10 Best Case Management Software for Nonprofits

Being able to efficiently help your beneficiaries means noting down the details of each case, creating suitable programs, keeping track of progress, fundraising for the success of specific programs, and more. Learn about the 10 best software options that will make these steps simple for you!

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10 Best Case Management Software for Nonprofits

case management software for nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on case managers to work with people or clients dealing with homelessness, addiction, serious healthcare issues, and more. Case managers meet with clients, provide the necessary education and emotional support, and connect them with external sources to continue their growth. Case management software for nonprofits must help case managers tackle all this and keep track of progress.

The following 10 software options were developed for case managers, many by case managers themselves, and were built for a specific field and their needs.

  1. Apricot 360
  2. FAMCare
  3. Salesforce
  4. PlanStreet
  5. Penelope
  6. Foothold Technology
  7. My Junna
  8. CaseWorthy
  9. Notehouse
  10. Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)

What is Case Management for Nonprofits?

Case management, also often referred to as human services management, helps organizations support their beneficiaries by creating various programs, recording case notes, making case plans, solving issues, and tracking any progress or growth.

Case managers meet with clients (beneficiaries), discuss issues they’re dealing with, and connect them with the resources that fit them best. Nonprofit case managers must remain ethical and build trust with their clients to ensure continued growth.

Why Do Nonprofits Need Case Management Software?

Case management software is a single system that lets case managers create, record, and plan programs to help their clients as well as track all data.

Nonprofits should invest in case management software for help with –

  • Taking and storing notes.
  • Creating programs and forms.
  • Finding external resources.
  • Tracking client progress.
  • Organizing documents

Many case management software systems enable nonprofits to comply with local, state, and federal laws as well.

10 Best Case Management Software for Nonprofits

The following list of software options includes software targeted to specific fields like homelessness, health care, and addiction. Many of them are flexible enough to be used by any nonprofit.

1. Apricot 360 by Social Solutions

case management software for nonprofits

Apricot 360 is one of the options Social Solutions gives nonprofits for case management.

This software serves nonprofits, the public sector, and philanthropists. But it’s best suited for those in social services.

Case managers can use Apricot 360 to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and track performance.
  • Customize alerts.
  • Collect data, assessment, and upcoming appointments in one place – available for all team members.
  • Create easy-to-make reports.
  • Develop workflows to help team members follow the same process.
  • Identify risks and missing information.
  • Hold online conferences with clients.
  • Search for partners and make referrals for more services.

Apricot 360 is also available on a mobile app so that case managers can use the software while on the road. Organizations can try Apricot 360 free for 30 days.

2. FAMCare

FAMCare is a case management software that works best for nonprofits working with families and children, the homeless, mental health, and long-term care.

It can be set up on-premise or cloud-based on any device to allow case managers to use it while visiting clients in their homes.

The following features let case managers:

  • Use best-practice templates and forms.
  • Ensure data security and compliance with HIPPA.
  • Personalize and customize client profiles.
  • Simple billing.

This software is supported by data scientists and social workers who understand case managers’ needs with 24/7 tech support.

Organizations can purchase a subscription license with maintenance and hosting included. They can also purchase a FAMCare license and do an on-premises installation with a separate maintenance agreement. Sign up for a free demo and contact FAMCare for more information.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is well known to many nonprofits thanks to its online donation and donor management tools. But they also have case management software.

This software option includes a home page to help case managers view all upcoming meetings and tasks. Case managers can also use Salesforce to quickly search for clients and easily find crucial details and connections.

Salesforce is an excellent option for charities and nonprofits with its other features, including grant management, fundraising tools, and marketing.

Salesforce’s case management software costs $360 a year. Their Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with fundraising and client engagement features is also automatically installed in this product.

Donorbox seamlessly integrates with Salesforce NPSP to help you manage your donor data more effectively and use it for important tasks like case management. It takes only 4 steps to get started and Donorbox is there to help you every step of the way. Check out this quick video guide to learn more about this integration –

Get Started With Donorbox

4. PlanStreet

PlanStreet was explicitly developed for organizations with reentry programs, homeless management, and child and family care.

This software has specialized features for each of these program types with

  • Compliance with HIPPA and HUD guidelines.
  • Continuum of Care (COC) for homeless populations.
  • Annual Performance Report (APR), Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), Consolidated Annual Performance, and Evaluation Report (CAPER).
  • Intuitive data input for medical documentation, case notes, demographic information, shared data, youth, and child welfare documents.

PlanStreet is a flexible system that can help organizations with their specific needs.

Case managers can also use PlanStreet to

  • Enroll and track attendance.
  • Send and receive text messages.
  • Drag and drop to create online forms.
  • Store client data.
  • Complete service planning for clients.
  • Budget and cost tracking.
  • Secure storage.
  • Patient notes and electronic records.
  • Electronic insurance and Medicaid billing.

Prices start at $50 per user/month (billed annually) for a custom licensing plan. Contact sales to learn more.

5. Penelope by Social Solutions

case management software for nonprofits

Penelope by Social Solutions helps organizations focus on billing issues with their case management software.

With Penelope, you can

  • Get a 360-degree view of your participants.
  • Manage invoices, payments, and credits for clients.
  • Stay connected with clients.
  • Collect client data with custom reports and forms.
  • Send appointment reminders via text and email.
  • Use a mobile portal that allows clients to participate in their own care.
  • Automate administrative tasks.
  • Keep track of staff, clients, and resources.

It also includes many of the same options provided by Apricot 360 except

  • Calendar integrations.
  • Advanced enterprise reporting.
  • Census data integrations.
  • Attendance dashboard.

Request a demo to learn more.

6. Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology works best for human services organizations working with developmental disabilities, mental health, substance use, homelessness, and housing.

This case management software offers

  • Intake and admissions
  • Service planning
  • Forms and assessments
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Billing
  • EHR analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Security
  • Training

Foothold also helps case managers meet external and internal audit standards and provides accessible remote access to client data.

Schedule a demo with Foothold Technology for more information.

7. My Junna

case management software for nonprofits

The purpose of My Junna is to simplify the day-to-day activities of case managers and patient advocates. A long-time case manager created My Junna to improve efficiency and communication between team members.

It’s a cloud-based platform that can be used anywhere. It’s also HIPPA compliant.

With My Junna, case managers can track client progress, family members, professionals, demographics, and assessments in one location and assign team members to tasks. It also has dashboards for clients, where employees can see tasks, billable time, and calendars and easily monitor the progress and targets.

Other stand-out features include:

  • Clock in and out that’s helpful for billing.
  • Access to partner contact info, frequently used resources, upload PDFs, and print vendor flyers.
  • Calendar sync to keep track of important dates and appointments.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks and generates single or multiple invoices.
  • Secure file management on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Assess client demographics.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Build custom forms.

My Junna has a one-time $199 set-up fee, and monthly prices start at $89 monthly for the first user. Additional users are $59 a month.

8. CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy is a flexible case management software that allows organizations to customize and build workflows that work best for their staff and clients. It also helps case managers sort information to better understand their client’s needs and program effectiveness.

It is ideal for organizations that work with homeless populations because they understand the continuum of care needs.

CaseWorthy can help with:

  • Bed management
  • Demographics
  • Emergency shelter
  • Housing counseling
  • Weatherization

This software also helps organizations find and apply for grant funding and remain compliant with HUD regulations. Schedule a demo to learn more.

9. Notehouse

case management software for nonprofit

Notehouse was created by a lawyer offering legal services out of her van. She saw a need for attorneys and social workers in the nonprofit field and came up with simple, affordable, and user-friendly software for anyone who takes notes on humans.

This case management software can also benefit small business human resource professionals, school counselors, or nonprofit donor relationship coordinators.

Notehouse allows organizations to

  • Create tags, track, sort, and filter clients.
  • Track important dates.
  • Import and export client lists.
  • Attach files to a note.
  • Add and assign users.

Noteworthy’s free trial plan allows organizations to take unlimited notes on up to ten different cases for the first 30 days. After that, paid plans are $5 or $12 per user each month.

Noteworthy also has small team packages for up to 4 users and unlimited cases. Small team packages are $168 a year.

10. Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)

The final Social Solutions option is Efforts to Outcomes (ETO), which aims to consolidate data, caseloads, and service delivery programs.

This case management software includes

  • Best practice reports
  • Easily accessible dashboards
  • Integrations that automate repetitive tasks

Nonprofits can also update critical information, view progress, and request services. This software is on this list because it offers more options for client use than others.

With this software, your volunteers can

  • Update information, view progress, and request services.
  • Sign forms electronically.
  • Easily communicate via SMS or email.

You can also use ETO to

  • Schedule virtual and in-person meetings.
  • Create unique forms.
  • Synchronize and manage programs and organization locations from the same platform.
  • Track attendance.

Nonprofits can set up secure usernames and passwords, and ETO complies with HUD, Domestic Violence, HMIS, and Social Security Administration, and minimum requirements for FERPA and HIPPA.

Contact them for more information.

Final Thoughts

Nonprofit case managers need software to help them collect and track beneficiary data, meet with them, and connect them with the necessary tools to help them heal and grow. The options we’ve listed give nonprofits an excellent start to finding the right tool for their organization. Choose one that fits your nonprofit’s mission and programs and can best help the people you serve.

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