10 Best Event Ticketing Software Tools for Nonprofits

Event ticketing software is a must-have for nonprofits to ensure the success of their fundraising events! From selling tickets online to spreading the word about the event to accepting secure payments to sending receipts and managing ticketing data, the right software will take care of everything. Check out 10 best options we have on our list - and get tips to choose the right one for your organization.

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10 Best Event Ticketing Software Tools for Nonprofits

Technology has made it easier for nonprofits to reach a larger audience and engage event attendees in several ways. Fundraising events have adapted to include online ticket sales and virtual streaming, to name just a few changes. To keep up with the changing times, nonprofits must now find quality software that makes online event registration easier as well as facilitates ticket sales for all kinds of events.

This article lists the 10 best fundraising event ticketing software options for nonprofits and charities, their best features, how they stand out from the others, and how much they cost.

1. Donorbox

Finding an affordable and effective option to sell event tickets online is not always easy. With Donorbox, you can set up an event page, offer unlimited ticket types as per your pricing strategy, and store and manage purchasers’ information as well as sold tickets, all with no setup or monthly fees.

The primary perk of this software is how easy it is to use. It only takes minutes to set up your fundraising event online. The user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

You can check out the below example of an event page hosted on Donorbox for a better understanding of how the event page and the ticketing form look.

Explore Donorbox Events

Donorbox Events comes with a number of simple-to-use and effective features that help nonprofits sell more tickets and manage ticket data on the backend. Let’s take a look!

Features you get with Donorbox Events

  • Access an effective online event ticketing form (embeddable on your website) that is simple to build and use
  • Add unlimited ticket levels, also known as tiers
  • Easily calculate and display the tax-deductible amount of all ticket levels by inputting fair-market value and tax rate
  • Automatically send receipts and event tickets to the purchasers via email
  • Create unlimited promo codes to allow certain buyers to check out with discounted or free tickets
  • Accept additional donations within the event ticketing form
  • Add event details and images on a secure, Donorbox-hosted event page
  • Manage sold tickets, purchasers and payment records at the backend, also providing full refunds if needed
  • Allow attendees to provide additional information, such as meal preferences or t-shirt sizes, on the event ticketing form
  • Provide users with multiple payment options, including credit card and Apple Pay
  • Manually add offline transactions so you can track all ticket data in one place
  • Set ticket quantity limits and ticket sales deadlines to automatically close sales and certain points and create a sense of urgency


Nonprofits can get started with Donorbox for free – no monthly fees or contracts. There’s simply a nominal platform fee of 2.95% for Donorbox Events with a Standard account, plus the standard processing fees of Stripe and PayPal. Pro and Premium accounts can access Donorbox Events for only a 1.5% platform fee.

Ideal for:

All types of nonprofits looking for a simple-to-use and quick online event ticketing solution at an affordable price.

2. Eventbrite

event ticketing platform for nonprofits

Eventbrite is a great online event registration website for nonprofits. Businesses and nonprofits use their website, and now their mobile app, for basic registration, ticketing, and event management.

Eventbrite allows you to embed their ticket checkout onto your website and customize the event form with your organization’s branded colors, fonts, and images. Eventbrite Boost also allows you to market to more people with email campaigns and social media ads with integration options with 167 websites.


The basic cost of this software is 2% + $0.79 per paid ticket. Eventbrite is free for free event tickets and offers a free trial to try them out. If you’re looking for more tools to market and run your event, the professional package costs 3.5% + $1.59 per paid ticket. Training is available with live online webinars and in person. Learn more about their pricing here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits looking for a highly customized option with high-end add-ons.

3. Tix

event ticketing software for nonprofits

Tix is another software many nonprofits may have used in the past for their event management. You can sell tickets by phone, fax, box office, and online, either via a website or Facebook. Attendees can either receive their tickets by email or in person. Tix makes it easy for you to print your own event tickets or buy pre-printed tickets from them.

Tix has improved its marketing options to let nonprofits post an event on Facebook and sell directly from your page. You can also create and collect survey answers, collect donations, and include discount codes and QR codes.

Users can also download the TixScan app to iPhone and Android devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Event organizers at your nonprofit can plug their wired USB Barcode scanner into a laptop or PC and easily check people in at the event.


Tix has three different plans for their online event ticketing software, starting with the Box Office fee of $0.25 per ticket. Their online ticketing fees start at $1 per ticket and go up to $1.50 per ticket. The call center plan is priced at $3.50 per ticket. Learn more about their pricing here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits and charities looking to sell tickets via different methods and channels such as phone, box office, and online.

4. Silent Auction Pro

event ticketing software for nonprofits

Nonprofits can use Silent Auction Pro to create a customized event landing page and sell tickets online, but their auction options are why they really stand out! As their features page says, they’ve moved on from being just a silent auction solution to becoming an entire event management solution.

You can create a silent or live auction catalog that includes high-resolution photos and videos. You can also add opening and closing times for the event and send a registration link to all ticket holders.

Their Paddle Raise option allows bidders to participate in the auction online. Auctioneers can watch bidder names and donations appear in real-time with monitor mode.


Silent Auction Pro offers online event registration and donation options for $19.95 (plus a one-time setup cost of $99) a month, but you’ll have to sign up for the Mobile Plus package if you want to use their auction services.

At $647 a year (plus percentages of auction and ticket proceeds), you can bundle auction items, offer bidding from mobile devices and desktops, and let bidders check themselves out at the end of the event.

Their Mobile Pro package, at $796 a year (plus percentages of auction and ticket proceeds), provides a space for sponsor ads, allows nonprofits to customize emails and texts to advertise your event, and includes table and seating management. They also have in-person fundraising pricing starting at $348 per year. Learn about their pricing plans in detail here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits hosting silent and live auctions as part of most of their fundraising events and those willing to pay a setup and monthly/yearly cost.

5. Ticketbud

event ticketing software for nonprofits

Ticketbud lets you create customized event pages. Their branding options are excellent. It’s easy to set up an event page and add sponsored logos, videos, photos, and a customized URL. The layout of this platform is very easy to understand as well. This platform also has a mobile app you can download on your Apple or Android phone, and people can store their event tickets on Apple Wallet and email or print their own.


There is no contract, setup, or monthly fee, but there is a 2.0% + $0.99 per ticket service charge. The payment processing fee is 2.9%. Their website says discounts are available for nonprofits. Also, you can choose daily, weekly, or monthly payout options with WEPay, Stripe, or PayPal. Learn about their pricing here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits in search of a simple online event management and ticketing solution with a mobile app feature.

6. Grassroots Unwired

event ticketing for charities

Grassroots Unwired has done something with its own marketing that nonprofits could learn from. Their services are similar to many others on this list, but they have promoted the ability to use them in different ways. Grassroots Unwired has a 4EventDay mobile app that you can download and use to scan barcodes and track event check-ins, registrations, donations, and auctions.

The primary way this online event ticketing and management solution stands out, though, is that you can use it offline! This allows you to use it when going from door to door or standing on the street to sell tickets.


They do not list prices on their website, but you can fill out the form and request a demo.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits and charities comfortable with a mobile platform for tracking, online event registration, offline work, donation capture, etc.

7. Yapsody

event ticketing for charities

Yapsody’s Virtual Box Office is why this software made it to the list. They’ve packed a lot into their system that nonprofits will love! Yapsody offers a seating chart mode to help nonprofits plan and lay out their event. They also make it easy for all event organizers and team members to gain access to the app so the day of your event can run smoothly.

Other perks include:

  • Checking inventory status by section and ticket type
  • Viewing and changing ticket status
  • Event organizers and team members can have access
  • Reprinting or re-delivering event tickets and receipts
  • Refunding the whole or only part of a transaction


Their base fees are 1.75% + $0.59 per ticket for general admission and 2.49% + $0.98 for reserved seating. Events that sell more event tickets do get discounts, but you must sell 1,000 or more, so it doesn’t affect most nonprofits. Learn more.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits looking to offer a box office layout for selling event tickets.

8. Accelevents

ticketing management software for nonprofits

Accelevents has jumped on the streaming bandwagon. Nonprofits that use this software for event management can use their streaming service or connect with companies like Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live. This is a smart move on their part.

This software can be used at a gala, outdoor, or even an expo event. They include brand customization, multiple ticket types, and many third-party integrations. One thing that really stands out is their Virtual Expo Floor. This gives nonprofits something new to offer to event sponsors since it allows them to promote products and services online to all event attendees.


Their Starter package is listed at $500 an event, but it does include live streaming, expo booths, and other branding options. Their professional package is listed at $5,000 an event. This package offers advanced services and a dedicated account manager, but you’d have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the cost. Learn more.

Ideal for:

Large nonprofit organizations willing to pay a hefty cost for event registration software and live-streaming services.

9. Promotix

ticketing management software for nonprofits

Promotix’s event registration software and organizer app let you check on sales, look up attendees by name or email, and scan tickets to check in attendees. It is compatible with mobile devices or tablets, so it should be easy to use at the event location. One thing that stands out for this online event ticketing and management software is its notification option when special guests arrive. This can be very useful for your development manager!

Promotix’s Professional package offers excellent training options with a 60-day onboarding and a dedicated client success manager. They also include ambassador social media tracking, tasks and rewards, and promotional GPS tracking. In the age of the Influencers, this is an excellent way to turn supporters into advocates.


Their packages are broken down into 1) Ticketing at 1.75% of the ticket price, 2) Ticketing and Marketing at 3.00% of the ticket price, and 3) Professional with an annual subscription. Learn more here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits looking for professional services like expert help, influencer marketing, and an app-based solution.

10. SimpleTix

ticketing management software for nonprofits

SimpleTix found a way to make pandemic restrictions work with nonprofit event management. Thanks to social distancing, many nonprofits had to limit the number of event attendees. SimpleTix’s timed-entry ticketing allows you to set different time slots and cap your guest count. Now that life is beginning to return to normal, nonprofits can still use the timed-entry option, which helps with larger events and VIP attendees.

Their Event Organizer App offers several options to make your event day easier as well. When checking in attendees, you can find people by their order number or name, scan and sell tickets at the door, and monitor the event on your phone.


SimpleTix is affordable at 2% + $0.79 per attendee. The fee is capped at $9.99, and there is no additional setup fee. Learn more about their pricing here.

Ideal for:

Nonprofits preferring timed-entry event ticketing and an app-based event registration software.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Online Event Ticketing Software for Your Nonprofit

nonprofit ticketing software

Choosing the right event registration software for your organization and event can get tricky. Here are five tips to help you make the decision.

1. Offer your attendees multiple ticket choices

The best way to raise money for your event is through multiple ticket choices. An obvious reason for this service is adding a VIP ticket, but multiple ticket choices also allow your nonprofit to segment donors and market unique options that will inspire them to buy a ticket. Before your next event, look at past events and your database to see how supporters can be segmented and what appeals to each group.

Below is an example of how you can offer multiple ticket choices for your event attendees.

event ticketing platform for nonprofits

2. Showcase tax-deductibility information on the tickets

Your event ticketing software must let you input the fair market value of the event tickets and the tax rate to automatically calculate the tax-deductible information for all ticket types. It should showcase the information on the ticketing form so that your purchasers have clarity about it. The idea is to make your event registration process as simple for your attendees as possible to encourage more participation.

Check the below example of an online event ticketing form that highlights the tax deductibility of each ticket type.

event ticketing platform for nonprofits

3. Look for automation options

Your event ticketing software should automate your receipts and tickets. Purchasers should receive them as soon as they complete the payment. This saves you a lot of manual effort and time. Also, consider integrating different marketing tools with your event registration software. For example, email marketing tools like MailChimp can help you reach your existing supporters with your event details.

4. Collect purchasers’ information

The primary reason for holding an event is to find new donors with whom you can build relationships. When people buy tickets online, that is your chance to collect as much information as possible without being a bother. The best event registration software will help you collect and store this information in your donor management system.

See the below example of how Donorbox allows nonprofits to collect the contact information of event attendees.

event ticketing platform for nonprofits

5. Accept donations from the event page

You’re running a fundraising event and will definitely reach out to your existing donors to attend the event. In this case, if you have an option on the event page to let your donors make a donation, there’s nothing like it. Your ardent supporters will surely consider and appreciate this option to help your nonprofit in more than one way.

Check out the below event ticketing form for great inspiration.

event ticketing software for nonprofits

Last Thoughts

event ticketing software for nonprofits

Event registration software should make selling tickets, running your event, and collecting information easier. The 10 nonprofit ticketing software options listed in this article offer different ways to do this. Now it’s your turn to find the right one for your organization.

Donorbox is an all-in-one online fundraising solution for all nonprofits, offering features ranging from recurring donation forms and branded donation pages to peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, membership campaigns, text-to-give, event ticketing, and more. Learn more about Donorbox on the website.

Don’t forget to check out our nonprofit blog for some really useful fundraising tips and resources from Donorbox. Subscribe to our newsletter for a list of our best resources emailed to you every month.

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