Political Fundraising Ideas for Conservative Parties

Political Fundraising Ideas for Conservative Parties

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Political Fundraising Ideas for Conservative Parties

What does it take to run a successful Republican fundraising campaign? Well, a compelling and effective fundraising strategy should be one of the first things on your list. Your campaign gives potential donors a sense of who you are and the principles that you stand for. The fundraising activities you use should also reflect those same ideals. It is essential that you connect with voters so that they feel like you understand their issues and that you are committed to changing the world for the better. The aim is to turn these voters into believers and believers into donors.

A political fundraiser has unique implications because they are governed by stricter regulations than non-profit fundraisers. For example, there are limits on how much money donors can give. And employer details need to be reported for all donations. Now, fundraising for a political campaign can seem like a monumental task. But you still have to do it or else you wouldn’t have the funds for events, staff, ads or brochures. We’ve put together some helpful political fundraising ideas to help get you into office.

1. Host a gala dinner

A gala dinner is the perfect place to network with potential donors. It is an opportunity for them to get to know you better and for you to make a lasting impression on them. Make it a distinguished event and arrange for some VIPs, like celebrities and public personalities, to attend. A live band playing some light background music is also a nice touch.

High-contributing donors tend to enjoy exclusive events like this, so do your best to cater to what they like. They are more likely to contribute to your campaign if they have a good time and if you’ve made a good impression. Also, remember that the more exclusive the event is, the more people will be willing to pay to attend.

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2. Run Media Ads

It’s impossible to speak to every single supporter personally. So, a great way to get your message across is through media ads. You can reach out to them through TV, radio, or even online ads. A well-produced commercial aired at the right time of day can reach people that you’d normally get the chance to contact. A good campaign ad may even have the power to convert non-voters into Republican supporters.

It’s a good idea to combine paid media ads with a text-to-give campaign. A supporter may agree with your views but, if donating is a long cumbersome process, their support may never become an actual donation. It only takes a few seconds to send a text message. So, when your ad pops up, they can just pick up their cellphone and donate with minimal effort.

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3. Invest in branded promotional items

The truth is that almost all the flyers you hand out will end up in the trash eventually. If you want to leave a more lasting impression on voters, invest in some inexpensive branded promotional items that they can use every day. Items like little notepads, pens, key lights and can coolers are quite popular. The idea is that the branded item (and your call to donate) will always be subtly visible to them.

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4. Sell branded campaign merchandise

Supporters love branded merchandise because they want to show their support publicly. So, do a little research into what activities your supporters enjoy. Then sell branded merchandise that related to their lifestyles. If they enjoy golf, then they will be inclined to buy golf-related merchandise like branded golf club bags or gloves in your campaign colors.

5. Organize a golf day

Speaking of golf, the golf course is another great place to network and get donations for your campaign. Organize a golf day and invite some high-contributing donors. You’ll make good connections, have a fun day out and you’ll certainly walk away with more donations in hand. The event itself is also a good fundraiser. Set an entrance fee for participants and give out some sponsored prizes.

6. Write personal handwritten letters

In our high-tech world, almost all our communication is online. So, a handwritten letter to key donors will add a nice personal touch. It communicates a sense of care and thoughtfulness. It may take some of your time but that is what makes it special. A donor that feels special is usually more generous.

7. Hold an auction

As a political candidate, no doubt you are an influencer. Your time is valuable so use this to your advantage. Hold an auction for potential donors where they can bid for time spent with you or another high-ranking member of your campaign team. This could be anything from breakfast with your campaign manager or an hour-long video chat with you.

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8. Run a campaign to cover specific items

Potential donors might be wary of donating because they don’t know where their money is going or what it is being used for. When asking for donations, be specific on what you need it for. You can ask for specific amounts related to a tangible expense. For example, to cover 1 month’s phone bill, or the cost of printing 100 flyers.

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9. Make your campaign tech-savvy

Your potential donors have busy lives and their time is valuable. Make it easier and faster for them to donate by using an online donation platform. Such platforms, like Donorbox, have a quick donation process that takes around 2min. Donors can contribute on the go, no matter where they are, as long as they have a smart device on hand. Our advanced features like crowdfunding, text-to-give, peer-to-peer fundraising, membership campaigns, etc. help you directly come within the radar of your potential voters/supporters and boost your fundraising efforts.

Watch this promo video here to learn more about tech-savvy political fundraising with Donorbox.

10. Get involved in the community

This is perhaps the best way to show voters that their issues are important to you. This will turn them into supporters and, ultimately, donors. Be involved in community events and do your best to help get their concerns addressed. Show up at local sports games, participate in community events and be part of community rallies.

We understand that fundraising is an unpopular (but necessary) part of your political campaign. These Republican fundraising ideas will help make it a little easier. Every great fundraiser needs a powerful donation platform behind. Give Donorbox a try and see how much easier it is to raise funds with us.

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