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Average Gift Per Individual Donor

Looking at the amount of average gifts per donor year-over-year is a helpful way to determine a giving strategy for an individual donor.

Customize your Donorbox campaign with some impact statistics to encourage a donor to give more and see the impact their dollars will have

How to use this calculator

How to use this calculator

Calculating average gift per donor is fairly simple and only requires knowing total donation amount and total number of gifts received for an individual. Just divide total donation amount by the number of gifts received to determine an individual’s average gift size.

Pro Tip

Spend time looking at your best donors’ average gift amounts. This information is always helpful when meeting with the donor in person and can be a good introduction to a conversation about giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to increase an individual’s giving?

TA good way to increase the size of donations is to invite your donors, at least once a year, to increase their gift amount by a percentage and explain why.

How can I inspire donors to give more?

Using your custom settings in Donorbox, you can recommend preset sizes of gifts that donors can make. This usually results in increased gift amounts and helps donors overcome having to think up a gift amount (which may be too small) on their own.