How to Use PNG Image Donate Buttons

Your donate button is the key to getting more online donations. At Donorbox, we like to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with your donors - on whichever platform you're using. That's why we offer several ways to share your donate button, including an easy-to-use PNG image button. Read on to learn more!

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How to Use PNG Image Donate Buttons

Your donate button is important. Just by making your donate button stand out on your website, you can increase your donations by over 191%. That’s why at Donorbox, we offer multiple ways to easily share your donate button and connect more people with your donation form.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about our PNG donation buttons, how they differ from our other buttons, and how to add them to your materials.

Why Use PNG Donate Buttons?

When you launch your Donorbox campaign, two types of donate buttons will become available for your use:

  • A CSS button that links to your donation page
  • PNG Image buttons

You can embed the CSS button on your website to quickly connect website visitors to your donation page hosted on Donorbox. You can also embed your donation form directly in your website for even quicker access! But you can’t use a CSS button in an email or on your GitHub pages, for example. That’s where a PNG button comes in.

The PNG image donate button helps you quickly connect people with your donation page, without a lot of extra work on your end.

How to Use PNG Image Donate Buttons

We’ll walk you through how to use these donate buttons in four steps!

Step 1 – Log in to Donorbox

Log in to your Donorbox account or sign up – it’s free and only takes fifteen minutes to launch your first campaign!

Step 2 – Locate Your Campaign Launchpad

From your account, click “Campaigns” and find the campaign you want to share. Click “Go to Launchpad.”

You’ll see the following options listed on the top of your screen:

Click “Donate Button.”

Step 3 – Copy the PNG Button code

On the Donate Button screen, you’ll see the two options for PNG image donate buttons on the right-hand side of your screen:

Select whether you want a donate button with the heart logo or one without. Then copy the code for the corresponding button.

Step 4 – Paste this code where needed

You now have a PNG image donate button to use wherever you need it! Paste it into your Mailchimp emails or your GitHub pages and boost your donations.


A well-placed donate button can make or break your campaign. The more visible the button, the more likely an interested supporter will be converted to a donor.

Adding a donate button to your website is crucial to making these kinds of conversions. But having an attractive donate button in your emails and on your GitHub pages is another vital step to growing your overall donations – and that’s where a PNG donate button comes in.

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