids’ toys and wrap them up – so no one can see what they are! Kids will want to bid on these items just to solve the mystery and get a fun surprise.

17. YMCA membership

If you have a local YMCA, consider adding a membership as a raffle basket idea, along with some materials for the kinds of activities your YMCA chapter offers. This is a great resource for families looking for fun activities for their kids!

18. Craft supplies basket

Get crafty with this basket idea. You can include things like

  • Craft paper
  • Markers/crayons
  • Specific craft kits
  • Stickers
  • Paints

There are a ton of possibilities with this basket. You can make this an adult-friendly basket with more sophisticated craft supplies, too.

Raffle Basket Ideas for School Fundraising

19. Tickets to sporting events

Tickets to sporting events are exciting items to build a raffle basket around. For example, if you have tickets to a baseball game, include a jersey or hat representing the home team.

This idea works great for school team fundraising, too. Jefferson Varsity Wrestling included sports tickets in their raffle as part of their event. They used Donorbox Events to sell tickets ahead of time, so they knew exactly how much seating and food to provide.

sports raffle basket for schools

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20. Student art basket

A student art basket is a great item to raffle off because students’ parents will want to support their children and their children’s classmates. Consider creating useful items like calendars and mugs to make this basket even more enticing.

21. School swag basket

What better way to raise money for your school than to raffle off a basket full of cool school merchandise? Think t-shirts, hats, socks, backpacks…anything you can put your school logo on. The winner will get to represent your school with some cool new items.

22. Car TLC basket

This basket is for the carpool parents who need to give their cars a little TLC. It can include things like:

  • Certificates for the local car wash
  • Car leather conditioning wipes
  • Seat covers
  • Cup holder accessories
  • Car air fresheners

And anything else that can help turn their car into an oasis!

23. School supplies

This raffle basket is great for both parents and their kids. Fill it with top-of-the-line school supplies like notebooks, pens, binders, and some fun locker accessories. Winners will be ready to go for the next school year!

24. Cooler basket

Get a nice cooler and fill it with drinks, snacks, and drink accessories like koozies and insulated cups. This is a great option for school team fundraising because parents can use it when they attend games.

Most Popular Raffle Basket Ideas

25. Technology basket

It’s hard to beat some exciting technology. Although a little harder to come by, high-ticket items like iPads, Apple Watches, laptops, and Bluetooth speakers make for an exciting and popular raffle basket.

26. Gourmet foods sampler

People love the chance to try new things. This sampler basket can include the following:

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Cheeses
  • Sauces and vinaigrettes
  • Salami/cured meat

Get creative to make this raffle basket idea as attractive as possible.

27. Jewelry

Another high-ticket item, jewelry is a popular choice for raffle baskets. For example, you could put together a basket with a variety of items from the same store, or you could mix and match based on a specific style.

28. Theater basket

Fill this basket with season tickets to your local theaters. You can also include season programs from all theaters to add more to this popular basket.

Look at how Juniper Arts Academy included a theatre ticket basket for their raffle. They used Donorbox Events to streamline the selling process. The ticketing form is unavailable on this event page as the tickets for this event are sold.

most popular raffle basket ideas

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29. Sports memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is a huge draw for raffles. People love having items that celebrate and remember their favorite teams!

This basket works best with items representing the same team or the same region. Signed merchandise, framed photographs, jerseys, and more are all excellent additions.

30. Local artist basket

Ask several local artists to donate some of their art to build this raffle basket idea. This is a big draw for raffle ticket purchasers because they get a basket full of new art to decorate their homes with – and artists get to support your organization and get exposure at the same time!


Raffling off exciting baskets of goods is an excellent way to fundraise for your nonprofit, school, or church. These ideas are sure to be a big hit with your audience, which will result in more raffle ticket sales – and more money for your organization!

To make your raffle as successful as possible, find a streamlined way to sell raffle tickets. This will encourage people to buy multiple tickets to improve their chances of winning.

Donorbox Events makes selling raffle tickets easy. With flexible features that can be fully customized to fit your needs, you can quickly set up a way for people to buy tickets online. You can also share a QR code that is generated for each event on social media, email campaigns, or other marketing materials to encourage more ticket sales. Get started today – sign up!

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