8 Mobile-Friendly Platforms and Apps for Church Giving in 2024

Having mobile-friendly apps and platforms in your church toolkit is the key these days. Church members and donors are using their phones now more than ever to connect with and donate to your church. We have you covered with a list of eight of the best mobile-friendly platforms your church can use.

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8 Mobile-Friendly Platforms and Apps for Church Giving in 2024

A church-giving program is only as good as the tools it uses. You might have the best strategy to increase your church giving, but if you don’t have the platform or app to back it up, your success will be limited.

The big trend for 2024 and, well, forever moving forward? Mobile giving. Your church needs to be able to accept donations from a mobile phone or you’ll be missing out on over 28% of online donations that are made on mobile!

That’s why we’ve compiled eight great mobile-friendly platforms and apps for churches in 2024. Let’s first understand exactly why mobile-friendly giving tools are so vital for churches right now.

Why are Mobile-Friendly Platforms & Apps Important in 2024?

Smartphones are everywhere. In 2024, it’s estimated that 6.8 billion people will use smartphones globally. The result of this is a significant increase in demand for mobile giving.

Churches are no exception either. According to Double the Donation, the number of mobile transactions increased by 50% last year – and desktop transactions decreased by 10%.

What does this mean for churches?

Churches already have a unique position when it comes to fundraising, with the bulk of their fundraising occurring in person. But it is important to note that time has changed and people no longer carry cash to their church. The above stats are indicative of that.

When you offer people a way to make donations quickly via their mobile phones, they feel more empowered to support your church! And that is why church apps and giving platforms are so vital for church fundraising.

In an increasingly cashless world, having scalable, easy-to-manage ways for congregants to give with their mobile devices means maintaining – and significantly increasing – your church’s weekly fundraising goals.

Donorbox makes it easy for your church to offer a great mobile-giving experience to your supporters. We have features like Text-to-Give, UltraSwift ™ Pay, and more that encourage church congregants to use their mobiles to quickly make a donation. Here’s a live example from a mobile-friendly church crowdfunding page hosted on Donorbox.

mobile-friendly donorbox crowdfunding page

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8 Mobile-Friendly Platforms and Apps for Church Giving in 2024

Here are 8 tools churches can use to increase their donations by offering supporters more mobile-giving opportunities.

We’ve segregated the list into two categories – mobile-friendly giving platforms and church apps – to make it easier for you to understand which suits your requirements the best.

Also, the platforms and apps are in no particular order; our sole aim is to highlight their best features, their pricing, and other important details to help churches make informed decisions.

Mobile-Friendly Giving Platforms

1. Donorbox

Donorbox works with thousands of churches to help streamline and boost their fundraising. The donation platform is simple-to-use for you and your donors – and optimized for mobile devices.

Plus, features like Text-to-Give, QuickDonate ™, and UltraSwift ™ Pay make it easy for churchgoers to quickly make donations using their phones.

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Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-optimized donation forms, customizable to fit your church’s brand – can be used with the Donorbox-hosted fundraising pages, or you can embed them or use them as popup forms on your church website.
  • Ability to create mobile-optimized fundraising pages for church campaigns.
  • Donorbox QuickDonate ™ feature that helps your one-time church donors repeat their previous donations by simply logging in to their accounts and clicking a button.
  • Donorbox Text-to-Give that enables donors to quickly send your unique campaign ID to a texting number (both provided by Donorbox) and make a donation via your mobile-friendly donation page.
  • Free QR codes (for each campaign on Donorbox) that are customizable to fit your needs and apt for fast mobile donations around your church.
  • Donorbox UltraSwift ™ Pay that comes enabled with all Donorbox campaigns and includes digital wallets like Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • Recurring Donation forms with daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly intervals so churchgoers can give regularly to your church.
  • Secure donor accounts that help supporters log in, manage their recurring donation plans, QuickDonate, download donation receipts, access account settings, and more.
  • Donorbox Live ™ Kiosk app that enables you to turn an iPad or Android tablet – paired with a card reader device – into a giving kiosk to let donors make in-person donations with quick swipes, dips, or taps of their cards, smartphones, or smart watches.
  • Donorbox Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer pages are optimized for mobile devices and will help you boost outreach and donations with high shareability.
  • Donorbox Memberships that lets you accept monthly and yearly membership payments with mobile-optimized and fully customizable membership forms.
  • Donorbox Events helps you set up mobile-friendly event pages and customizable ticketing forms to boost event ticket sales.

Learn about all of Donorbox’s mobile-friendly features on the website.


Compatible with desktop and mobile devices (both Android and iOS).


Donorbox offers 3 pricing plans – Standard, Pro, and Premium.

Standard pricing is free to start, with a nominal 1.75% platform fee on donation forms, fundraising pages, QuickDonate ™, Peer-to-Peer org page, and Crowdfunding. For Peer-to-Peer supporter pages, Memberships, and Events, the transaction fee is 2.95%.

The Pro plan pricing is $139 a month with a flat 1.5% platform fee on all features.

In addition, there will be Stripe or PayPal processing fees. We recommend asking donors to cover all these fees because 80% of donors love to do that when asked!

Premium pricing is based on your needs and is fully customizable. It offers a premium suite of integrations, personalized support, and expert coaching. Learn more and book a demo here.

What stands out

Donorbox is a one-stop shop for churches with intuitive tools that are optimized for mobile devices. From fundraising to donor management to integrations with CRM and marketing tools – and even personalized support and expert coaching – you get everything in one place.

Plus, native integrations with church management software like Rock RMS and Planning Center make your work on the backend as streamlined as possible – so all your key data can live in one place.

With ample mobile-giving features like QR codes, Text-to-Give, QuickDonate ™, and digital wallet payment options via UltraSwift ™ Pay, as well as other giving options, Donorbox can help boost your overall church giving.

2. DigiGiv

DigiGiv by Ministry Designs offers robust tools and support that help churches make the most of their fundraising efforts. With text-giving, recurring donations, pledge management, and more, this could be a great option for churches starting out with mobile giving.

Key mobile-giving features

  • 100% free text giving.
  • Text message follow-up with the ChMS feature.
  • Recurring donations with three interval options.
  • Mobile-friendly online giving portal.


Compatible with desktop and mobile devices.


No annual or monthly fees. DigiGiv charges 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

Our review

Free text-giving means churches can capture more donations during service – and at no extra cost. Which is great for smaller churches looking to start fundraising and mobile giving.

3. easyTithe

easyTithe offers the support churches need to grow a culture of generosity with mobile-friendly tools for collecting and tracking funds.

church apps - easytithe

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-friendly online giving forms.
  • Text-message giving.
  • Church management.
  • Mobile-giving app that comes with the Pro plan.
  • On-site giving kiosks.


The platform and its features are compatible with desktop and mobile.


Pricing for giving plans depends on the size of the church.

Small church pricing starts at $19 a month with a 3.00% + $0.42 charge per transaction.

Small-to-midsize pricing starts at $49 a month with a 2.6% + $0.42 charge per transaction.

easyTithe Pro pricing starts at $75 a month with a 2.75% + $0.42 charge per transaction.

Our review

easyTithe clearly segregates its plans for smaller and mid-size churches, which is great for decision-making. The addition of an app that comes with the Pro plan can be valuable for churches that are willing to invest more.

4. Gyve

Gyve is all about offering tools to help churches increase generosity by “simplifying your generosity conversation.” With features like text-giving, split donation, guest giving, and more, you’re sure to offer new and exciting mobile-giving options to your church supporters.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Text giving with smartphones or other phones.
  • Mobile-friendly online donation form.
  • Guest-giving option so users don’t have to log in to give.
  • Enabling congregants to split their donations and designate giving.
  • Pledge campaigns.


Compatible with desktop and mobile. They mention offering Android and iOS mobile giving apps, however, the website lacks details.


Although you have to meet with Gyve to get access to their full pricing plans, they do promise $0 a month with no setup fees for all of their features.

Our review

Gyve’s focus remains on its strong reporting and management tools. However, some of their unique giving concepts like split donation and guest giving can grab the attention of churchgoers.

Church Apps

5. Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly is an app with tons of tools for churches, including management and giving capabilities.

tithely mobile app

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-friendly online giving form.
  • Give in three seconds with QuickGive.
  • Text giving.
  • Recurring donations.


The Tithe.ly mobile app is available on Android and iOS stores.


The giving app includes no monthly or setup fee but they do have processing fees.

Our review

Tithe.ly offers comprehensive mobile-giving tools that engage church members – and even the ability to customize your own app! This option is great for churches that are looking to direct their giving to an app that does it all.

6. Pushpay

Pushpay makes customized apps for churches that include all kinds of church management features so congregants can stay connected and updated.

Key mobile-giving features

  • In-app giving that connects directly with Pushpay Giving.
  • Optimized giving through the mobile browser.
  • Custom app.
  • Text giving.
  • Recurring donations.
  • In-person giving kiosk.


The Pushpay mobile giving app is available to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Though they don’t list their pricing online, Pushpay offers three plans for churches: Core, Advanced, and Complete.

Our review

Pushpay offers strong in-app giving that focuses on increasing generosity and provides churches with customization options. This church app can be a great addition for bigger churches but a bit overwhelming for smaller ones.

7. GoChurch App

GoChurch mobile app

GoChurch App helps churches create apps to make connecting with their congregation easier. This includes online giving, too!

Key mobile-giving Features

  • Custom-designed app.
  • In-app giving.
  • The ability for churches to share videos and add push notifications for users.


Custom apps are made available on iOS and Android stores for church members to download and use. Typically takes a month to be available.


Two pricing plans are available. Both charge $57 a month but depending on customizations and offered tools, the one-time setup fee varies from one plan to another.

Our review

Since GoChurch App helps churches customize their app, this creates a really engaging experience for users. It helps connect parishioners with the church and encourages them to be more generous. And as they claim on the website, the app is suitable for small and mid-sized churches.

8. The Church App

The Church App provides churches with the ability to create their own app to capture more giving, deliver media, live stream services, and more.

Key mobile-giving features

  • Mobile-friendly online donation form.
  • Text giving.
  • In-app giving.
  • The ability for churches to send group messages for centralized communication.


The Church App is available to download from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore.


Pricing is broken up between just giving and using the entire platform. The giving plan costs $0 a month, with a 1.9-2.3% + $0.30 transaction fee.

If you’d rather use the complete all-in-one solution for church management and online giving, you can book a demo on the website.

Our review

The Church App can be great for churches looking to build up their digital presence. However, it lacks diversity in terms of available giving tools and a holistic approach to church fundraising.

Final Thoughts

Churches can’t afford to miss out on the significant donations made with mobile devices. With the right mobile-friendly app or giving platform, they don’t have to either!

While looking for a church app or a giving platform for churches, it is important to keep in mind the bigger picture of fundraising.

There are several platforms that will help build a church app – but are you getting the tools you need to elevate fundraising? And what different ways can your donors give via mobile? Are they simple to use?

If your choice of platform can answer these vital questions, you’ve made the right decision!

Donorbox is an all-in-one fundraising platform built with churches and their supporters in mind. Our features are donor-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. More than 80,000 organizations including churches have used our platform to raise $2 billion and counting in donations. You can be the next – sign up for free to start fundraising today!

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