How to Use Coupons to Fundraise for Your Cause

There’s no question that your dedication to earning donations involves a lot of hard work. But, something you and your fellow fundraisers might not already know…it doesn’t always have to be. Thanks to Goodshop, there’s an easy way for you to earn donations, simply doing something you and your supporters are already doing – shopping online. Too good to be true? Well, my doubting do-gooders, read on… is an online coupon site that integrates charitable giving with saving money. All you have to do is register your charity on (super easy and totally free), and then share it with your network of supporters. When you and your supporters sign up with Goodshop and select your charity, you’ll earn donations each time you and your network save with a Goodshop coupon. So, each of you will enjoy substantial savings from the sites you shop, and your charity will receive Goodshop donations (based on a percentage of each purchase), at no cost to you or your supporters.

So far, Goodshop has raised more than $12 million for 114,000 nonprofits and schools. They partner with charitable organizations ranging from the American Cancer Society to worldwide environmental and human rights groups, to local animal shelters and neighborhood school districts. Goodshop has saved shoppers over $100 million with coupons from top retailers like Target, Lowe’s, and Macy’s, as well as local businesses.

Here’s how you can start earning donations:

Register Your Cause With Goodshop

  1. Go to and visit the Goodshop Give page to see if your organization is already a participating cause.

    Register Your Cause With Goodshop

  2. If not, click on “Create a Cause” and follow the directions to register your cause.

    start shopfunding

  3. Once approved, you can start sharing Goodshop with your network of supporters, and see the donations stack up!

Sharing with Your Network of Supporters:

Have your supporters:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Email Sign Up.”
  3. Enter name, email address, and create a password.
  4. Choose your cause to support.

    Join the movement

Help those in need

Oh, and don’t forget to sign yourself up and choose your cause so that you can start saving money and raising donations with Goodshop, too!

Go to to register your cause and sign up now.

Expert Tip:  Download Gumdrop! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, saving and raising money is now even faster and more effortless with Gumdrop, Goodshop’s free browser app. By downloading Gumdrop, you and your supporters will get:

  • Instant alerts on deals
  • Savings automatically applied at checkout
  • Goodshop’s donation sent directly to your charity

So, as promised, earning extra donations for your cause with Goodshop is easy peasy. Honestly, it would be a big miss not to sign up and share Goodshop/Gumdrop with your supporters. It’s basically free money, twice over – first when you and your supporters save with the coupons, and a second time when your charity gets the free donation. Check it out…you and your bottom line will be glad you did.

Charles Z is the Founder and CEO of Donorbox. He has been starting companies and numerous web applications since college. Nowadays he is immersed and wildly excited about the the future of the social impact sector.

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