Top Nonprofit Resources

Top Nonprofit Resources

We’ve made a list of some of the best nonprofit resources so you can stay on top of your nonprofit game. Whether your nonprofit is just starting out or continuing to grow, these resources offer tips and insight into what really goes into creating and running a successful nonprofit. Here are the best blogs to read, online groups to join, Ted Talks to watch, and podcasts to listen to. Check them out!

Top Nonprofit Resources

Top 5 Resources for Starting a Nonprofit

  1. “Starting a Nonprofit” by
  2. “How to Start a Nonprofit” by the National Council of Nonprofits
  3. CalNonprofits outlines how to start a nonprofit in California
  4. “How Do I Start a Nonprofit Organization” by Grantspace
  5. “7 Steps to Starting a Nonprofit” by Nonprofit Hub
  6. “How to Start a Nonprofit” by Donorbox

Top 10 Nonprofit Blogs (and their Twitter accounts)

  1. HuffPost Impact @HuffPostImpact 
  2. Chronicle of Philanthropy @philanthropy
  3. The Nonprofit Times @NonProfitTimes
  4. Nonprofit Quarterly @npquarterly
  5. TechSoup Blogs @TechSoup
  6. Nonprofit Tech for Good @NonprofitOrgs
  7. Beth’s Blog @kanter
  8. Third Sector @ThirdSector
  9. Philanthropy News Digest @pndblog
  10. Stanford Social Innovation Review @SSIReview

Top 10 Online Groups for Nonprofits

  1.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  2. Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations
  3. The Nonprofit Quarterly
  4. Online Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
  5. Non-Profit Marketing
  6. GuideStar — The Nonprofit Conversation
  7. Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN)
  8. Nonprofit & Philanthropy Jobs, Powered by ImpactFlow
  9. Professional Nonprofit Fundraising 
  10.  Development and Fundraising Professionals

Top 10 Nonprofit Podcasts

  1. The Impact Podcast
  2. The Business of Giving
  3. Nonprofit Leadership Podcast
  4. Futures in Fundraising
  5. Successful Nonprofits
  6. Raise & Engage
  7. Nonprofits Are Messy
  8. Tiny Spark
  9. Conquering Nonprofit Chaos
  10. Top Nonprofits

Top 10 Ted Talks for Nonprofits

  1. “What Nonprofits Can Learn from Coca-Cola”
  2. “The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong”
  3. “You Are the Future of Philanthropy”
  4. “The Generosity Experiment”
  5. “Why Some People Are More Altruistic Than Others”
  6. “A Third Way to Think about Aid”
  7. “3 Ways to Plan for the (Very) Long Term”
  8. “The Why and How of Effective Altruism”
  9. “5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change”
  10. “How to Start a Movement”


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Charles Z is the Founder and CEO of Donorbox. He has been starting companies and numerous web applications since college. Nowadays he is immersed and wildly excited about the the future of the social impact sector.

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