QuickBooks Integration with Commerce Sync and Donorbox

QuickBooks Integration with Commerce Sync and Donorbox

donorbox quickbooks integration

This is a step-by-step guide on how to link your Donorbox account to QuickBooks through Stripe with Commerce Sync. In addition to this guide, Commerce Sync is offering up to 12 months of historical transfers to help businesses during COVID-19!

Getting Started

To begin, you must have your Donorbox account linked to Stripe. For more information on that process, please visit this link: Getting started with Donorbox

Setting up your Commerce Sync account

Once you have your Stripe account connected to Donorbox, you can connect to QuickBooks through Commerce Sync. First, visit this link to begin activation.

You will now be prompted to login into your Stripe account if you are not already logged in:



Next, grant Commerce Sync access to your Stripe account (and thus your Donorbox donations) by clicking Connect my Stripe account:



Once completed, Commerce Sync will authorize and connect to your Stripe account.



Connecting Commerce Sync to Quickbooks

You will now have the option to select whether you would like to connect to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero. This guide will demonstrate the most popular option, QuickBooks Online. However, Commerce Sync also provides assistance for the other two options. A Xero installation guide is available here. If you need help with QuickBooks Desktop or have additional questions, you can reach out to .

Once you’ve connected Stripe, the screen below will also show access to email, chat, and knowledge base support:



Login to your QuickBooks account when prompted if you are not already:



Click the “Connect” button to authorize Commerce Sync access to your QuickBooks account.




Upon authorizing the connection, there will be two more steps. First, you will be asked to select whether you would like your sales separated by the customer or grouped into a daily summary. Customer detail is highly recommended as it is popular with donation-based businesses and a major reason why Donorbox and Commerce Sync partnered together.



Last, you will be asked to either enter your credit card information or “skip for now”. Both options include a 15-day free trial. However, if you enter your credit card information, you will receive a 3-month, 50%-off discount.



You will now automatically have all Donorbox donations logged into your QuickBooks account as described in the following section.

Viewing Donorbox Donations in QuickBooks

Commerce Sync works by automating the transfer of Stripe charges, including Donorbox donations, into QuickBooks on a nightly basis. You can, however, request a special historical transfer, found here, and discussed further below.

The example below shows four successful donations. Each contains customer information and an automated deposit that reconciles with processing fees and other information. Again, for illustration purposes, we use QuickBooks Online, although the details are the same for both QuickBooks Desktop and Xero.

To view your donations received using Donorbox, select the “Sales” link on the side navigation.



Once on the “Sales” page, you can select from a variety of options that include your sales, invoices, customers, etc. This screen displays our 4 sample donations:



By default, Commerce Sync will enter donations as an Invoice – Payment combination. However, when the Customer Detail option is enabled, you may also request Sales Receipts (this picture shows a blend of the two). For a more detailed view of either the invoice or receipt, select the row you wish to see the details of. You’ll know which row is selected by whether or not it’s highlighted.

If you wish to view your donor base, you can select “Customers” and view all of the individuals that have donated to your organization. You can also select each customer and view all of the donations you have taken from them that were transferred by Commerce Sync. A key aspect of the Customer Detail feature is that it will use existing customers upon repeat donations, rather than creating a new one. This saves time by avoiding having to keep two different donor lists in sync.

Viewing Deposits in QuickBooks

As we know, Stripe sends you donation funds in the form of a payout. Commerce Sync represents this in QuickBooks in the form of a deposit. Here is an example of what that would look like if the above 4 donations were settled by Stripe at the same time:



Note the following important characteristics of the automated reconciliation flow:

  • Each of the 4 donations is marked for deposit – whether entered as a payment to an invoice or as a sales receipt.
  • The processing fees are represented as a separate, negative line mapped to a dedicated expense account.
  • The overall amount is entered into the bank account of your choice, shown by the drop-down at the top of the deposit:



Best of all, this feature is complementary to any bank feeds you have connected to QuickBooks. When the expected paid amount matches your bank, reconciliation is done, saving you the manual trouble!

Request your Free Historical Transfer

As mentioned above, to help businesses during COVID-19, Commerce Sync is running a special promotion of up to 12 months of free historical transfers. You can make your request by accessing this page and completing the fields provided. This includes denoting that you use Donorbox after selecting Stripe as your payment processor.

If you have any specific questions about Commerce Sync or mappings into QuickBooks, don’t hesitate to reach out to Commerce Sync directly at .

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