Top 9 Fundraising Software Solutions for Nonprofits

Elevate your fundraising this year by choosing the best fundraising software for your nonprofit. We've curated this list while also providing a detailed review of each software solution so you can make the best choice for your organization. Read on!

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Top 9 Fundraising Software Solutions for Nonprofits

Online donations are a primary revenue source for many nonprofits, but organizations can miss out on thousands of dollars a year without the right online fundraising software. There are several different fundraising software options that offer peer-to-peer and crowdfunding campaigns, text fundraising, matching gift widgets, and donor management software features to target specific donor types.

This article gives an in-depth review of nine different online fundraising software, offers prices, and what stands out about each. Whether your organization raises millions every year or is a small nonprofit just getting started, at least one of the top fundraising software solutions listed below should work for you.

Top 9 Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

1. Donorbox

Donorbox - Best fundraising software for nonprofits

Donorbox is an all-in-one, affordable fundraising software. Over 80,000 organizations across 40 countries have chosen this software for their online fundraising. With no set-up or monthly fees and a low platform fee, you may assume the options for this online fundraising software are limited. But Donorbox offers everything from recurring forms to donor data management to advanced fundraising tools like peer-to-peer campaigns, crowdfunding, membership campaigns, and text-to-give. Nonprofits of all sizes can use Donorbox to raise significant amounts for a minimal cost.

1.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

Donorbox is fully transparent about its fees. The 1.75% Donorbox fee and payment processing fee of Stripe and PayPal are the only ones charged for most services. Donorbox also allows donors to cover these fees. This assures donors that their gifts are going where they desire and limits fundraising software costs for nonprofits. Know more about our pricing here.

1.2 Why does it stand out?

With a wide range of online fundraising tools and a comprehensive donor management system, Donorbox allows nonprofits to raise more funds for less. The following features, user-friendly and all in one place, make it stand out among the crowd.

  • Customizable donation forms – popup and embeddable, optimized for mobile, recurring intervals, multiple currencies, donation tiers, additional fields, in honor donation, anonymous donation, and more.
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Crowdfunding pages with an updates tab and subscription feature
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Text-to-give with custom keyword and shortcode option
  • Membership campaigns
  • Event ticketing with simple-to-use event pages for fundraising events and unlimited ticket types as per pricing strategy
  • Free Donorbox-hosted donation pages
  • Company matching gift widget
  • Multiple payment options – credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and more.
  • Donor management to build and strengthen donor relationships
  • Dedicated donor portal with QuickDonate.
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Double the Donation, Zapier, and most website builders available in the market.

2. Qgiv

fundraising software for small nonprofits

Qgiv offers many different fundraising options with peer-to-peer and mobile fundraising, but its event registration makes nonprofits choose it among others. Qgiv’s event registration and management let nonprofits sell tickets, promote the event, collect donations, and create mobile-friendly auction forms. Event tracking pages allow nonprofits to view event donations and registrations from one location.

2.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

There are no long-term contracts, but for $25 a month, Qgiv’s most popular option allows nonprofits to track donor data, create online forms, and collect event registration details. The higher price packages include services like text fundraising, peer-to-peer, and online auctions.

Qgiv does have a $0/month option for smaller nonprofits to try out. This option includes donation forms, event registration, and management.

All packages include a 3.95% Qgiv fee. Click here for more information on additional fees.

2.2 Why does it stand out?

Qgiv’s event and auction software are impressive. With their quick online checkout, donors don’t have to wait in long lines and can participate both in-person and online. The fundraising platform specifically stands out to those nonprofits that regularly hold fundraising events and auctions as part of them.

3. Fundly

fundraising software for small nonprofits organizations

Fundly gives smaller nonprofits the chance to try out crowdfunding without buying online fundraising software that’s out of their budget. Nonprofits can create unique campaign pages for specific programs and needs and connect with their donors using social media. The Fundly app is easy to use and fundraisers can view campaign success and receive notifications anywhere. Giving nonprofits the option to connect Gmail, Yahoo, Survey Monkey, and Constant Contact to the app allows them to easily send emails to their donors.

3.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

There is no monthly fee to use Fundly, but they deduct a 4.9% fee from every donation. That, along with the credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will add up. Know more about their pricing here.

3.2 Why does it stand out?

The fact that this fundraising platform is designed for mobile viewers is a big plus. More donors are viewing social media and making donations through their phones. This app targets those donors and makes it easier for nonprofits to use.

4. OneCause

fundraising software for small nonprofits

OneCause makes online fundraising easy for nonprofits. They can set up online campaigns, launch challenges, and grow their reach in no time with this customizable solution. The platform offers event management, peer-to-peer fundraising, mobile bidding and auctions, ticketing, and more. The focus remains on event fundraising, however, features like donor management and gift matching are included as well.

4.1 How much does this online fundraising software cost?

Their pricing varies according to the plan chosen. You have to request a consultation to know how much it would cost to afford the software for your nonprofit. Check out this page for more.

4.2 Why does it stand out?

If an event fundraising software platform is on your mind, this one should definitely stand out. It is apt for galas, golf tournaments, sports, and other community fundraising events. Nonprofits can use it for online ticket sales, event promotion, tables assignments, donor data management, auction management, etc.

5. Giveffect

nonprofit fundraising software

Giveffect was built with nonprofits in mind and offers features that any other fundraising software doesn’t. Their CRM software system tracks donor data, major gifts, grants, and more. They have also included a drag-and-drop campaign builder, making it easy for nonprofit staff who don’t have a coding background.

Volunteer coordination with Giveffect allows nonprofits and volunteers to add and sign waivers and consent forms, fill out applications online, and quickly check in with a QR code. Volunteers can manage their own calendars, so nonprofits have less chance of being in the dark if a volunteer doesn’t show.

5.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

Packages with this fundraising platform start at $399 a month. Larger organizations can sign up for custom packages that include over 15,000 contact records and 5 user keys. Know its pricing here.

5.2 Why does it stand out?

Giveffect has more options than its competitors. The CRM and volunteer management system are excellent features, but it is not affordable for smaller nonprofits. Bigger organizations can highly benefit from software like this, without having to look elsewhere.

6. Double the Donation

nonprofit fundraising software

Double the Donation makes it easy for nonprofits to encourage matching gift programs. Nonprofits can seamlessly embed Double the Donation’s matching gift widget on their donation page.

Donorbox has also partnered with Double the Donation to offer nonprofits this matching gift widget. Nonprofits using Donorbox can easily embed this widget on the recurring donation form or any other place on their website to encourage matching gifts.

This way they can encourage donors to check if their employers would match the given amount. With the inclusion of their 360 MatchPro tool, nonprofits can automatically identify matching gift opportunities from donors’ email domains.

6.1 How much does this online fundraising software cost?

Once again, this type of online fundraising software platform is not cheap. The standard package starts at $1200 a year. Smaller nonprofits that raise less than one million in revenue or $10,000 in matching gift programs can get this package for $799 a year. Check out their pricing here.

6.2 Why does it stand out?

Double the Donation has almost a monopoly on this type of fundraising tool. They have done an excellent job of making it easy to integrate their system into almost any other online fundraising software. Donorbox currently partners with Double the Donation and offers an affordable matching gift option for nonprofits.

7. ShopRaise

nonprofit fundraising software

ShopRaise lets nonprofits raise funds from donors’ everyday activities. Supporters download the app and shop at their favorite stores, and nonprofits receive up to 10% of every transaction. Nonprofits can create branded pages that remind the donor about the organization and who they’re supporting every time they shop. The software also simplifies marketing for you and helps you manage your programs at the backend.

7.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

This app is free to nonprofits and donors! You may want to check out their pricing page for more information.

7.2 Why does it stand out?

Apps like this are excellent for PTAs and other school teams. Since the pandemic, more people have been shopping online. ShopRaise gives nonprofits the chance to benefit from this trend.

The reason this app stands out from others is the marketing features. ShopRaise sends nonprofits marketing banners, flyers, text, and social media templates to use, so they don’t have to spend additional time creating an appeal. This feature is priceless for smaller organizations that don’t have a marketing budget.

8. Snowball

best fundraising software

Snowball offers several features at an affordable cost. Their tagline, “Raise More, Spend Less,” states that clearly. In addition to a CRM system, Snowball provides nonprofits with auction services, text-to-give, event ticketing and registration, and customizable online donation forms and campaigns.

8.1 How much does this online fundraising software cost?

Snowball starts nonprofits off at a $0 fee with 2.9% + $0.30 processing fees for each transaction. All nonprofits can use their CRM and online donation systems, and donors can cover the fees so nonprofits can use their funds to help more people.

Nonprofits that want to use the text-to-give, event ticketing, and auction features have yearly fees of $549 or $849.

8.2 Why does it stand out?

While it’s not the most affordable option on our list, Snowball’s free options are a great start. The software stands out for text-to-give and bidding features.

9. DonorPerfect

best fundraising software

Without comprehensive donor data, nonprofit fundraising success is limited. DonorPerfect provides wealth screening tools and volunteer management features along with their fundraising software to benefit organizations.

This fundraising software allows nonprofits to perform prospect research for up to 5,000 existing donors and collect vital information like the donor’s ability to give, their philanthropic activity, and other nonprofit affiliations.

9.1 How much does this fundraising software cost?

Packages start at $99 a month but can be customizable to the organization’s needs.

9.2 Why does it stand out?

DonorPerfect is a great choice for strong donor relationships and volunteer management. This fundraising software may be out of reach of smaller nonprofits. But the features this software includes are excellent for a growing organization looking to involve its volunteers in all aspects of fundraising.

Choosing the Right Fundraising Software for Your Nonprofit

fundraising software for nonprofits

Nonprofits are continuously looking for a silver bullet when it comes to fundraising. But the secret to fundraising is different for every organization. Nonprofits must research and find the right fundraising software for their organization and supporters.

If you already know what your primary need is for fundraising software, choosing a tool will be simple. Whether you want an all-in-one software solution at affordable pricing or you’re flexible with spending more is for you to decide. It also depends on the size of your nonprofit. But in most cases, organizations will have the best results by finding software that offers everything at a lower cost and is always improving.

While it may seem like a dream, in this era of technology, nothing is quite impossible. Donorbox provides every solution for nonprofit fundraising along with donor management and integrations. Our cost remains one of the lowest out there, with no signup or monthly fees. Nonprofits can get started in minutes and use our recurring forms and fundraising campaigns with no coding knowledge. That is not all – nonprofits can benefit from other modern features like peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, event ticketing, membership campaigns, text-to-give, and more.

Whatever your choice and need for the right fundraising software, we hope you find the best!

Final Thoughts

This article gives you a few fundraising software options that are based on the various needs and methods of nonprofit fundraising. Whether you’re a larger nonprofit looking to increase major donor revenue or a small nonprofit just getting started, worry not – there are fundraising software platforms out there for you! Just choose the right one that suits your needs and you’re good to go!

Donorbox provides weekly fundraising tips and resources for nonprofits of all sizes. Visit our blog for helpful insights into management and fundraising.

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