How To Use Donorbox and Quickbooks With Zapier| A Step-by-Step Guide

Donorbox’s integrations with QuickBooks and Zapier lets nonprofits see how their organization is doing, instantly. Nonprofits can set up recurring Zaps to send information from Donorbox to QuickBooks. We take you through the steps to set up this process and encourage you to sign up for an account, login, and create an API key to connect Donorbox to Zapier.

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How To Use Donorbox and Quickbooks With Zapier| A Step-by-Step Guide

UPDATE 11/15/2019 – Zapier has recently upgraded its platform to offer more functionality than ever before. Zapier’s integration with Quickbooks now supports deduplication. This means Zapier will check if a donor’s record already exists in Quickbooks. If it does exist, it will be updated with the recent donation. If the donor’s record does not exist, a new record will be created.

You can also use a multi-step Zap to pass both the full donation (as income) and its processing fee (as an expense), all within the same trigger. When a donation is received, you will be able to see both the full donation and the net result when the fees are deducted. This means an easier and more accurate bookkeeping experience.

To see a full tutorial on how to connect Zapier to Quickbooks in this way, check out this blog post.

Quickbooks, the number one online accounting software in the world, now has a Donorbox integration, available through Zapier. With Zapier, you can set up recurring Zaps to send important information from Donorbox to Quickbooks. This integration lets you see how your organization is doing, instantly.

Running your nonprofit just got a little bit easier.

Steps To Connect Quickbooks To Donorbox Via Zapier

Step 1

If you don’t already have a Donorbox account, sign up for a Donorbox organization account and log in. Go to your API & Zapier Integration page, under your Account settings. There, you can create an API key that will connect Donorbox and Zapier.

Step 2

After you get your API key, log in to Zapier to start configuring the integration. This Zapier integration will trigger Donorbox events (such as whether you have received a new donor or donation) to your Quickbooks online account.

Make sure you already have signed up in Quickbooks. Go to Zapier and click on the button ‘Make a Zap.’


Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

Step 3

Choose Donorbox as your trigger app.
Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

Step 4

Then, select a Donorbox trigger (new donor, new donation, or new campaign) and click continue.
Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

Step 5

After you have selected the trigger, connect your Donorbox account to Zapier. In the popup authentication page, enter your username (your organization’s email) and your API key to allow Zapier to access your Donorbox account. Once you have successfully connected, you need to choose Quickbooks as your Action App.

Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

Step 6

Saving Donors

To record a new Donor (customer on Quickbooks) select the create customer action. You will need to connect to your Quickbooks account. Save your connection and continue to map your information.

connect Zapier to Quickbooks

Step 7

Once you have successfully connected to Quickbooks, you can start mapping your information. There’s a plus icon to the right of the text field that will allow you to add content using the data retrieved from Donorbox.

connect Zapier to Quickbooks

Step 8

Once you have finished mapping all the information that you need, click Continue to carry on, then click Finish. Once that’s done, name your Zap and then enable it to make it go live. Now, every time you get a new donor, you will automatically see it on your Quickbooks account.

connect Zapier to Quickbooks

Step 9

Saving Donations

To save Donorbox donations, follow the same steps as before, but choose ‘Create Sales Receipt’ as your action.

Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

Step 10

After connecting successfully, you can search for the donor that you have previously created, and you can map the rest of the information so that it’s saved to your Quickbooks account.

Integrate donorbox with quickbooks


Go ahead, name your zap,donorbo and go live. Now every new donation will be recorded instantly on your Quickbooks account, making it easier to manage your organization’s finances.

Integrate donorbox with quickbooks

With this amazing integration, it should be super easy to manage your accounting.

Ready to get started?

Sign in to Zapier or click on the templates below to get started right away.

Donorbox Quickbooks integration via Zapier

Donorbox Quickbooks integration via Zapier

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