Gift Range Calculator

(or gift range chart) can be useful for fundraising campaigns of any size and can help determine if your fundraising goal is achievable

Gift Range Calculator

The gift range chart below breaks your donor prospect base into thirds.


Your top donors should account for the first third of the campaign’s income.


The second third should come from donors with mid-level gifts.


The final third of the campaign’s income can come from all other donors.

Enter your gift range amounts

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The gift range calculator helps establish the levels or gift amounts, the number of gifts at each level, and the number of prospects you will need to reach your fundraising goal.

Did you know?

A typical gift table establishes that 80% or more of the fundraising goal will come from 20% or less of donors who make a gift. In other words, you will need a few major donors to make large gifts for your campaign to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a gift range calculator for a fundraising campaign?

Consider using a gift table for:

  • Year-end campaign
  • Annual fund goal
  • Scholarship campaign
  • Endowment building campaign
  • Capacity campaign
  • Capital campaign

How do I use a gift range calculator to strategize?

By using a gift range calculator, you can determine optimal ask amounts and what donor prospects will be needed at each level. The gift range chart often helps direct your segmentation strategy.

How do I check to see if my campaign goal is realistic?

The best way to plan for your campaign is to look through your donor database to see how much op donors have contributed, plus