How to Enable Company Donor Match | Increase Your Donations

Setting up donation matching for your nonprofit couldn’t be easier. Donorbox has integrated with Double the Donation to help our customers receive more corporate matching gifts! 360MatchPro by Double the Donation seamlessly integrates with Donorbox donation forms to simplify the corporate matching process for your donors and grow your revenue.

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How to Enable Company Donor Match | Increase Your Donations

We are very excited to bring you a highly effective integration to help you receive more corporate matching gifts!

Several companies have employee philanthropy programs to encourage a giving culture within the organizations and help employees donate and volunteer more effectively. According to research from our partners at Double the Donation, 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer gift matching to their employees.

Donorbox has partnered with Double the Donation, the industry-leading provider of tools to nonprofits and educational institutions to help them raise more from corporate matching gifts. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation seamlessly integrates with Donorbox donation forms to simplify the corporate matching process for your donors and grow your revenue.

If you’re ready to start allowing donors to match donations, look no further than this seamless integration. We’ll cover the process for enabling this feature later in this article, but for now, let’s look at why donor matching is so important for nonprofits.  

The Importance of Donation Matching for Nonprofits 

Nonprofits without a seamless donor match system in place potentially miss out on a huge boost to their gift revenue. In fact, an estimated four to seven billion dollars in matching gift donations go unclaimed every year! 

This boosted revenue helps nonprofits expand programming, launch new initiatives, and do more good.

Plus, when nonprofits help companies match donations made by employees, they’re building a relationship with the corporate social responsibility department of that company. This relationship can lead to corporate-nonprofit partnerships, fundraising event sponsorship, grants, a gift program, and more. 

Nonprofits also have the added bonus of helping their donors receive their full benefits from their employer – which encourages them to give again and again! 

How Company Donation Matching Works on Donorbox

A corporate matching gift doesn’t have to be complicated. We know what you might be thinking – that it’s a long and tedious process! But no, with Donorbox and 360MatchPro, it’s a breeze! For you and your donors. Your nonprofit can double or even triple donations with just a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Search for employment information on the Donorbox donation form

One of the biggest barriers to receiving corporate matching gift funds is a lack of donor awareness surrounding these programs. By incorporating the 360MatchPro search tool on your Donorbox forms and donation pages, your donors can identify their employer as they give. Powered by Double the Donation’s database of over 24,000 companies, the 360MatchPro search tool makes it easy for donors to identify their employer and submit their gift.

From there, they submit their gift as normal and then immediately receive the next steps on the thank-you page!

365matchpro by double the donation and integration on donorbox's form

Add Double the Donation's Search Tool to Donorbox!

Step 2 – Donor is connected to the matching gift submission process

Following the donation, we provide the donor with actionable next steps to complete and submit their matching gift request and ultimately double their donation. By connecting directly to the matching gift submission process on the Donorbox thank-you page, donors can easily access their forms when feeling most connected to your organization.

matching gift submission process information on the donorbox donation form thank you page

Step 3 – You and the donor receive acknowledgment emails

360MatchPro triggers automated emails to your donors based on their employment information. This ensures no matching gift opportunities fall through the cracks and your staff’s workflow is streamlined – no more manually reaching out to donors to discuss matching possibilities! You’ll receive an email as well alerting you that someone is trying to make a matching gift so you can follow up if needed. 

These customizable emails make it easy for donors to navigate the matching gift process, which makes it easy for your organization to raise that much more for your cause.

Dedicated Matching Gift Page

With 360MatchPro and Donorbox, you can host a dedicated corporate matching page on your website for easy access to donors and website visitors alike. This way, donors always have a place to learn about matching gift programs and discover their eligibility. 

This is a great additional push to get donors to donate. If they know their donation can potentially go twice as far, they are more likely to give! Check out how this organization has their matching page on their website – 

You can also link this page on social media and in your 360MatchPro emails for donors who might want to check their matching gift eligibility later or come back to view their program guidelines.

It’s a great place to include answers to frequently asked questions and relevant information for your organization like EIN and mailing address. Creating a dedicated page for donation matches makes it easy on your donors and ensures no matching gift opportunities fall through the cracks!

Want to See It for Yourself?

Interested in leveraging the Donorbox and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation integration? Connect with the Double the Donation team today to get a personalized demo!

How to Enable the Matching Gift Feature on Donorbox

Nonprofit organizations can highly benefit from the matching gift feature. With twenty-six million people working for companies that match donations, having the tools to accept company donation matches allows you to capture even more in your fundraising efforts. Even with fewer people coming forward to make donations, with this feature, you can easily meet your gift revenue goals.  

Important note: Organizations that activate the “Employee Gift Matching” add-on on Donorbox won’t be billed by us. They need to sign up for 360MatchPro and pay through Double the Donation. Get connected with the Double the Donation team today to create an account!

3 simple steps to enable company matching on Donorbox

Note: You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to get started. Don’t have one yet? Fill out this form to get connected to the Double the Donation team.

Corporate matching programs are an invaluable fundraising resource for nonprofits. Let the below three steps help you get started in only a couple of minutes.

  1. Fill out the nonprofit information form on Donorbox. This will display your nonprofit’s EIN, address, and contact information on the donation matching gift page. Your donors will use your information to fill out their matching application.
  2. In your Donorbox account, navigate to the “Integrations and Add-Ons” section in the left-hand menu. Select “Employee Gift Matching.”
  3. Enter your 360MatchPro Public and Private API keys (found in your 360MatchPro account under Settings > API Keys).
  4. Toggle the “Enable Company Matching” switch on and click Save!

We encourage you to give this integration a try! You’ll receive more donations, connect with companies and their corporate social responsibility departments, and help your donors receive their full employee benefits.

Double Your Donations With Donorbox

Over to You – Enable This Feature and Double Your Donations!

A corporate matching gift program is the best and the easiest way for your nonprofit to multiply its donations. As you have seen, the procedure is simple and requires no hassle or coding knowledge from your end. Add the 360MatchPro tool to your Donorbox forms, simplify the matching donation process for your donors, and see those doubled donations roll in!

Plus, strengthen your relationships with both your donors and their employers. When a company recognizes that its employees are interested in your nonprofit’s mission, it’s more likely to connect further to see how or if it can help – meaning possible sponsorships, in-kind donations, and grant opportunities! 

If you want to create a donation matching campaign, we have a guide to help you with that and more insights.

Donorbox is a simple-to-use and affordable online fundraising solution for nonprofits of all types and sizes. Our powerful features like Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer fundraising, Text-to-Give, Events, Memberships, Recurring Donations, and more will ensure that you realize your surpass even your loftiest fundraising goals.

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