Donorbox Dashboard: A Faster Way to Manage Your Fundraising

Donorbox keeps innovating with tools and features to help you fundraise smarter. The new Donorbox Dashboard shows you everything you need to know at a glance so you can make informed decisions and streamline your workflow. Read on to learn all this feature has to offer!

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Donorbox Dashboard: A Faster Way to Manage Your Fundraising

Many nonprofit organizations have limited resources, from small teams to lean budgets to simply needing more time in the day (or all of the above).

That’s why we here at Donorbox strive to provide an innovative fundraising platform that is not only effective but also simple to use, for both you and your donors. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to thrive as a nonprofit, without spending all of your finite resources obtaining and managing a complex system.

It’s also why we’ve released the new Donorbox Dashboard, which makes managing your fundraising efforts faster and easier than ever!

This new Donorbox Dashboard, now available in your Donorbox account, brings together all of your must-have quick links and profile information in one place. You can also use it to quickly view recent fundraising data as well as stay up-to-date on all the important Donorbox news.

where to find donorbox dashboard

Access Your Dashboard Now!

And as Donorbox continues to grow and add tools and services, this Dashboard will only become more helpful in empowering you to use your account to its fullest extent. No more clicking around to find what you need or wondering where to go next!

Click here to log in now* (or sign up for a free Donorbox account) to check the Dashboard out for yourself and read on for more details.

*Note that, at this time, only Account Admins and Team Members with access to all campaigns will be able to view the Dashboard. Any Team Members that only have access to a select few campaigns will be re-directed to the Campaigns page.

Navigating the Donorbox Dashboard

The Donorbox Dashboard is designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your entire account, from where you’re at in the onboarding process to details about your team to how much you have raised in the last 24 hours, and much, much more.

We’ve worked to make navigating the Dashboard as seamless and intuitive as possible. Here’s a look at how to access it and how you can put it to work for your organization.

1. Finding the Dashboard

Simply log in to your Donorbox account (or register for one if you haven’t already) – each new session will now start on the Dashboard.

Are you already logged in or have navigated elsewhere? Find the Dashboard link at the very top of your left-hand navigation or click here.

new dashboard on Donorbox

2. Top Navigation

At the top of the Dashboard, you will now see a navigation bar only found on this page of your account. You may upload your organization logo, and you will see your name as well as the name of your organization.

top navigation menu

In this navigation bar, you’ll also find several links to helpful resources and contacts, including –

  • FAQ – This links to our Zendesk with hundreds of articles covering the answers to numerous questions and topics. You’ll also have the option to submit a question of your own via our Support form.
  • Support – Click here to head directly to our online Support form. There you can send an email to our support team with any questions and information about you or your organization.
  • Contact Sales – This leads you to our Sales Inquiry form. You can submit it if you are interested in speaking directly with one of our sales representatives about your Donorbox account and how we can help you help others.
  • Learn – Click here to open a drop-down menu that features all of our top resources. It provides you with quick access to the Nonprofit Blog, Donorbox Academy, Donorbox Library, YouTube, Webinars, and The Nonprofit Podcast. Each of these has been carefully curated to provide you with educational information, skill-building activities and courses, detailed templates, and more that will empower you to take your fundraising to the next level.

Learn dropdown on Donorbox dashboard

3. Onboarding Notifications

If you have not yet completed the onboarding process, here is where you will be reminded of each critical step that must be completed prior to raising funds through your Donorbox account.

onboarding notifications

From confirming your email to setting up your payment processor – and beyond – we will guide you with how-tos and tips to make the process a smooth one.

Pro Tip: Looking for a highly detailed and helpful guide to onboarding with Donorbox? Take our free Donorbox Academy course, Getting Started with Donorbox, to find detailed guides for all of our tools and features as well as skill-boosting fundraising advice. Alternatively, you can also read our step-by-step guide to start fundraising with Donorbox right away!

4. Quick Start Links

Whether launching your first Donorbox campaign or your fiftieth (or somewhere in between), here is where you can quickly get started with a new Donation Form, Fundraising Page, Membership Form, or Events Form.

quick start links on donorbox

All you have to do is click the appropriate link and you’ll be launched directly into the setup process.

5. News & Updates

Never miss a Donorbox update again! Here, you’ll always see the latest and greatest news from our team here at Donorbox, including everything from product updates and releases to alerts for upcoming webinars and Donorbox Academy courses.

news and updates on donorbox

Click on the headline to read the most recent update or select ‘View all News & Updates’ to see what you might have missed.

6. Fundraising Results

How are your latest fundraising efforts performing? How many tickets have you sold for your upcoming event? What about the number of recurring donation plans that are currently active for your organization?

fundraising data on donorbox

Get Started With Donorbox

Find it all – and more – here! This helpful Dashboard section gives you a brief glance at critical fundraising data from the last 24 hours. And all you have to do to find more details is click on each result!

7. My Team

See everyone who is on your team – and their role within your account – in one place. Each of these individuals currently has access to your account in one way or another.

managing team members on donorbox

If you are an Admin (and already have additional Team Members), simply click ‘See All’ in this box to view and edit roles and campaign access for each member. You may also click on the individual user to change their details.

And, if you’d like to add someone to your account, click the ‘Invite My Team’ button, fill out the necessary information, and you’re all set!

8. Upgrade to Donorbox Pro

Ready to get more out of your Donorbox account? If you are currently on our Standard plan – which is free for all users and offers a 1.75% processing fee – this is where you can go to upgrade to Donorbox Pro for $139 per month.

donorbox pro plan

Click ‘View Pro Perks’ and you’ll go to our Pricing page. There you can learn more about Pro, which offers a 1.5% flat processing fee across all of our tools, advanced analytics, and more. You’ll also find additional details about Donorbox Premium, our customized plans designed with each member’s unique needs and growth in mind.

Note: If you are already a part of the Pro Plan or are a Premium member, this box will not appear. Visit ‘My Plan’ under ‘Account’ to see the details of your plan and make changes at any time. Here you can also see how many team members you’ve added (and how many you have remaining) as well as check which add-ons you have enabled and which are available to you.

9. Account Add-Ons

Here is where you can find all of the add-ons available to – or already activated for – your organization. Those you’ve activated will show up under ‘My Add-ons’ with a green ‘Activated’ notification. And those you’ve not yet activated but are available to you will come under ‘Available Add-ons’ with a blue ‘Available’ notification.

add-ons on donorbox

At a glance, you can also find a short description of what each add-on can do for your nonprofit.

Click on an add-on to learn more about it and activate it (or de-activate it) for your organization!

10. Billing Alerts

Need to add a bank account or credit card for billing purposes? Or has your credit card expired? We’ll be sure to let you know with additional alerts on your dashboard, enabling you to update your billing preferences in just a few clicks.

billing alerts

Sign Up to Access Donorbox Dashboard!

Simply click the ‘Add Billing Method’ or ‘Update Billing Method’ button, follow the steps, and you’ll be set up in no time.

Note: If you already have a billing method set up on your Donorbox account, and that method is not expired, this box will not appear in the dashboard. To view or edit your billing options, as well as billing history, at any time, go to the ‘Account’ drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar and select ‘Billing Preferences.’

Final Thoughts

The new Donorbox Dashboard is now included in all Donorbox organization accounts and was created with you – the nonprofit user – in mind. It is designed to help you navigate your account with speed and ease so that you have more time to do what you do best – fundraise and change the world.

Ready to check it out for yourself? Log in to your Donorbox account now or sign up for a free account today. With zero set-up costs and the lowest platform fees in the industry, you have nothing to lose! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Learn more about Donorbox and its wide range of powerful fundraising features, including everything from Recurring Donations to Events to Memberships to Crowdfunding to Peer-to-Peer, and even Donor Management, all in one place.

Explore fundraising and donor management guides and tips at the Donorbox Nonprofit Blog, where you’ll find hundreds of useful articles including free resources. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a collection of Donorbox’s best resources in your inbox every month.

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