Multi-Currency Donation Forms

Multi-Currency Donation Forms

Getting international recognition of your nonprofit is awesome! As your organization grows, you’re bound to attract donors from around the world. Your donation form should be able to handle donations in different currencies.

We’re happy to announce that all Donorbox donation forms now allow donors to choose their preferred currency to donate in.

When a donor encounters your donation form, they will be given the option to choose which currency they want to donate in, based on the options you specify. Donors can decide from a choice of up to 25 of the most commonly used currencies. And more are being added regularly.

A single unit of one country’s currency may not be worth the same in another country. 1 Euro and 1 Rupee are not equivalent in value. So, when switching between different currencies, your form will immediately auto-calculate the new amounts at the prevailing exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates.

This ensures that your donors know exactly how much they’re donating. It also protects your nonprofit from being disadvantaged in any way. If the donor chooses a lesser-value currency to donate in, you’ll still receive the equivalent value in your own currency. Your nonprofit will always get the amount it was intended to get.

When a donation is made in a different currency, you will see both the original and converted amounts on your dashboard. The donor’s currency amount will be displayed, along with the converted amount in your base currency. Your CSV file will also have columns for both currencies so you can see exactly how the donation was converted.

How to Enable Multi-Currency Donation Forms

Step 1

Log into your Donorbox dashboard. Find the campaign that you want to be enabled for the multi-currency feature and click the Edit link next to it.

Step 2

Go to the Amounts tab. Click on the switch, marked Multiple Currencies.

Step 3

Choose your base currency from the list provided. This will be the default currency that your form will be displayed in.

Step 4

Next, choose the additional currency options you want your donors to see. You can choose as many or as few as you like. Only the selected options that are ticked will be displayed on the donation form.

Step 5

Hit Save and you’re all done!

Our new multi-currency feature is certainly going to make donations an easier process for both you and your donors. If you need our help with enabling this feature, please feel free to contact us.

Our Support Team will gladly help you get ready and set for those international donations.

Rebekah is the Head of the Customer Success & Intelligence team at Donorbox, ensuring nonprofits and individuals receive the best support at all times. Under her guidance, Donorbox is able to create friendly and meaningful relationships with their customers.

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