Sync Donorbox Plans with Enhanced Recurring Donations in Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. In addition to connecting marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and IT teams from anywhere, Salesforce is a database system that creates one-time and recurring donations for nonprofits. Additionally, Salesforce offers enhanced recurring donations – which are slightly different. In this post, we’ll share how Salesforce enhanced recurring donations work and how Donorbox recurring plans map to Salesforce.

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Sync Donorbox Plans with Enhanced Recurring Donations in Salesforce

Donorbox Salesforce integration now supports sync with enhanced recurring donations model in Salesforce. The new and reimagined recurring donations model in Salesforce brings in the following improvements

  • More intuitive field labels and scheduling capabilities that gives clarity between different types of recurring donations
  • A simplified way in which the existing recurring donations date, schedule and donation amount can be changed
  • Creates only one instalment opportunity as opposed to multiple pledged opportunities
  • A Schedules component that provides you with a visual view of how and when the next opportunities will be created
  • Retires some of the convoluted elements of the legacy recurring donations data model
  • Provides an in-app tool to upgrade to the new enhanced recurring donations framework in Salesforce

Moving forward, Salesforce will only support enhanced recurring donations and won’t develop and release new features for the legacy recurring donations model.

How Donorbox plans map to enhanced recurring donations in Salesforce

With the legacy recurring donations model, a number of pledged opportunities were created on the creation of a recurring donation record based on the organization-specific NPSP forecast months setting. Now the concept of instalments has been introduced and the creation of a recurring donation record only creates one pledged opportunity with a number of instalments. These instalments act as a blueprint for upcoming pledged opportunities. When an opportunity matures, a nightly batch process generates the next pledged opportunity based on the next instalment date from the schedules. Salesforce has also introduced the option for pausing recurring donations and along with this change, a number of new fields have been introduced to make the entire experience more intuitive.

Donorbox integration with Salesforce enhanced recurring donation automatically creates and manages your recurring donations in Salesforce for you. Not only this but the sync to Salesforce also supports:

  • Changing the amount of a recurring donation
  • Changing the date of the recurring donation
  • Changing the campaign of a recurring donation
  • Pausing and cancelling a recurring donation

The recurrence period in Salesforce is now defined based on the following three fields and our integration automatically defines the appropriate combination based on the recurrence period defined on the Donorbox plan. The following table explains how these fields work in combination.

Salesforce FieldSignifiesValue
EveryThis figure works in combination with Installment period to form different recurrence combinationsBetween 1 and 20
Instalment PeriodA picklist that allows selection from a predefined recurrence intervalWeeks, Months, Years, 1st and 15th
Day of MonthThe actual day on which the donation will be madeHolds a value between 1 and 31

If you want the enhanced recurring donation sync in Salesforce to be enabled for your org, please reach out to our support.

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