25 Simple & Inspiring Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Looking for ways to spice up your church bulletin board? Sometimes coming up with creative ways to spread God's messages can be tricky. We have you covered with 25 creative church bulletin board ideas to inspire your congregants and encourage them to get involved.

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25 Simple & Inspiring Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Many churches ignore their bulletin board, but it can be an excellent marketing and educational tool. Your church bulletin board can highlight your church’s mission as well as adult and children’s activities. You can also boost fundraising by sharing your church fundraising campaigns at the right time.

In this article, we’ll share 25 ways to make the most out of your church bulletin board. We’ve broken this list down into separate categories so you can find an idea to fit your specific needs.

Church Bulletin Board Ideas for Adults

1. “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD)

There’s a reason why What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) is a famous Christian phrase. The Bible guides you on how to live a Godly life, and Jesus is the best role model you can choose.

Creating a church bulletin board for WWJD is an excellent way to get parishioners to participate. Include blank cards and a pencil or pen, and ask visitors to add their ideas or stories of when this phrase helped them.

2. “Make time for God”

Life moves fast. It’s easy to lose God in all the chaos. Add a reminder to make time for God to your church bulletin board and include a clock or other seasonal images.

This will also encourage people to visit the church more often, be involved, volunteer, and help spread God’s word in the community.

3. A prayer board

church bulletin board ideas for adults

A prayer board is another excellent way to get more participation from your parishioners. Once again, add a pen, cards, envelopes, and a basket so people can share their prayer requests in privacy.

It’s also a great way to remind people to remember their blessings and write down what they’re thankful for. Ask them to write the prayers that God has answered for them. Enable them to leave the church with a sense of gratitude and joy.

4. “We’re following Jesus, come with us”

Add a map or footsteps to your bulletin board and use this inspirational phrase to help people know they’re on the right path.

Church Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids

5. “Let Jesus be the ruler of your life”

The fun of a kid’s bulletin board is matching images to words. Add a measuring ruler along with these words to create a fun bulletin board scape. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this clever pun while learning how important following Jesus can be.

6. “We are all children of God”

Children see everyone as equal. So does God. Include pictures of children from all over the world to promote our differences and similarities, and use this board as a reminder that God loves us all.

This is an imperative message, especially in today’s time. Help kids visiting your church leave with an important life lesson every time with phrases like this. Adults can appreciate this timely message, too!

7. Carve out a life with Christ

Messages are great to instill culture and education but we must remember that children love fun projects! Get them involved with a fun craft activity.

Lead your Sunday school students in a woodworking activity and post pictures from the day on your bulletin board for all to admire.

8. “You are a piece of God’s plan”

It’s easy to feel lonely as a kid. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost in today’s world, a reminder that you are a part of God’s plan will help children know they aren’t alone. Add pieces of a puzzle to highlight this message. Bonus points if you have each child in your congregation decorate their own piece to highlight their individuality!

Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring

9. Jesus on the cross

Jesus on the cross is a powerful reminder that he gave his life for us. On Good Friday, add three crosses to your church bulletin board and an inspiring Bible verse.

10. “A lot can happen in three days!”

Three days may feel quick or drag on forever. But Jesus proved a lot can happen in three days.

While our struggles may not be as obvious, this bulletin board reminds us that every step you take can bring you closer to a miracle. Dedicate your spring bulletin board to inspiring your parishioners.

11. “He is risen, he is risen indeed!”

Easter is a time of celebration. Praise God on your church bulletin with an announcement of his rebirth. Use this phrase to convey your message impactfully.

12. Jesus’s love is blooming

This spring, add a beautiful field or bouquet of flowers to your church bulletin board and a reminder that Jesus shares his love in many ways.

A beautiful or heartwarming image can make people stop and appreciate life even on a dull day. Uplift your congregation and invite them to enjoy the blessings of spring.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Summer

13. The temperature is rising!

Perfect for a summer fundraising campaign at your church, this bulletin board idea can help you meet – and surpass! – your fundraising goal.

Design a thermometer and add it to your board. At the bottom, include a fundraising goal or share how many regularly attend your church. Encourage members to invite visitors or raise money to meet your church’s goals. Even better if you could somehow showcase the goal with a live meter that progresses with each new donation!

With Donorbox, you can easily add a fundraising goal meter to your campaigns. This updates in real time and shows your online supporters how close or far you are from that goal. Plus, set up a giving kiosk next to the bulletin board to easily accept cashless, in-person donations to get you closer to your goal. The Donorbox Live™ Kiosk app allows you to accept donations from visitors using credit cards, smartphones, or smartwatches.

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14. Amazing grace

July fireworks are one of the best parts of summer. The oohs and aahs ring out in the crowd, and everyone is amazed at the beauty. Share in your parishioners’ joy and remind them that all God’s gifts are amazing with an image of fireworks and a Bible.

15. Worship under the sun

Your church members will enjoy the sun and warmth at home or on vacation this summer. You can use this bulletin board idea as a reminder to continue worshipping God or add blank cards and a pen and ask parishioners to come up with ideas to share.

16. Footsteps in the sand

Do you remember the Footprints poem? This inspirational piece assures followers that God is always with us.

You can share the entire poem on your bulletin board or the final line, “When you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” Add a path of footprints to get the message across.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

17. FALL into scripture

The start of school and other activities ensure that fall is one of the busiest times of the year. You can create a fall bulletin board with scriptures that share God’s gifts and how we can praise his name.

Give it a fun name like this one along with images to bring more eyes to the board. If you have a fall fundraising campaign running for your church, make it a point to include those details as well.

18. “We gather together”

This well-known hymn is often sung during Thanksgiving and other fall festivities.

You can include phrases like “Sing praises to his name, he forgets not his own” and add pictures of families holding hands around a dinner table.

19. “Fly high with God’s love”

Flying a kite is one of the many joys of fall. Add different colors and sizes of kites to your bulletin board and remind people of all ages of the joy a lovely fall day can bring.

Add a phrase like this one at the top to engage with your community and encourage more church participation.

20. “Don’t forget to take Jesus back to school”

Kids and their parents are excited about the start of a new school year this fall!

Use your bulletin board to remind families, especially kids, to share Jesus’s love with friends. You can add images of school buses, kids, books, and more to give a feeling of this season. Also, add an inspirational message that goes with the theme.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Winter or New Year

21. Nativity scene

new year church bulletin board ideas

The nativity scene is a simple and meaningful image to add to your Christmas bulletin board. Keep it small with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, or elaborate with pictures of the animals, Wisemen, Shepherds, and an angel.

22. New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a common practice worldwide. You can use your New Year’s bulletin board to entice more participation.

Ask everyone to write their resolutions on blank cards and add them to the bulletin board. This will encourage more people to share or think of their own. Involve kids as well as adults in this activity.

23. “Exercise your faith, walk with God”

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more. People want to exercise for many reasons: to lose weight, feel better, or keep up with their kids. However, exercise can also be an excellent way to connect with God.

Your church bulletin board can be a space of encouragement with Bible verses and inspirational phrases that help parishioners meet their exercise goals. You can add in a walk-a-thon or similar fitness-based events to help encourage more people to join in.

Pro tip: Add a QR code to your bulletin board to quickly connect visitors with your online donation form, your event page, or any other digital information you want to share! A free QR code is generated with every Donorbox campaign.

24. “God’s love keeps us warm”

The winter chill isn’t something many people enjoy, but as Christians, we know God’s love can keep us warm. Add this inspirational phrase to your church bulletin board and include images of hot cocoa, mittens, and scarves.

25. “Like snowflakes, no two are alike”

Children aren’t the only ones who need a reminder that our differences make us stronger! Adults need the reminder more often than not as well. This church bulletin board idea would do just that – quite efficiently!

The beauty of snowflakes is that no two are alike. People are the same. God gave us each our own gifts. Combining these gifts can help us share God’s love with the world.

Take It a Step Further

Church bulletin boards are an easy way to share your mission or God’s message, but there are other tools your church can use too.

Technology has made sharing God’s word with others easier and more impactful than ever before. If your church plans to run a capital or other fundraising campaign or share your message with live streams, there are many tools available to you.

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