Fundraising Gala Invitation: Sample, Wording Ideas, & Tips

Fundraising galas have always been a go-to option for nonprofits. These events can raise thousands of dollars for even the smallest organizations. Fundraising gala invitations take several steps and are used to entice and excite donors about the upcoming event. Make your fundraising gala invitation better and more enticing with this Donorbox guide.

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Fundraising Gala Invitation: Sample, Wording Ideas, & Tips

Fundraising galas have always been a go-to option for nonprofits. These events can raise thousands of dollars for even the smallest organizations. They are also an excellent way to form relationships with local media, corporate sponsors, and major donors. These community partnerships can significantly benefit a nonprofit in the long run.

A fundraising gala invitation should include several steps and be used to entice and excite donors about the upcoming event. This article will address what you must have in your next fundraising gala invitation and best practices to ensure your gala’s success.

What is a Nonprofit Fundraising Gala?

Galas are sophisticated parties that let people come dressed up, enjoy an evening of food and get-together, dancing, and more. Nonprofit fundraising galas are no different, with the intention varying from spreading awareness to acquiring donors to raising funds for a program. Today’s nonprofit galas can range from high-end Met Gala-type events to an online fundraiser where your guests order food and dress up in their own homes. Tickets to galas depend on the type of event you choose to hold and can cost several hundreds of dollars.

These events can raise thousands of dollars for nonprofits regardless of their size. Galas often include live or silent auctions, raffles, etc. to bring in new donors to your organization, thus sharing your organization’s mission and purpose. Your gala will have a better chance of meeting your fundraising goals if you can find ways to share why attendees should give.

That is where a highly efficient and conversion-optimized event ticketing tool like Donorbox Events helps! You can easily set up a fully customizable event page and ticketing form with unlimited ticket tiers for your gala event. Organizations like the one below has utilized Donorbox Events to raise over $200,000 just with online ticket sales.

successful gala fundraising event on donorbox

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What to Include in Your Fundraising Gala Invitation

Your fundraising gala invitation is one of the first things people see about your event. The importance of this marketing piece cannot be overstated. The design will be the first decision you make when creating the invite. You can include location images or design styles like art deco or confetti. Once you have finalized the design of your invitation, you must include the following details:

  • Event description
  • Date, time, and location
  • Ticket price
  • How to register or rsvp
  • How to donate money if you cannot attend
  • Dress code
  • Event theme
  • Meal options
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Contact information

The more information you share on your invite, the fewer people will call your office to ask questions. But remember to not make it look wordy, lest people lose interest altogether.

6 Best Gala Invitation Wording Ideas

Wording on a gala invite can entice donors and increase attendance at your event. The following wording ideas can be used to remind people of an anniversary or particular date, promote an event sponsor, or encourage supporters to be part of your fundraising.

1. It’s that time of year again

We all need reminders now and then. If your nonprofit has held a gala for several years, you probably have at least a few donors who look forward to it. Adding a reminder to your invitation gala is an excellent option for a long-running gala or one that takes place around the holidays.

2. Mr…, the CEO of …, invites you to attend the (organization’s name) gala

Sponsorships are a vital part of any gala, and one of the best ways to appreciate a company for sponsoring your event is by adding their name to the invitation. This form of advertisement is subtle and obvious and can be the right enticement to draw in larger businesses and more attendees.

3. Time to feel like a VIP at this year’s annual gala. Dress up, drink, and be merry

One of the best parts of going to a gala is the chance to dress up and feel like a VIP. This wording can make your donors feel special and remind them the event will be the talk of the town.

4. Mr. and Mrs. (donor name) request the honor of your presence at the evening gala

The wording on this gala invitation gives it a personal feel and lets your donors invite their friends and family and fundraise for your organization.

Pro tip: With an invitation like this, you’d also want them to set up their own fundraising pages online and share them with their network before and during the event. Donorbox lets you create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and invite your supporters and volunteers to fundraise for you. Imagine a page like this where your supporters add their own picture and words about your event to raise additional funds.

fundraising gala invitation wording

Set Up Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Your Event

5. Thanks to supporters like you, our organization has made a difference in the community for 50 years! We’d like to invite you to celebrate that achievement

If your organization has reached a monumental date or achievement, a gala is a perfect time to celebrate. State the accomplishment or anniversary clearly on your invitation and entice more donors to celebrate your achievements.

6. (Organization name) has organized an evening gala to support our veterans and their families.

Your nonprofit’s mission is the primary reason people give. This is especially true for gala attendees. By including your mission in the invitation, you remind donors of the why and will likely see an increase in attendance.

Fundraising Gala Invitation Sample

We’ve prepared a downloadable fundraising gala invitation sample for you to use as a reference or download and edit to use. Find it here.

Fundraising gala invitation

5 Tips & Best Practices for Inviting People to Nonprofit Galas

The wording is essential, but you should leverage several other things to increase attendance. The following suggestions have helped nonprofits raise more money and saved them time and effort to connect with donors.

1. Hire a designer

Gala tickets generally cost at least one hundred dollars. If you expect people to pay that amount for a ticket, it is best to treat them as a VIP and show how expensive the gala will be with a top-end design. If you have a volunteer with a design background, you are one of the lucky ones. You can use platforms like Canva for free invitation design templates.

Most nonprofits will need to purchase designs or connect with local designers to create a quality invitation. You can find affordable freelancers using websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

2. Include details on live or silent auction

If you’ve planned your gala invite well, your event committee may have already found a few exciting items for your gala’s live or silent auctions before sending out the invitations. Including details and pictures of these items can be an excellent way to entice your donors.

Nonprofits should create an online donation page to sell tickets, share auction details, and boost excitement for the event. The below page by Casner Christian Academy is a great example of the same.

nonprofit gala invitation

3. Send more than just the invitation

A gala may be your organization’s primary fundraising event, so it is best to connect with and send reminders to your donor base several times. When holding a gala, it is best to send Save the date cards, invitations, and several emails and social media reminders before the day of the event.

Remember to add in your event page link so that people can easily buy tickets to your gala fundraiser. Donorbox Events provides you with a free QR code with each event so you can add it to your marketing pieces to help people easily scan and buy tickets! You can even customize the QR code to change the link, format, and size before downloading it. See how it works –

gala event ticket QR code on donorbox

Sign Up for Donorbox Events

4. Send invites early

Once your organization has finalized the date and location for your upcoming gala, it is best to send out a save the date. These cards do not need to be much but should create a theme for the event and encourage donors to mark the date on their calendar. You should send out invitations 7 to 8 weeks before your event.

Pro tip: Any details not included on your mailed invitations can be added to your website, so you do not have to wait until you have everything finalized before sending out your invites.

5. Include a self-addressed return card and envelope

It is best to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your invite so people can efficiently respond and purchase tickets. You should also sell tickets online (as done in the example below) and include your organization’s website on the back of your invitation and stamped envelope. Donors will appreciate you adding different ways to support the organization.

nonprofit gala invitation

Final Thoughts

Gala invitations are an excellent way to share event themes, details, and sponsorships. With the right design and wording, you can encourage your supporters and their friends and family to attend the event and learn more about your organization.

During your gala, you will have ample opportunity to raise funds and share your organization’s story. Try Donorbox Events to sell online tickets for your gala fundraiser. It is equipped with modern, effective, and easy-to-use tools to make your event a success!

Learn more about the Donorbox online fundraising solution and its advanced features for help with all your fundraising needs.

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