How to Create a Popup Donation Form in Wix

How to Create a Popup Donation Form in Wix

If you are using Wix to build your website, you can still add a popup donation form on your website. Wix website editor is widely popular and simple to create functional websites.

In a few simple steps, you can add a donation form to your Wix website and start fundraising with the power of Donorbox.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to create a popup donation form in Wix, check out the tutorial below.

How to Create a Popup Donation Form in Wix

Step 1

Go to your Wix website editor. Find the page that you want to install the popup form on. Click the “Add” tab on the left-hand sidebar.

donations on wix

Step 2

You will need to create a trigger first. This can be either a link or a button so that when it is clicked, the lightbox will appear.

To add a button, click the “Add” tab on the left-hand sidebar. Select the type of button that you want and insert it into the page. You can style your button to your preference.



Step 3

Once your Wix donate button has been added, add a lightbox.

Click the ‘Add’ tab on the left-hand sidebar and select “Interactive”.

Pick any of the lightbox designs that Wix has provided. Wix offers default styling that you can edit and add your custom styling to give it a more interactive look and feel.


Step 4

Now insert your Donorbox form. For this, you will first need to insert an HTML iframe inside the Lightbox.

Go to the left-hand sidebar and click “Add”.

Next, click “Embed” and select option “Embed a Widget” to add an HTML iframe into your Lightbox.


Step 5

Once you have inserted your iframe inside the lightbox, you will need to insert the donation form into the iframe. Click “Edit iframe“. Then, click “Enter Code“. A text box will be provided to enter your HTML code.


Step 6

Paste the script provided by Donorbox into the iframe. You will see the donation form inside your lightbox.

Be sure to expand your lightbox and iframe to be bigger than your donation form. Otherwise, it may get cut off.

Step 7

Once you have embedded your donation form into the lightbox, go back to the site menu. Find the page where your donate button is. Select the button and click “Link“. You will find a popup asking you where to link it. Please select the lightbox that you want to link to the button.

donation form on wix


And that’s it! Now, when you click on the button, the Lightbox containing the donation form will pop up. This mimics the behavior of a Donorbox popup donation form.

collect donation on wix

You also have the option of embedding a full donation form, if you prefer. It can be customized to fit into any web page. You can also install a donate button that takes your donor to your secure Donorbox-hosted donation page.

Unfortunately, due to Wix’s embed policies, the Donorbox popup donation form may not work properly on a Wix website. Nevertheless, if you really want to install a popup form, this way you can simulate a similar behavior.

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