What is Church Membership & Why it is so Important

What is Church Membership & Why it is so Important

church membership

Churches are seeing fewer attendees during their services. While many have hosted virtual services to reach a larger audience, churches must find ways to grow their community and church members.

One way to increase your church followers and grow your members is through church membership programs.

Joining a church’s membership differs with each denomination, but each church must make it easy to learn more about becoming a member. This article will break down some of the benefits of church membership for individuals and the church. We will also discuss ways churches can encourage parishioners to become members.

  1. Becoming a Church Member
  2. How Individuals Benefit from Your Church Membership
  3. Benefits of Membership for the Church
  4. How Can You Encourage Church Membership?

Becoming a Church Member

church membership

What is Church Membership?

Church membership is nothing but a formal relationship between an individual and a local church congregation. Church membership is also commanded in the Bible. The process of becoming a member of the church varies based on the Christian denomination.

Becoming a member of any church is a personal choice between the individual and God, but each denomination has different requirements for membership, as previously suggested.

To become a member of a church, people are expected to have a personal relationship with God and have accepted him as their savior. Once someone has taken that step, they can speak to the pastor or church leadership to discuss becoming a member of a church.

Most churches have training or a probationary period one must follow before the membership. Regardless of the specific requirements of joining a denomination or church, a few similarities are true for each.

How Individuals Benefit from Your Church Membership

what is church membership

Church membership is a decision made by an individual and the church. Each side should do their due diligence and make sure they are comfortable with each other. It is also essential that both sides have the same expectations.

A recent Gallup poll found that only 47% of U.S. adults belonged to a church, synagogue, or mosque. In 2000, that number was 70%. A primary reason for this drop is a large number of people with no religious affiliation, but what about the others?

A common reason churches have difficulty finding new members is the confusion of what it means to be a church member. Most people do not see church membership as necessary anymore, but churches have the responsibility to educate individuals on the benefits of membership. Below are a few advantages people find with church membership.

Here’s why church membership is so important:

1. Sense of community

Personal connections are vital to our health. High social relationships can lower rates of anxiety and depression, heighten self-esteem, and even increase longevity by 50%. Historically, churches have provided people with a sense of community and a feeling of acceptance. Deep friendships are made with others who have similar beliefs. These relationships can last for lifetimes and be crucial during rough times.

2. Personal growth

One surprise benefit to membership is personal growth. Becoming a church member takes persistence, honesty, and commitment. After becoming a member, these personality characteristics remain essential. Members are often expected to serve in leadership roles. These positions require members to care about the faith and future of others. People in these roles must have a desire to grow in these roles and as individuals.

Committing to anything is difficult, but members can become more comfortable with the church’s needs and expectations with a process in place. Other members in the church also provide a level of accountability that helps people remain committed.

3. Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering has a host of benefits. The chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and make a difference in others’ lives are only a few. Volunteering at a church may include teaching children in Sunday school or joining a Welcome Committee. No matter what they do, each volunteer is a necessary part of the church. Individuals find immeasurable pride in these activities.

4. Fun and meaningful events

A big part of being a member of a community is the chance to socialize with others. Many churches have large and small events for their members. These church events can be fun and meaningful. They can also offer chances to form friendships, build professional relationships, and strengthen connections with God.

Benefits of Church Membership

what is church membership

Members are not the only ones who gain from this relationship. Churches need a strong membership for several reasons.

1. More volunteers

Running a church requires committed and motivated people. Finding volunteers willing to show up weekly and serve in unpaid positions is not always easy to come by, let alone hold on to for long periods. Members are an excellent source for finding quality volunteers.

2. A better predictor of attendance

church membership requirements

Most churches require a certain level of attendance from their members. Members are also more inclined to attend services for their own reasons. Strong membership in a church can assure leadership that their pews will not be empty on Sunday morning.

The current pandemic has had a frightening effect on church attendance, but virtual options have allowed churches to remain connected with members. Churches after the pandemic ends may be pleasantly surprised by the increase in attendance and membership.

3. Deeper connection

Another way churches can benefit from having a robust membership program is with the various communication options with members. People who join a church’s membership program will often connect with church leaders more personally.

This connection offers the chance for the church to communicate with them by phone, email, social media, and even face to face. Such a strong connection will ensure that inspired members will invite their friends and family to the church on Sunday or special events. They might even encourage them to become members of your church.

4. Easier to ask for donations

Each of the earlier benefits makes it easier for churches to ask members for donations. As relationships grow with members, it is easier to know where their interests and passions lie.

As church leaders learn more about members, they can share more information on how they impact these areas. Churches can also use their knowledge of these members to establish the best ways to collect donations. More churches have begun to realize the importance of offering online giving and text-to-give options.

For example, St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church has set up the donation page below to accept donations for their membership program. While it is not mandatory to become a member, they urge the members to make their kind donations so that they can keep working toward their mission. It’s a simple donation page with descriptions and good imagery and a donation form with suggested donation amounts.

church membership program

Get Started With Donorbox

A page like this not only inspires membership but also additional donations and increased engagement with your church. Donorbox makes it utmost easy for churches to attain online tithes and offerings through its advanced fundraising solution. The best part is that you need no coding knowledge to get started and create a page like this with Donorbox.

This short video explains much more about how Donorbox has already helped thousands of churches around the globe –

How Can You Encourage Church Membership?

church membership requirements

As we have discussed, church membership has innumerable benefits for individuals and the church. The issue remains that people do not fully understand why membership in a church is important. There are ways to change this opinion and encourage more membership.

1. Make people feel welcome

The first step to turning attendees into members is to make them feel welcome. While services have always offered people the chance to meet other members and church leaders, the inclusion of virtual church means much of the original face-to-face communication is lost. Even in-person services may allow a few new attendees to slip through the cracks.

One way a church can welcome new attendees and encourage deeper involvement is with a welcome committee. Church leadership and volunteers should be trained to connect with people who attend online and in-person and educate them on the options their church has to offer.

2. Explain membership and the benefits

Part of the education the welcome committee can offer is about membership in the church. What is a member? What volunteer opportunities do members have that others do not? How does someone benefit from membership? Finally, how does someone become a member of the church?

Church leaders must create a well-defined membership program that includes the benefits and steps to the membership so everyone remains on the same page. The Prophecy Club and the Spirit of Prophecy Church can be a great example of how a church membership and its benefits can be very well explained on a donation page. That way, they are not only urging people to donate but also through a detailed video, telling them what impact their membership decisions will have on the church and its future.

church membership program

3. Promote it in various ways

Your membership program may be detailed and easy to understand, but if no one can find this information, there is little chance you will see an increase in members. Churches can no longer stick with only the old ways of promoting membership within the church.

More people attend services online or simply spend less time in the church before and after Sunday service. Due to this, a look at new ways to communicate about the membership is essential. Here are two ways churches can do this:

3.1 Website

Church websites should include a separate page detailing the benefits of membership for people and the church. This page should also include ways to become a member of the church and who people can contact to begin the process.

3.2 Social media

Many churches have started to use social media to spread the news about their services or community events. Some are even finding ways to collect donations through crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaigns.

Social media can also be an excellent place to spread the word about a church’s membership program. Personal stories from current members and examples of membership benefits may encourage more to check it out.

4. Make it easy to sign up

Those who learn about church membership on a website or through social media will likely want to sign-up online as well. Churches that do not offer this option will regret not including this option. Donorbox provides an easy-to-use online membership form. Churches can customize branding and add additional form fields and page content to fit their needs. Here’s an example from the Debre Menkrat Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church for you –

church membership program

5. Ask for feedback

As churches begin to make changes to their membership programs, they must look to current and new members for feedback. People’s opinions on the importance of membership and how easy they found the system will significantly benefit the church. By including these opinions in the decision-making process, your membership will have a greater response rate when it comes to new sign-ups and long-term membership.

Final Thoughts

church membership program

There are few other more important things to a church than its members. Individuals and churches both benefit from a transparent membership program. Churches that make people feel welcome from the start clearly lay out the importance of being a member, and make it easy to learn more and sign-up for membership programs will quickly see results from their efforts.

Online membership and donation forms help churches encourage membership and donations from all church attendees, regardless of whether they attend services in-person or online.

Donorbox is an affordable online donation processing system that can help your church raise funds, sign-up new members, and collect vital information on both. Learn more about our features on our website. For more tips and resources to raise funds for your church, visit our blog.

Kristine Ensor is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience working with local and international nonprofits. As a nonprofit professional she has specialized in fundraising, marketing, event planning, volunteer management, and board development.

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